Review: Mediz - Medical WordPress

Franklin Corporate Apr 22, 2020

The current global situation marked by the Covid19 pandemic urges us all to adapt to a new operating rhythm. This applies even more to hospitals and health facilities. It is in this wake that we are interested today in a theme that will allow you to set up your online medical center: it is "Mediz". The author of this theme has provided that $ 5 on each sale of his product will be donated for the fight against Covid19. A gesture of bravery that caught our attention even more. So let's get started!

Feature List

  • Powerful & Customizable Admin Panel
  • Full / Boxed Layout
  • Page items space can be customized
  • Easy to customize
  • Fully Responsive
  • Google fonts included
  • Maintenance / Coming Soon Page
  • Powerful Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • WooCommerce Fully Supported
  • SEO Optimization
  • Automatic Theme Updates

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone, a tablet, and it has become more practical for work than for entertainment. This is why a theme such as Mediz must be mobile-friendly. We tested it on several devices and this theme is perfectly responsive and Retina ready. The design adapts to any screen size. Everything is equally fluid; we do not feel any disturbance when sailing.

The theme has a hidden menu that appears very stylish when opened. We enjoyed it. But there is no "Back to top" icon; which does not really facilitate navigation.

We also tested the mobile compatibility of the theme with the "Mobile-Friendly Test" tool provided by Google. We did a test for the Hospital demo, and so far the result is nice enough.

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Design Review

The visual aspect of a theme is very important to retain visitors to your site. It's the design that gets a user to have fun while browsing your pages. For the subject under study, we were interested in the "Hospital" demo. There is a predominance of the color Blue, whether light or dark, arranged with images and photos well chosen to fit the niche. The result is impeccable!

Speed Test Review

After the visual aspect, let's now take a look at a technical aspect, namely the loading speed of the theme. A site scares off users, as beautiful as it is. Speed ​​is therefore just as important a criteria as design. Statistically speaking, users consider a site to be slow if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

We used a fairly popular tool to assess the Mediz theme. This is PingDom.

The theme is given a grade of "C" with an average loading time of 1.33 seconds. Not bad! Your users should not have problems on your site on this plan with such speed. All the same, we recommend that you pay attention to the images that you will integrate into the site because they can negatively affect the speed of the site if they are heavy. In the same way, you can replace the images of the demo by other lighter ones, thus lightening the site and therefore improving the speed.

SEO Review

The SEO analysis of the theme will allow us to assess the level of visibility that your future site may have on search engines like Google; if there are optimizations to be made; if yes, which ones?

According to our test, the theme is quite well optimized with a general score still above the average. However, we did notice some errors that drag the theme down. One of the errors is related to the most common keywords that are not appearing in one or more of the meta-tags above. The primary keywords should appear in the meta-tags to help identify the topic of your web page to search engines.

In addition, another test performed on the Rich Result Test site allowed us to confirm the eligibility of the Mediz theme for rich results. This feature allows search engines to showcase elements of your site on search results, with the aim of attracting traffic to you. In this case, on Mediz, you have the products and the breadcrumbs that are compatible.

Customer Support Review

Given the fact that this theme is quite recent on the Envato platform, the number of sales and above all the modest number of comments left by the customers, we can’t possibly give an opinion on quality, regularity and quality effectiveness of the technical assistance provided by the Mediz developers.

Nonetheless, based on around fifteen comments, user support seems to be fast (24 hours on average), and some rather favorable opinions on the subject were formulated.

We've also found that the minimum quota of votes has not yet been reached, probably because the theme is quite recent. As for the regularity of the updates, if we consider the time taken between the launching of the theme and its last update, we consider that it’s correct. so you have no worries about the support of the author.

Supported Plugins

This theme will first allow you to save $ 37 Plugins Value because it comes with Revolution Slider $ 19 and LightGallery $ 18. In addition to that, it fully supports WooCommerce and WPLM.


In conclusion, we have here a theme with great potential. Although it is fairly average in terms of technical criteria, the whole is satisfactory enough for Mediz to be qualified as a major theme. If in addition, you follow certain tips that we gave during the article, the result will be all the more interesting. So have fun!

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