Review: HomeFix – Handyman and Plumber WordPress Theme

Franklin Business Mar 28, 2020

You are a technician and you want to highlight your services on the web? We think we may have a solution for you. This is HomeFix, a theme specially designed for genre sites; be it plumbing, carpentry, home improvement, etc.

We already appreciate the idea because we do not see masses of the theme of this kind. And the first glimpse of the theme seemed rather positive to us: we have an attractive design and fairly rich content. We will now go deeper into our study to see if this theme is really worth its weight in gold.

Feature List

  • Modern and Unique Design
  • Fully responsible
  • Estimate Form
  • Kirki Customizer integration
  • Google fonts included
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • 150+ shortcode elements
  • 100+ Visual Composer elements
  • 09 different styles of Portfolio Design

Mobile Compatibility

Let’s start by seeing this theme behaves on mobile devices. He says that the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets offers new market prospects that we cannot ignore.

HomeFix is ​​not bad at all on mobile devices. We have tested it on several devices and it adapts perfectly to all types of screens, whatever the size. In addition to that we like the layout of the tabs, the hidden menu on the fixed bar, the very original “Back to header” icon, the fluid animations, etc.

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The small downside here for us is the header. Basically, the masked menu aims not to clutter the header due to the small size of the screens of mobile devices. But, despite this, we find the header of HomeFix quite loaded.

The logo could have ended up on another bar instead of being alone and monopolize as much space left empty. It would then be necessary to hide other options so that everything could suffice.

Design Review

We have here a design not too complex, but quite professional and attractive. Yellow is predominant, and it goes well with the photos of technicians, equipment, and infrastructure found on the site. Very well thought out! Therefore the mixing of colors between yellow and white, coupled with the animations and images, perfectly matches the niche of the theme.

The author was also original with the button of “Back to the header.” Here we have the face of a bearded man with a yellow technician’s helmet; which still materializes the niche. Suffice to say that it is a pleasure to fly over the page.

Well, the font of the header is not really famous but I believe that it is a deliberate choice of the author. And anyway, the theme has so many customization options that you should find your account.

Speed Test Review

It is important to worry about the loading speed that your site will have because it greatly influences the experience of your users. No one wants to return to a site that is slow to load. According to statistics, beyond 3 seconds on average, the user experience is negatively affected.

As for the HomeFix theme, it has an average loading speed of 4.6 seconds. Which is not very good considering the standards. This is surely due to the size of the images used in the available demo. This means that you can correct the problem by incorporating lighter images.

Our speed analysis tool nevertheless awarded HomeFix a grade of B; which is not bad at all. Managing cached data seems to be one of its strengths.

SEO Review

We analyzed the SEO level of the HomeFix theme and the result is quite good. Thanks to this, you are assured that your site will be well highlighted by the search engines. There is, therefore, no need to make many configurations of any kind in order to obtain a good SEO. All that remains is to improve a few details to further optimize the site.

In addition, it should be noted that the SEO score assigned to the HomeFix theme can be improved if you use more optimized tools such as the Yoast SEO plugin.

Unfortunately, HomeFix is not eligible for Rich Results. So, whether it is your services, your products, or any other information, they will not be able to appear in addition on the search engines.

Customer Support Review

Customer service is one of the elements that should not be overlooked in any type of business where we provide products and services. Good customer management will improve your image and lead to the arrival of a flow of new customers, through the “word of mouth” process.

The author of the HomeFix theme has understood its importance and his team is struggling to provide customers with quality service in managing the concerns they may have. Problems are handled promptly and efficiently, and with all possible courtesy. From what we could see, most of the customers are really satisfied with the quality of the service.

Since the creation of the theme, the author has managed to provide updates from time to time. The last date is March 25, 2020. Another proof of his devotion to providing the best for his users.

Supported Plugins

HomeFix is compatible with many plugins. Among the most interesting we have: BuddyPress, Visual Composer, Visual Composer, WooCommerce, WPML.


Well, we are coming to the end of our article. To sum up, we will say that HomeFix is ​​really a great theme. The design and functionality of this theme fit perfectly with the niche, and the quality of the customer service ensures that you will be able to cope with whatever the difficulties you may encounter. For those who would like to offer their maintenance and other services on the internet, we highly recommend HomeFix.

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