Review: Wexim – Creative WordPress Theme

Blair Jersyer Creative Feb 9, 2020

Today we explore in our magazine a WordPress theme quite creative and not yet popular: “Wexim”, a rather cheap theme in comparison with other themes. Generally, the themes that are easily customizable are quite simple and soft in design. But sometimes a pretty presentation is not enough to class a theme among the best. So we’ll test to see what it has in the belly. And help you in decision making. Here we go.

Feature List

  • 15+ Powerful Homepage Styles
  • Built with elementor page builder
  • Easy to customize
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Google fonts included
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Multilevel drop-down menu
  • Unyson framework
  • Powered by Bootstrap 4
  • Well Documented

Mobile Compatibility

The study of the compatibility allows us to know if the graphic rendering of the various web pages of the solicited site adapts correctly to the formats of the mobile supports (Smartphones, tablets, and laptops). For our example, we choose to test the demo theme “Restaurant” that offers Wexim. Of course, the feeling may be somewhat different depending on the browser that is used.

The first test was performed on an iPhone x. Already on this reduced-size support, we notice a good alignment of the texts of the page and the images are well centered. And as you explore the theme, the menu button, and the button to return to the home page are subtly displayed all the time.

The second test was done on a computer. What is admirable is the increased fluidity in the exploration of the menu. The content is also better. We notice highlights and small animations when hovering over some images and some sub-menus. Also, during navigation, the theme indicates each time the part of the menu explored. This allows a good orientation of the visitor.

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In summary, the mobile compatibility of the tested theme is good as a whole.

Design Review

An attractive theme captivates the attention of a potential customer. So design is an important criterion in your final choice of theme. For the theme chosen in our analysis, the predominant colors are red and white. Which is rather correct. And the illustrations of the themes are quite significant because they plunge you into the world of restaurant.

Speed Test Review

The speed test is a very important technical indicator. As we said in introducing, the design isn’t enough to rank a site among the best. And unfortunately, our doubts are proven. As you’ll see in the summary image of the test performed on Pingdom, the overall score is very unsatisfactory (c).

The major problem that we highlight is the extremely slow loading of the page: 722ms. Which is well above the acceptable average (3 s). One of the reasons for this slowness is the fairly large page size (6.3 MB) but also the increased number of requests made to the server (118).

But don’t worry, it’s possible for you to improve the pages loading of your site. You simply need to decrease the number of components on a page. To achieve this, you must: combine files, combine multiple scripts into one script, combine multiple CSS files into one style sheet, and use CSS Sprites and image maps.

SEO Review

The test realized on the demo “Restaurant” of the theme is quite revealing of the problems that can meet any user of the theme. Indeed even if the overall score of the test is good enough. Nevertheless, there are close to 67 critical errors on the demo.

One of the main is the poverty of the content on nearly 64 pages studied. But we’ll not stick to the developers of the theme because it is still a demo, and we believe that it is up to the end owner of the site to provide consistent content.

Customer Support Review

Given the fact that this theme is quite recent on the Envato platform, the number of sales and above all the modest number of comments left by the customers, we can’t possibly give an opinion on quality, regularity and quality effectiveness of the technical assistance provided by the Wexim developers.

Nonetheless, based on around twenty comments, some rather favorable opinions on the subject were formulated.

In the same vein, we find that the minimum quota of votes has not yet been reached. As for the regularity of the updates, if we consider the time taken between the launching of the theme and its last update, we consider that it’s correct. so you have no worries about the maintenance of the site.

Supported Plugins

Even though the extensions seem optional for many sites. Nevertheless, they can be very useful. Unfortunately, on the Envato platform, Wexim developers are a bit vague about compatibility with some popular extensions such as Woocommerce.


Finally, the Wexim theme has great potential in terms of design and price. Unfortunately, the theme is fishing by its technical difficulties. But if you are a little start-up, and don’t be afraid of the challenges, and especially if you follow the advice we have given you throughout the tutorial to fill these gaps, then get it!

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