Review Lafka - WooCommerce Theme for Burger & Pizza Delivery

Blair Jersyer Retail May 26, 2020

Many restaurants nowadays have an online store. The purpose of having an online store is to be able to receive and handle as many orders as possible in few clicks. For the customer, that means ordering directly from his sofa (fast and easy). If you want to have such a smooth selling process at your restaurant as well, then Lafka is probably what you're looking for.

We have reviewed Lafka and it's a quite interesting WordPress theme designed for Restaurant. It has a nice color mixture, some demos you can use right away to get running as soon as possible, and some other interesting features you'll discover reading this review.

Feature List

  • 6 full demos available
  • Gutenberg Compatible
  • 100% RTL compatible
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Order variations
  • Working hours feature
  • Revolution Slider included
  • Page Builder included
  • Food quick view
  • 3 blog variations

Mobile Compatibility

Let's start our review with mobile compatibility. As you may already know, a mobile-first WordPress theme is a must for a few years already. That's because many of us are using daily mobile devices to browse online. For your restaurant, that means 70% of your orders might be processed via a mobile device.

Lafka did a good job. The WordPress theme is perfectly mobile-friendly. The developer has made sure that the theme perfectly fits the small device's screens. The large elements we saw on the desktop version has been correctly hidden or converted to ease as much as possible the navigation on mobile.

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To confirm the test we did is the same on almost all small devices, we'll proceed with the test on the Google Mobile-Friendly test tool. Base on the result we get, Lafka is mobile-friendly. At least, you won't be worried that your customers using their Samsung Galaxy S5, couldn't reach your website.

Design Review

Restaurants put a lot of effort into their creations. That's right because, the envy comes first from what we see and smell. Does Lafka will help you keep with these efforts online? The answer is yes.

Do you see anything to complain about? The colors look to be well-balanced and nice for the fast-food service. However, we're wondering if these colors can easily be adjusted as they yellow might not please all the restaurants.

The Catering demo gave us an answer to our previous question. As we can see, you can use the page builder options to create a unique page with different colors. Globally, the design of Lafka is nice, there is nothing wrong we noticed. Let's see if the speed is nice as well.

Speed Test Review

When people are hungry, they are less likely to wait. If the average waiting time is 3 seconds, with the hunger, it can go down to 2 seconds. If we might have exaggerated with the 2 seconds, but we wanted to highlight how important the speed is.

Well, Lafka performs well. While we should highlight that the theme has loaded in around 6 seconds, we should also note it thas an "A" PageSpeed Score and an "A" Yslow score. In fact, 6 seconds as loading time is not absolutely bad, if the theme is well optimized. You should also note that this might depend on :

  • The Server resource
  • The browser cache
  • CDN Service
  • Heavy images

The Good news is you can now improve this by choosing a nice hosting solution.

SEO Review

Caring about the SEO, is caring about being found on Google. A niche-specific theme like Lafka should be optimized for the Search Engine. The Search Engine Optimization is not only about keywords, but also microdata that helps your customers, right from Google, to know what they'll get, as microdata provides rich-results.

But Search engine also implies heading and typography. Let's test the microdata first.

Lafka provides structured data. This feature can be useful to increase your traffic, as Rich Results usually have a better click-through rate.

Base on a test we had on SiteCheckerPro, Lafka doesn't performs that well with the SEO. Before rising the red flag, there are few things we should let you know. We did this test on a demo website. Since the SEO is 90% about the content, the author doesn't always put a lot of effort into creating a demo with real entries. The test we did has mentioned duplicated titles and content which obviously is something you'll avoid.

Customer Support Review

No matter how beautiful a WordPress theme is, if you don't get the support you deserve in case of issues, the nice design you liked will quickly become salty. Fortunately Lafka is quite responsive, they event answer in time to question asked by potential customers.

Globally, their efforts are rewarded on the reviews which point to the Design and flexibility as what the customers have appreciated. We noted a very angry customer who was expecting realtime support, the review he left wasn't fair and justified according to us, because usually the support answer after 1 day. Anyway, based on what we saw, people like this theme and the service provided.

Supported Plugins

Since Lafka is designed for Restaurant, you can yet count WooCommerce as a supported plugin. But the theme goes further by offering Revolution Slider and a Page Builder. Unfortunately, we wanted to see more compatible plugins such as Contact Form 7, Event Calendar as usually, restaurants use calendars to organize customers' bookings. We hope it will be added over time.


To summarize, does Lafka is a nice WordPress theme for restaurants? Yes, obviously. It has all the necessary tools and a delightful design to get started. Besides the SEO notes we had and the missing compatibility with other plugins, we believe it's a theme you should try right away.

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