How to embed a PDF file on your WordPress blog with Elementor

Franklin WordPress Tutorials Aug 12, 2020

If you are new to WordPress or just starting out with the Elementor plugin, then there must be no things that are not obvious to do. This is for example the case of adding a PDF file to your blog. Well, that's what we'll see through this tutorial.

We will subdivide the process into several rather simple steps.

Before you proceed reading, we have recently published an update for this tutorial that shows how to embed a PDF and using the WordPress plugin "PDF Viewer For Elementor".

1. Upload PDF to your WordPress Media Library

Start by opening your WordPress Website's Dashboard. Go to "Media", then click "Add New".

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Then upload the PDF file to Media Library. Once the upload is done, click on the thumbnail of the PDF file to access the “Attachment Details” option. Copy the link to your PDF file.

2. Embed PDF file via Elementor

First, open Elementor Editor and start creating a new page. Then you can drag and drop any widget that works with links on the page. For example, we tried with the "Text Editor" widget.

Now you can embed a link on any text and paste the copied link of the PDF file inside the field link.

And There you go! The PDF file is perfectly integrated. We hope that by now you can easily add any PDF file to your WordPress blog using the Elementor plugin. And if you want to use something other than Elementor, you can.

5 Other Plugins To Embed PDF On WordPress

Apart from Elementor, there are other WordPress plugins that can help you embed a PDF file into your WordPress blog. We offer 3 of which 2 are free.

PDF Embedder

This WordPress plugin in its free version offers an easy way to drag-and-drop a PDF file into your site, to view in a simple and elegant PDF viewer. The plugin does not rely on any third party services which could change or suffer outages without notice.

PDF Poster

PDF Poster is a Free WordPress plugins that allows you to embed PDF files in WordPress post, page, widget area, page blocks, and theme templates. It's a very easy to use, user-friendly & lite weight plugin.

PDF viewer for WordPress

PDF Viewer for WordPress is one of the best selling premium PDF Reader plugins for WordPress on Codecanyon (5100+ Sales) since 2014. With this WordPress plugin, You can display and embed PDF Files of your WordPress Website with a modern PDF Reader & FlipBook. Use it for any kind of pdf's like eBooks, Invoices, Flyers, Documentation, Resume, etc.

Key Features

  • Automatically find pdf links
  • Translatable
  • Fully Customizable PDF Viewer
  • Embed pdf with a rich viewer
  • Feature Rich Admin Panel
  • Share pdf on social networks
  • Send link to friend via email
  • Enable/Disable social sharing
  • Brand viewer with you own logo
  • Logo links to homepage of your site
  • 4 Shortcodes with lots of parameters.
  • Shortcode for viewing pdf file on any post/page
  • Shortcode to add a text link to your pdf file on any post/page
  • Fully Responsive PDF viewer

dFlip PDF FlipBook WordPress Plugin

Do you want to provide an amazing experience to your using reading your PDF ? dFlip Flipbook is a premium Wordpress that provides amazing 3D flipbook experience with flip sound effect to your readers. It’s easy to create PDF flipbook using just the PDF link. His design is responsive and optimized for Wordpress. Apart from PDF files, images also can be used to create a flipbook of images. We should note here that this plugins has already been sold 4800 times.

Key Features

  • User Friendly UI
  • PDF & Image FlipBook
  • Sound Effects
  • Responsive Layout
  • 3D Effect
  • Easy to use Options and configuration
  • Smart CSS Flipbook fallback
  • Realistic Animation

iPages Flipbook For WordPress

In the same gender of the previous plugin, iPages is a WordPress plugin that will let you create PDF viewer on you WordPress blog with a unique 3D flip animation. This plugin is a lightweight and will helps you to create great interactive digital HTML5 flipbooks. The author claims that it's easier with this plugin to create media books for your site.

Key Features

  • 3 render book modes
  • 2 data sources – PDF & images
  • 2 themes – light & dark theme
  • Multiple instances
  • Thumbnails
  • Outline – bookmarks
  • Keyboard navigation 
  • Multilevel zoom
  • Share Buttons
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Download Button
  • Progressive Loading PDF


That's all for this tutorial! Embedding a PDF file in your WordPress blog will have no secrets for you from today. Do yourself a favor and test the solution that interests you the most.

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