Review: Cookie – Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Blair Jersyer Creative Feb 10, 2020

Cookie is a WordPress theme availableon the Envato platform since 2016 February. With more than 1500 sales in a few months, it’s promising and seems to us creative with versatile features. We’ll explore it for you to give you a complete review of the theme.

Feature List

  • 20 unique layouts
  • Integrated with Icofonts
  • Retina ready display
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Woocommerce integrated
  • Visual Compsoer Compatible
  • 5 unique sliders
  • SEO optimized
  • Parallax images and backgrounds
  • Multiple Fonts Options

Mobile Compatibility

In this section, we’ll check the mobile compatibility of the theme you want to buy. Indeed, when a theme is well designed, the interface of the latter should adapt naturally to the formats of all available mobile media (android phones, tablets, and laptops).

Unfortunately, the demos aren’t enough provided on the theme. But we can still get an idea of ​​the arrangements and alignments of texts and images. Based on the screenshot we’ve done, the text and images of the home page visited are nice aligned.

Now, let’s try to observe the behavior of the demo on a 20-inch computer screen for example. Here we note a marked improvement over what has been seen above. That is centered texts, images well displayed and perfectly aligned.

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Design Review

In terms of design, we chose a demo of fast food; And on the home page we captured, the colors in the picture are bright and colorful. The background color chosen is white. This color scheme makes the demo attractive.

Speed Test Review

The speed test reveals some surprising things. All, first the overall score “C” which represents a passable average sees insufficient. Despite the fairly poor content of the demo tested, the loading time of the page is paradoxically high (914ms). What can explain this unexpected slowness is the number of requests made to the server (49 in total).

And according to the results of the Pingdom site where we did the test, the demo in question contains a large number of script and style sheets. This has the effect of increasing requests to the server and slowing down the site considerably.

To remedy, one of the solutions would be to add expired headers. By using them, the components can be cached, and you can avoid unnecessary HTTP requests in subsequent page views.

SEO Review

For the SEO test, we used the site “Sitechecker” and the SEO result of the tested demo is rather disappointing. Several critical errors explain this disastrous performance. One can quote the absence of title in H1, the absence of description and the error servers on several pages.

5xx codes are allocated if the operation fails because of the server. The solution would be to contact your web host or your development team to understand the reasons for the appearance of these errors.

URLs that do not have a description tag in the code. Make sure each page of your site has a meta-description. A meta-description tag should generally inform and interest users with a short and relevant summary of the page. They are like a pitch that convinces the user that the page exactly matches what they are looking for.

URLs that have no h1 tag in the code. The h1 tag is considered important to help both users and search engines to quickly understand what content they can expect to find on the page. However, the SEO score could be improved if you learn the tips available on WPBeginner.

In addition to this, we've noticed doesn't include rich snippet which can significantly increase your CTR.

Customer Support Review

The appreciation of customer service is made from several angles. And one of the important factors is the response time. And of the 300 or so guest reviews we have gone through, we have concluded that this is an average of one day, which is correct.

We have also noted that the answers given to the concerns of the various customers are fairly concise.

The most recent updates of the Cookie theme date from July 2019. And we are in November 2019. 3 months passed since the last update. The developers of this theme feel that it is stable (Few bugs). And according to the opinions of 113 people, the theme got 5 stars.

Supported Plugins

Among the plugins offered by the theme, we have Woocommers for shops and WPML for languages. And after checks made, Woocommerce works correctly on the explored shop demo. We could not test WPML. We suppose that it should work as well. If you want to add other plugins, contact the development team to check its compatibility with the theme.


In summary, we remain a little on our hunger for the evaluation of the Cookie theme. This latter certainly presents an advantage in the design aspect. But as for the technical aspect, the user will have a lot to do, in order to correct the problems that we mentioned. Nevertheless, Cookie’s teams are fairly responsive to help you with customer service and will be able to easily overcome the difficulties you’ll face.

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