Review: Uncode Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Blair Jersyer Creative Feb 17, 2020

If you’ve never heard of the Uncode theme, perhaps you’re new to WordPress. Indeed it’s one of the most popular WordPress themes. It has a particularity of being multipurpose therefore adaptable to a number of businesses.

Don’t mind the euphoria of this beautiful presentation, it’s a question for us to really experience this theme as much on the design aspect as on technical aspects such as the SEO or the speed test. We’ll try to be as objective as possible in our analysis to give you a relevant opinion on this theme.

Feature List

  • Highly anticipated frontend editor
  • Wireframes layouts
  • One click import
  • Modules variations
  • Adaptative images
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Gutenberg optimized
  • Pixel perfect
  • Detailed documentation with videos tutorials
  • WPML cetified and RTL support

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility is an important part of the general appreciation of a theme. If it’s true that most themes are displayed correctly on computer screens. The reputation of a theme is judged on its ability to keep its display quality on smaller mobile media.

With regard to the reduced-size supports, we have chosen to simulate the surface of an iPhone x through the inspection of several pages of one of the demos of “Uncode”. And the navigation is simply amazing. Texts and images are perfectly aligned. The names of the items for sale are subtly indicated. Also, the images adapt automatically to the surface of the iPhone X. 

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The only downside would be the fact that the alignment isn’t justified in some paragraphs of footnotes. But this is a minor problem that you can even adjust or entrust to the theme maintained teams. 

What about the display on computer screens? It’s just fun to surf on the demo shop we’ve analyzed. On the homepage, for example, you have a scrolling of clothing images. Small side icons offer interesting options such as settings, videos … Not to mention the animations when we fly over the items for sale.

Design Review

In this section, we study a little the design, the harmony between colors of the demo. For this last, the dominant colors are black and white. These are neutral colors. But Uncode gives you the possibility to customize the colors of your theme as you please.

Most of the demos menus that we explore are well structured. The navigation is fluid. For shop demos, the items are well presented. And when you click on an interesting item, the details of this one appear cleverly.

Speed Test Review

As mentioned in the introduction, we try to remain objective in our analysis. So great was our surprise on speed tests of several demos of the Uncode theme. In the main, they are very average even see bad to the limit. Indeed, the test that we realized using the site Pingdom indicates a score of 73.

According to the results of the test on one of the demos of Uncode, it is revealed that the loading time of the page is 2.79. Although it is true that the latter is similar to the threshold of 3 s, the fact remains that the page is quite acceptable (2.8 MB). But we should note an excessive requests made to the server (166).

The problems mentioned above may, fortunately, be easily solved. For the size of the page, you can use the Gzip utility to compress the images and reduce the size of the page considerably. And as for the excessive requests made to the servers, all you have to do is simply reduce the number of components of the page by combining them, or by associating more than one script into one.

SEO Review

The overall SEO health is crucial for the visibility of your site on the web. We performed the test on the reference site On this latter, the results are pretty good. The backlinks are 276132. This is excellent because the links to a site are a relevant Google criterion.

Nevertheless, we have discovered two errors that have an impact on the overall SEO health of your theme. One of them is the lack of SSL certificates that basically secure websites. You might be interested to learn how to move from a http to a https protocol

We've also performed a rich result test to make sure uncode can display relevants informations on Google.

Fortunately Uncode support various types of snippets. So far we've detected Products, Review Snippets, Sitelinks Searchbox.

Customer Support Review

We explored the customer service of the “Uncode” team on the Envato platform. And on the more than 5000 comments, the reactivity in the answers given to the problems posed by the customers is impressive. Indeed these are taken in charge within a time of one hour. Which seems to us admirable.

Based on the more than 2473 reviews given by customers, the theme earned a 5-star honorable mention. And this with a rate of 92% of reviews to 5 stars.

This is revealing of the extent of the notoriety of the theme. In addition, we note that the theme has been updated recently (13/11/2019). This shows the Uncode team’s commitment to providing impeccable service to its many customers.

Supported Plugins

Among all supported extensions, the most important for us is WooCommerce. And after a quick verification, we can effectively that this extension works in the shops demos.


In view of the above, it’s clear that the Uncode theme is excellent in terms of design and SEO. And this despite the minor problem of layouts on the phones. We’re also a little disappointed in terms of website speed, but you can easily fix it by following our advice or contacting the team’s customer service department.

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