What Happens If You Don't Renew Elementor Cloud

Blair Jersyer Elementor Jul 22, 2022

There are multiple ways of creating a WordPress website with Elementor. By default, you can download the free version of Elementor and use it on a self-hosted website running a web server you can control. Another way of using Elementor is to use Elementor Cloud, which is an all-in-one solution for hosting and creating a WordPress website with no hassles, having Elementor.

There are many benefits to using that solution for your next Elementor project, and that is only available for $99/year. While Elementor Pro allows you to get the premium plugin, with Elementor Cloud, you get a service. In the first case, you have a product that can be downloaded but in the second case, you don't so, what will happen if you don't renew Elementor Cloud? That's what we'll be reviewing in this tutorial.

Why Would You Cancel Elementor Cloud?

It's a bit odd, but yes there are reasons you might consider canceling Elementor Cloud. If we personally believe Elementor Cloud is a great service, not everyone can share the same point of view.

You should also consider what follows as reason Elementor is not made for you :

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  • No FTP Support: Yes, Elementor Cloud doesn't support FTP as other WordPress hostings, this means you can't upload files on your installation. We don't think it should be a valid reason as we've explained how to upload files on Elementor Cloud.
  • No cPanel & Database Manager: Yet again, you don't have access to these, as you're not supposed to need these with Elementor Cloud.
  • Mistake: That happens. You might indeed having chosen Elementor Cloud by mistake. Here we need to give you further details on what you can possibly do.
  • Incompatible Plugins: It's true most plugins on WordPress.org are claimed compatible with Elementor Cloud, but there is a huge range that is not supported. If for a reason your website depends on these, then we believe you'll probably need to cancel your subscription. Note that we created a tutorial that shows how to install any plugin on Elementor Cloud.

Now that we know what reason might take you to the cancelation of your Elementor Cloud, let's talk about the possibility offered to you.

Can You Switch From Elementor Cloud to Elementor Pro?

When you start using Elementor Cloud, you might not immediately be aware of the few limitations. That's why Elementor on each service they provide, gives 30-day back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the product.

So if you wonder if you can switch from Elementor Cloud to Elementor Pro, the answer is yes, but that needs to be made during the 30-day back guarantee.

But what if you just don't renew Elementor Cloud, what will happen? Let's answer to that question.

Stopping Elementor Cloud Subscription: What's Next?

We first need to remember that Elementor Cloud is not a hosting as any hosting. The particularity of hosting is that it's available to you as long as you pay for the service. So technically, if you stop paying Elementor Cloud, obviously you'll lose access to your website. This means you won't be able to log in, your website will stop being visible to your customers, and you'll ultimately lose your content.

If it's true with the Pro version of Elementor, you receive a premium plugin you can use forever even after 1 year (without renewing), it doesn't work the same with Elementor Cloud.

But before you consider this, we had a pricing breakdown on Elementor Cloud. We invite you to take a look before considering canceling the service, as we believe you'll realize how cheap Elementor Cloud is.