Review: Cristiano - Restaurant WordPress Theme

Rifat Restaurant May 16, 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world - we all know that. The WordPress theme we will be reviewing today is "Cristiano Restaurant". Designing, Customizability, Responsiveness, SEO Friendliness - the theme is perfect everywhere. This theme includes various page layouts, backgrounds, menu designs, online food home delivery, and online advance table reservation system. In addition to the pre-made page template, there is visual composer plug-in support through which pages can be designed as needed by mixing the sweetness of the mind. Without further ado, let's take a look at what features it has.

Feature List

  • Elegant Design
  • Simple Restaurant Menu
  • Smooth Slider Presentation
  • 4 Header Layout
  • 11 Background Layout
  • 12 Product Image Layout
  • Wide / Boxed page Layouts
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Online Reservation
  • Online Delivery System
  • Fully Responsiveness
  • SEO Friendly
  • Custom Widget
  • WP Bakery Page Builder
  • Premium Slider Plugin
  • Google Map Support
  • WPML Support
  • Social Media Integration.

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays people more use mobile instead of a computer for internet browsing, and they prefer fast and smoothness. In this age of digitalization, if your restaurant website does not reach everyone, you will lose a huge customer base. The theme plays the most important role for a website to run smoothly & flawlessly on mobile devices. Because the more responsive a theme is, the smoother the website will run on mobile devices.

We've tested the Cristiano theme on several devices and monitored its responsiveness. WOW! The theme is very responsive to mobiles, like computers. Each function works perfectly. From the header slider's photo zoom-in option to the body's parallax effect - all animated transactions are smooth as butter. Also, we didn't notice any misplacement - product photos, text blocks, or logos above. The whole theme has come alive on mobile.

We have also tested the theme through Google's Mobile Compatibility Test, and the theme has been identified as Responsive. In summary, the mobile compatibility of the tested theme is good as a whole.

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Design Review

20% of people do not visit a website for the second time if the design of the site is not attractive. Again, if the UI is not interactive, a website may have a massive visitor drop. Designers are now desperate to create all sorts of great design themes and templates so as not to lose so many visitors for designing. Cristiano theme designers are no exception. Extraordinarily beautiful design, they have created the item with a royal aura.

Hovering the mouse over the Cristiano Restaurant text in the header slider moves the text - this means that the theme has quite an interactive UI. Header Sliders, photo blocks, hover effects, transitions - everything is done in a very skillful way that can catch the eye of any visitor. The blog post part in the footer section has been made quite interesting. We toured different pages, and the quality of the design was maintained everywhere.

Speed Test Review

People don't like to sit back and wait for a site that loads slowly, especially when they have an alternative option to your site. 47% of the website guests expect the loading time to be less than three seconds. If a website takes more than five seconds to load, 50% of the visitors will abandon the site. It reveals that the visitors care more about the loading time of a website than the design, front-end capability, and content on it. Moreover, Google considers the page loading time is the principal factor when ranking them on a search engine.

GTmetrix is a very reliable website to test the speed of the site, and we did the speed test of the Cristiano theme here. Cristiano theme got 80 out of 100, which is a good score. The full-page loading time is 1.50 seconds, and the page weight is 2.88 MB. From this, it is understood that the page is quite lightweight. There is no unscaled image on the page, which is a notable aspect. However, we have the opportunity to reduce page speed further. It takes 102 requests from full page loading; if we reduce this HTTP request and zip the components of the page with GZIP, then the loading speed of the page will be incredibly reduced. All you have to do is use a sub-cache plugin or a super plugin to do this.

SEO Review

If you wish to reach a large section of internet users, it is significant that your WordPress site ranks on the first page of the search engine. This means that WordPress SEO requires your constant attention so that you can maintain and improve your SERP rankings.

The Cristiano theme has scored quite well in the case of SEO. We checked the SEO of the theme on the UberSuggest site of the famous SEO expert Neil Patel and the score came to 79. The SEO score of the theme can be further increased if we repair some things. For example, meta description, keyword tag, site map, heading tags, etc. need to be added. Inline CSS has also been used in the theme, and experts suggest to use Global CSS. You do not need to be a coding expert or HTML / CSS, knowledgeable person to do these tasks. A simple SEO plugin will do all the tasks for you.

We know that after purchasing a WordPress theme and installing it on the website, it is the responsibility of the buyer to do the SEO. Because SEO is done on the site, not the theme. The high score shows how SEO friendly the theme is.

Customer Support Review

Customer support is a big issue in any business because it plays a significant role in maintaining the reputation and promotion of the company. UkrDevs is responsible for managing support for Cristiano Themes. We have visited the support section & seen that the authors are quite active. However, many purcheser complain that they are not getting the solution in time. As we have seen, the authors are very carefully providing technical support to their customer.

In terms of reviews, the Cristiano theme is in a pretty good position with a 4.83 rating. Everyone is quite happy with designing, customizing. However, there is dissatisfaction among some people about customer support.

Supported Plugins

Cristiano theme developers are probably indifferent to the plugin or do not want to mention what plugin is used in it. However, after visiting the comments section, we came to know that WP Bakery Page Builder has been used as a default page builder in the theme. We also think that a good premium slider has been used in the header section. The theme has WPML support.


Like Cristiano Ronaldo, the Cristiano Restaurant WordPress theme is one of the best themes. Like everything else, it has some weaknesses that need to be repaired. Then it's just a matter of time before the theme becomes the best of the best. If you are looking for a visually pleasing, functional theme for your restaurant website, then this theme can be your best choice.

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