Is Elementor Cloud Actually Affordable: Pricing Breakdown

Blair Jersyer Elementor Feb 22, 2023

Elementor Cloud is out for many months already and you might still wonder if it's a good deal for you. As a reminder, Elementor Cloud is an all-in-one solution that gives you WordPress hosting along with Elementor and Elementor Pro. If you would like to have a complete introduction, you can check the post we've written about.

Elementor Cloud seems to be made for easing lives, as most technical stuff is handled for you starting from $9.99 monthly. But how can you tell if that price is affordable? That's what we're about to cover today. We'll show you what you're paying for and compare that to hosting Elementor (with Elementor Pro) yourself.

Elementor Pro: Pricing

We'll start by exploring Elementor Pro as it's provided with Elementor Cloud. Elementor has different pricing, but we'll focus on a single website license as that's exactly what you get with Elementor Cloud (a single installation). So the plugin Elementor Pro cost $59 per year. From here we have a difference of $120-$59=$61.

This means that if Elementor Cloud was only offering Elementor Pro, it would have been expensive by $61 extra bucks. That obviously not the case as Elementor Cloud also includes something important: Hosting.

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Hosting: Pricing

Before considering the hosting, let's first consider what you got with Elementor Cloud. Indeed, Elementor Cloud provides for the Basic plan:

  • 10 GB storage
  • 30 GB bandwidth
  • 25K monthly visits
  • 14 Days Backup

That is provided by one of the best cloud infrastructures: Google Cloud.

Now, let's imagine we would like to host Elementor ourselves on a similar hosting, how much would that cost? Let's see:

Google Cloud Pricing

Here, we'll try to see how much that costs, to run a similar instant that offers the same resources as Elementor Cloud. We'll have to head to the pricing calculator.

We'll first break down the calculation we've made. So we selected an instance running Linux with 1Gb of RAM + 20GB SSD storage. According to Google Cloud, that will cost around $9.52/month (for the Storage) + $6.12 for the server, so $187.68 per year.

If we have to proceed with the above calculation, we'll have $187.68-$120=$67.68. So we're now saving $67.68 if we decide to go with Elementor Cloud. We haven't even mentioned you need to have some knowledge to deploy a PHP Server on Linux. If you decide to hire a developer that will cost you more.

Microsoft Azure

Now let's try a Google Cloud competitor: Microsoft Azure. Here again, we've tried to use the same configuration to create our instance of Linux. Azure gives:

  • 1 vCPU, 0.75 GB RAM
  • 20 SSD Temporary Storage
  • 100 GB Transfer Data

We got all those specs for $19.55 monthly, so $234.6 per year. If we want to see how profitable it is, we'll do $234.6-$120=$114.6. So if we had to choose Microsoft Azure, we would have spent $114.6 more to have the exact same feature as Elementor Cloud.

We can see that when we start including hosting, we're saving some cash if we decide to use Elementor Cloud. But does Element Cloud is still a good deal if we consider Backups? Let's see.

Backups: Pricing

Elementor Cloud comes with an automated backup service. That is really helpful in case something happens and you would like to recover from that. If you create your own WordPress installation, you'll need to configure everything yourself including backup measures. Assuming you want to make things easier, you'll then either consider UpdraftPlus which cost $70 per year, or Jetpack Backup which cost $99 per year.

Regardless of what you'll use, you're far beyond the pricing offered with Elementor Pro. Assuming you had chosen Google Cloud for a manual installation of WordPress here is exactly what you would have paid more.

$187.68 (Google Cloud) + $70 (UpdraftPlus)=$257.68.

This means, that if you decide to host your Elementor Website yourself, you'll have to spend $257.68 more to have the feature offered by Elementor Cloud.


We haven't considered the SSL or the CDN as those services are provided for free by Cloudflare which is the service used by Elementor Cloud.

At the current state of the breakdown, it seems like going for Elementor Cloud is far better than trying to create your own hosting environment. In fact, with Elementor Cloud, you can save up to $257.68. So what are you waiting for? Get your Elementor Cloud website today.

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