Review: Etc. – Portfolio Creative WordPress Theme

Blair Jersyer Creative Feb 10, 2020

Etc is a creative WordPress theme specializing in the promotion of bold and ambitious projects. With a minimal design, it allows you to focus on the essentials of enhancing your content. Being a new comer to the market, this WordPress theme looks promising. Let’s discover together how

Feature List

  • Clean and minimal design
  • Fully responsive
  • Multiple portfolio pages
  • Customizer Ready
  • Infinite loading
  • Animated cursor
  • Localization ready
  • Fullscreen Background

Mobile Compatibility

In such WordPress theme, mobile compatibility is a bit difficult to appreciate since it is the images that are most highlighted. Nevertheless, we’ll be able to appreciate the way in which these last ones are arranged on different mobile supports.

For the test itself, we simulate on a web browser the dimensions of the desired mobile support. And for our example, we chose the Samsung galaxy s5. And we found that the display of images is correct. Indeed, they are centered and proportional to the surface of the S5. Unfortunately, we found that the texts we observed weren’t very readable

As for the display on a computer screen, the test of mobile compatibility reveals a rather dynamic theme, truly purified of superfluous texts. It immerses the visitor in the universe of the theme, and whatever the subject of your exhibition These images are cleverly arranged both in the background and in descriptive images of the theme, and a remark no less important, the cursor is even animated.

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Design Review

On the design side, the feeling that we had while browsing a few demos is positive. Indeed for an exhibition site like Etc, it has conquered us through scrolling images, a wallpaper that clears or darkens within the exploration. And what about the sober colors perfectly contrasted between white and black as to show screenshot below.

Speed Test Review

The speed test results we have done on the Pingdom website are excellent. Indeed the overall score is an A (91). The demo we tested loads in a fraction of a second (254 ms). The page as it weighs less than a 1 MB. This really reflects the fact that the content has been lightened.

But on this wave of positivism, we still retained a crisp, the large number of requests made to the server (27). So an effort to reduce the number of components of the page is necessary to reduce the requests made to the server. And one of the tricks we offer to fix it is the combination of files, scripts in one or even CSS files in a single style sheet.

SEO Review

The results aren’t very good when it comes to the SEO health of the theme. Indeed, many problems have been identified. knowing that we can’t list them all here, we’ll talk about the most critics to be absolutely improved according to us.

Among these, we have the problem of indexing. Indeed the website does not direct traffic to and to the same URL. This gives the impression of having double content, anything that search engines don’t like. To fix this, we recommend using the rel = “canonical” tag to tell search engines that it’s the definitive version of your domain. Then use a 301 redirect to divert traffic to your secondary domain.

If you find it difficult to do so, we advise you to contact the “Themerain” team if you have subscribed to the customer service.

Customer Support Review

Although the theme has been present on the Envato market for a few months, it has already recorded nearly 90 sales and just over 30 comments on the platform. On the various commentaries we have explored, the response time to customer concerns is quite respectable, on average one day.

For a theme as recent, the last update was made on November 30, 2019. This shows the willingness of the authors to provide customers with a quality product. And of the 3 reviews received, the theme has a rating of 5 stars so far.

Supported Plugins

For the moment, no plugin has been added by the theme developers. We’ll assume that this will be done gradually.


In any case, Etc is a pleasant WordPress theme, with a rather original design. It has the advantage of being very fast. Nevertheless, in terms of SEO, there are some improvements to be made. And the customer service is working properly. Aside from the fact that it does not support plugins, we think that it does not affect your choice to acquire this theme. And especially that it is on promotion.

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