Review: Olympus - Social Networking WordPress Theme

Franklin Multipurpose Themes Aug 4, 2020

Today we are going to talk about a forum, a social network, in short everything that has to do with a Community. We are precisely going to a WordPress theme designed especially for the creation of this type of website. This is Olympus. It's not yet two years since it has been available on the Envato platform, and yet it already presents itself as a safe bet in view of its sales (more than 700 per hour currently). But sales don't always equate to quality and don't necessarily guarantee your satisfaction. This is why we are going to see together, through this review, all that this WordPress theme has to offer us.

Feature List

  • Easy installation
  • Great Social features
  • Mobile-Friendly and Retina ready
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Unlimited Profiles styles and structures
  • Seo Optimized
  • 8 essential Wall Post types
  • Youzer plugin integrated
  • Amazing Blog
  • Completed reworked Login/Registration Form

Mobile Compatibility

Let's start with compatibility on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It allows you to have access to high traffic as most people prefer to use their mobile devices for both business and entertainment.

So what does Olympus look like on a mobile device like the iPad?

As you can see, this WordPress theme is responsive and adapts well to the size of the device. Items that are too large have either been resized or hidden. We also have a fixed header bar on which we find a drop-down menu icon. It's perfectly suited for mobile browsing.

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To confirm the test we did is the same on almost all small devices, we'll proceed with the test on the Google Mobile-Friendly test tool. The result confirms to us that Olympus is a Mobile-Friendly WP theme. Your users should therefore to access your site through any mobile device.

Design Review

Now let's talk about the design. It's the first thing people will see when they come to your site. It has to be catchy enough to keep them on the site and increase your conversion rate.

Olympus provide you with pre-built demos for everything Home Page, Community Page, Event Page, and many more. As it is a Social networking WordPress theme, the author has managed to develop a design that befits all that is community, forum. There are also some very interesting dedicated pages.

The author of this WordPress theme plays very well with the colors Orange, Blue, Violet, which he subtly harmonizes with Black and White. The whole is quite pleasant to watch. There is also a fixed sidebar which facilitates navigation between several pages. It is a daring choice by the author, which gives the site an original touch.

Speed Test Review

The speed of a website directly influences the browsing experience of users. And of course, that browsing experience greatly determines your conversion rate. There is usually a high bounce rate when a website is considered slow.

What performance does the Olympus theme offer you?

We can see with this result that this WordPress theme takes an average of 6 seconds for a full load. While many of you may find this very time consuming, the GTmetrix program gives a PageSpeed ​​rating of "B". This is the case because the theme is well optimized.

However, taking 6 seconds to fully charge is still quite a long time. From what we could see with our test, the main problem that affects the speed concerns the images present in the Olympus demo.

We advise you to optimize the images before integrating them into your website.

SEO Review

Olympus may have some interesting assets, but if it's not visible to users, then it won't do much. This is where SEO comes in. Your site must be SEO optimized in order to be supported and well-positioned by search engines like Google.

Seo Site Checkup is the solution we used for this test.

The score is not perfect, which underlies a number of imperfections. Still, it's an interesting score. It must be said that it was made on a demo or not on a full-fledged website. This result bodes well for good performance for your future site. It will just be necessary to pay attention to these few imperfections to correct which concern the Meta Descriptions, Keywords usage, CSS Minification, etc.

In addition, we have good news. Google will be able to promote your content and even provide additional information about your site from search results. This is called rich results; and it turns out that the Olympus theme is compatible with this type of results. The Rich Results Test site confirms this to us.

Customer Support Review

We think this is one of the strengths of this WordPress theme. You should be happy with the support this team provides if something goes wrong. Team members are professional, courteous, quick to deal with concerns.

Plus, you don't have to worry about the WP theme being left on its own. Olympus is regularly updated and therefore evolves over time.

Supported Plugins

We find with the Olympus theme WordPress plugins that fit perfectly with the targeted niche. This is the case for example with Youzer, bbPress, BuddyPress, or even Events Calendar.

WooCommerce, the leader in online store building, is also supported for Olympus.


So, in the end, we realize that Olympus is a little gem that will allow you to easily create a quality community website. It is an optimized WordPress theme but easy to learn, with an original and responsive design, and very powerful customer support. Isn't that enough to try it out?

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