Divi AI Image Builder: Elevating Website Images with AI-Powered Precision

Rifat Divi Tutorials Apr 1, 2024

Divi AI is now equipped with an advanced AI Image Editor seamlessly integrated into the builder. This feature allows you to effortlessly modify images in real time. Not only can you conjure up entirely new images, reimagine existing ones, and alter their styles, but you can also leverage the power of AI to make precise adjustments to specific details within an image while preserving the rest.

Utilize the brush tool to paint over the area of the image you wish to modify, and instruct Divi AI on the desired changes. Whether you want to tweak existing elements, incorporate new objects, expand and fill the canvas, or enhance your images by upscaling the new Divi AI Image Editor provides a versatile set of tools for your creative needs.

Overview Of Divi AI Image Editor


Divi AI Image Editor is a cutting-edge tool designed to elevate your image editing experience with simplicity and versatility. This advanced feature seamlessly integrates into the Divi builder, offering users the ability to add or modify elements within images effortlessly. Notably, the tool enables detailed adjustments to specific areas, ensuring precision in edits. Whether crafting a professional about page, refining casual photos, or solving the challenge of disjointed edits, Divi AI proves invaluable.

The Enhance tab allows users to fine-tune their entire image, incorporating enhancements like increased detail, contrast, and saturation. Users have control over the degree of transformation, striking a balance between touch-ups and creative reimagination. Additionally, employing a workflow of Modification, Enhancement, and Upscaling facilitates a streamlined process for achieving beautiful, high-resolution images. Divi AI Image Editor empowers users to unleash their creativity, providing a user-friendly solution for image modification and enhancement.

Features Of Divi AI Image Editor

Generate Object From Sketch

A standout feature of the Divi AI Image Editor is its capability to effortlessly add new elements or modify existing ones within an image. Simply use the brush tool to highlight the specific area you want to change or utilize the sketch interface to add a rough sketch of the object you wish to incorporate. Provide instructions to Divi AI regarding the desired modifications, and watch as it seamlessly integrates your changes into the original image.

This functionality opens up numerous practical applications. Instead of searching for the perfect image, you can now create it within seconds.

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For instance, let's consider a scenario where I'm designing the homepage for a bed and breakfast. The hero section features a background image of a stunning bedroom, but the readability of the heading text is compromised due to competing background elements. With Divi AI Image Editor, you can quickly address this issue by making necessary adjustments, ensuring a visually pleasing and effective design.

Traditionally, finding an ideal image composition for such a case would be challenging. However, with Divi AI, you can tailor the image to suit your requirements. For instance, you can add a flowing white curtain to the left side of the photo, effectively minimizing distractions and allowing your text to shine through.

New Image Sizes With Fill & Expand

You also have the option to adjust the aspect ratio of images, enlarge the image canvas, and let Divi AI automatically fill in any empty spaces. This provides an excellent solution for fitting any photo into various layouts.

For instance, let's say I have a square image featuring a landscape. I intend to use it as a background image for a particular section, but the square shape leads to stretching, resulting in a blurry and cropped appearance. Rather than searching for a new image, I can employ Divi AI to widen the image's dimensions and change the aspect ratio to a landscape format. Divi AI seamlessly fills in the previous space, presenting me with a new image that perfectly aligns with my design.

Modify Image Elements

Not only is it possible to introduce new objects into an image, but you can also make alterations to existing ones.

This feature holds significant practical value. To illustrate, I'm in the process of crafting an about page for a client who happens to be a CPA. Unfortunately, we lack professional headshots, and the only available photo is rather casual. While it's a good picture, the client isn't dressed professionally and the setting isn't relevant. With Divi AI, we can swiftly elevate his appearance by outfitting him in a well-tailored blue suit. Additionally, we have the flexibility to change the background to a more polished and professional setting.

In this way, we've effectively sidestepped the need for an expensive photoshoot.

Enhance And Upscale

At times, if you've made numerous edits to different parts of an image, it may start to feel disjointed or exhibit artifacts.

To address this, navigate to the Enhance tab where you can run the entire image back through Divi AI, incorporating any desired enhancements such as increased detail, contrast, and saturation. The degree to which you empower Divi AI to enhance your image will directly impact the extent of changes made to the original image. You have the option to keep the strength low for subtle touch-ups or grant Divi AI more freedom to creatively reimagine the original image.

An effective approach when working with the Divi AI Image Editor is to initially Modify a low-resolution image for quicker results and iteration. Once you achieve your desired outcome, proceed to Enhance it. Finally, Upscale it to the optimal resolution, resulting in a stunning, high-resolution image.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Divi AI Image Editor revolutionizes image editing by seamlessly integrating powerful AI capabilities into the Divi builder. With user-friendly features like precise element modifications, enhancements, and intuitive workflows, it empowers users to effortlessly create stunning, high-resolution images. Whether refining a casual photo or tackling complex edits, Divi AI proves to be an invaluable tool for unleashing creative potential with simplicity and effectiveness.

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