Review: RealHomes - Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme

Franklin Business May 27, 2020

If you are looking for a popular WordPress theme for your future online real estate agency, then today is your day. RealHomes, a theme that has been talked about for a long time, has recorded more than 22,000 sales to date. But what is particularly interesting is the fact that the theme is still very popular at the moment although it is already 7 years old. We invite you to study the depths of this product together and thus ensure that it is a bluff, or that it really deserves its stature.

Feature List

  • Advanced, Yet Customizable Real Estate Search
  • RTL Supported and WPML Compatible
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Gallery Templates
  • Real Estate Properties Comparison Feature
  • Visitors Registration and Login Support
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Child Theme Included
  • Well Documented

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, a site worthy of the name must be able to be as accessible on mobile devices as on computers. The era of desktop computers is obsolete, with the advent of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, which allow people to work or play while on the move. We have tested the RealHomes theme on various mobile devices and the results are a bit ambiguous.

On devices with a fairly large screen like the iPad, the result is almost better than on a computer. The content is well resized and adapted to the screen size; the navigation is light and fluid, and the functionalities are operational. We find at the header the logo, some information, and especially the icon of the hidden menu. Through this icon, we have a menu that appears so discreet and subtle that it has no influence on the user experience.

On the other hand, for smaller devices like smartphones, the rendering is quite different. It all starts at the header level. It is crammed with information to the point where the welcome image seems nonexistent. It's not famous! In addition, the hidden menu covers the welcome image, even more, when you tap on its icon. Aside from that, the rest is acceptable. It's as fluid and dynamic as on the iPad tablet.

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Design Review

When a visitor lands on your site, the first thing that strikes him is the aesthetic aspect of your site, that is to say, the design. The RealHomes theme offers multidimensionality of design through various demos which all deal with real estate. We went through a few and we find them pretty good! So the design is quite simple, but it remains beautiful and professional. The colors chosen are quite sober; which allows photos of properties to be sublimated. No doubt this design was made for a real estate site.

RealHomes is a highly flexible and customizable WordPress theme. Its flexibility comes from its compatibility with the Elementor Page Builder plugin. Thanks to the latter, you have almost unlimited options to adapt your site to your convenience.

Speed Test Review

Based on some studies, it has been confirmed that a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load is considered slow by most users. It is very likely that this statistic also applies to your case, this is why you have to pay attention even to the theme that you use for your site.

The RealHomes theme, for example, turns out to be quite slow when we observe the results of the test carried out on the GTmetrix site.

7.7 seconds for full page loading. It's long! Most users will find it boring to wait this long. As a result, traffic will be negatively affected. However, you can improve things even with this theme.

The main element that affects the speed of a site is the quality of the integrated images (in particular the size). As this is a demo, the author may have paid too much attention to it, but you have the option of replacing the images of the demo with others that are compressed and optimized. You can also make your site faster by adding Expires Headers. These will improve your website loading speed by caching various types of static files in the browser of User.

SEO Review

67/100. This is the SEO score that the SEO Site Checkup program gives to the RealHomes theme. It is still above average; which means that arrangements have been made for the theme to be optimized. This is imperative because SEO determines the level of visibility that your site will have on search engines. These will index a certain number of parameters that may or may not be to the advantage of your site, and rank you according to that.

When we analyze RealHomes in detail, we can see some errors related to meta description tags, inline CSS styles, missing sitemap files, etc. You have the ability to correct these errors without special skills, simply by using advanced SEO plugins.

On the other hand, the SEO of your site can be influenced by the compatibility with the rich results of Google. This criterion allows Google to provide additional information about your site in search results other than links. It can completely boost traffic to your WordPress site.

Unfortunately, according to the Rich Results Test site, nothing in the RealHomes theme is eligible for Rich Results.

Customer Support Review

Be reassured at this level! The team behind RealHomes lives up to our expectations. We can even say that it has exceeded our expectations.

In fact, we looked at the Comments section and found that most concerns are taken care of in less than 12 hours. It is even a matter of 2 hours on average; which means that this team is dynamic and always ready for action.

This dynamism has greatly contributed to the popularity of RealHomes. In addition, the latter is regularly updated in order to continuously provide you with excellent user experience. We see for example that the last update dates back to May 1 of this year 2020.

Supported Plugins

RealHomes greatly facilitates your task thanks to its compatibility with certain very practical plugins. This WordPress theme provides Elementor support and includes many real estate widgets that you can use to build custom pages based on the Elementor page builder. RealHomes also includes pre-built Elementor based demo import that you can use to quickly get started on your project.

It is the same for other advanced plugins like Revolution Slider, or WPLM.


To summarize our analysis, we must admit that the RealHomes theme has quite significant advantages. The design fits perfectly with the subject of real estate; he is responsive and retina ready; an ultra-efficient team is at your disposal for any problem you may have. What better? RealHomes is worth its popularity and you only need to take advantage of it.

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