Review: Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Blair Jersyer Creative Feb 11, 2020

“Bridge” is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the Envato platform. With more than 125,000 sales in less than 5 years, this creative and multipurpose theme is notable for its relatively affordable promotional price of $ 29. And even more surprising, the latter seems to have significant assets. It will, therefore, be for us to analyze for you the relevance of these assets, and especially if it can prove trustworthy.

Feature List

  • 400+ unique demos
  • WPbakery page builder
  • Fully customizable
  • Ajax animations
  • Fully customizable with Elements
  • Professional support
  • Multiple plugins compatible
  • Auto update
  • Section video background
  • Video tutorial

Mobile Compatibility

The mobile compatibility makes it possible to check if a theme adapts well in terms of display on the different mobile supports. To test it, we simulate the dimensions of any mobile support through the inspection of one of the theme demos on a web browser (Chrome on the occurrence).

For our test of the day, we chose the iPhone 8 and the restaurant demo as models. As you will see on the screenshot, the menu is displayed on the left of the image, illustrations are well framed, the texts perfectly centered. This shows a good adaptation of the theme.

To expand our field of tests, we chose a travel agency demo to judge the appearance of the theme on a computer screen. And one of the most remarkable things is the perfect layout of the images, distinct sections allowing a pleasant reading of the site. And what about the animations, you have for example scrolling flagship illustrations of the homepage.

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Design Review

In the continuity of our analysis, we chose a demo of makeup professionals to appreciate the design of the theme. And on this last, you will notice subtle pink hues on the white background of the page, but also images of beautifully made-up women. All this plunges you into the makeup environment.

Speed Test Review

In this section, we are going into slightly more technical aspects. And among these, we have the speed of the theme. Indeed, a fast loading time of a site directly influences the decision of a visitor to continue or not the navigation.

For our demo, it’s the Pingdom reference site that was used for the test. Unfortunately, the results obtained are somewhat disappointing. Given that the demo gets an average score of 71. All is explained first by relatively high page size (about 2.4 MB) and ceaseless requests made to the server (64).

One of the solutions would be to reduce the number of components of the page to reduce the number of requests to the server. For this, you can combine files or multiple scripts into one. As for the illustrations that make the page heavier, you can use a magic tool to have gzip to compress the images.

SEO Review

What would a website be without a good SEO? Probably nothing. A good SEO boosts the rank of your site in the ranking of search engines. And to test the demo of the Bridge template, Neilpatel seems appropriate.

And for the demo chosen, the results are rather encouraging despite some minor problems listed. Among the most important we noted 7 pages of the demo with duplicate <title> tags. What to avoid.

You can easily put a damper on this problem, and make sure you do not have any duplicate title tags. But if it does not seem obvious to you, do not hesitate to follow this link to find out more.

In addition with what has been said above, we've noticed Bridge support Rich Snippet. The test we did was on the store product and it was successful.

Customer Support Review

Quality customer service is one of the important assets of a good theme. Because, if the concerns of the customers are well managed, the developers of the theme in question will gain notoriety.

And we notice from the comments that we have explored a lot of attention from the “Bridge” teams. Indeed, the response time is a few hours on average.

As we anticipated earlier, the good response of the “Bridge” teams encouraged the customers to give favorable opinions to the theme. Indeed, out of 5838 reviews, nearly 87% rated the theme at 5-star.

This is all the more understandable to the extent that the teams of “Bridge” regularly publish updates whose latest on November 26, 2019.

Supported Plugins

“Bridge” integrate essentials plugins like Woo for the shops online, “Contact Form 7” for managing multiple contact form and “WPML” for traductions.


Like many popular themes, “Bridge has kept its rank by presenting us with a pretty convincing overview: a quality design, various features, and several integrated plugins. And this, despite the small errors listed that are not disabling for the user. And thanks to a quality customer service you can after purchase ask for help if needed.

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