Top 7 WordPress Plugins To Enrich User's Experience With AI Assistants

Rifat WordPress Plugins Mar 14, 2023

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used by millions of websites around the world. One of the reasons for its popularity is its flexibility and extensibility through the use of plugins. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an increasingly important technology that is transforming many industries, including web development. Integrating AI assistants into a WordPress website can enhance the user experience and provide valuable features for both visitors and site owners. In this article, we will introduce the top 7 WordPress plugins that can be used to enrich the user's experience with AI assistants. These plugins offer a range of features including chatbots, voice assistants, and personalized recommendations to help increase engagement and conversions on your website.

AI Product Recommendations for WooCommerce

The "AI Product Recommendations for WooCommerce" plugin is a powerful tool that integrates artificial intelligence technology into your e-commerce website. By analyzing the categories or tags of products that visitors view, the plugin recommends products that are similar or complementary to what they have shown an interest in. It also takes into account previous purchases and items in the user's shopping cart to make personalized recommendations. The plugin's administration panel is user-friendly and easy to manage, and it is compatible with all plugins and themes. Moreover, the plugin is built with pure JavaScript, ensuring that your website runs fast and doesn't slow down. Finally, it is easily translatable into any language with the help of WPML and PoEdit.

Key Features

  • Languages (WPML and PoEdit)
  • Compatible with all plugins and themes
  • User-friendly Plugin Panel
  • Only JavaScript
  • Shortcodes
  • Like Amazon, AliExpress and eBay

AI Related Posts - AI for WordPress

The AI Related Posts - AI for WordPress plugin is an innovative tool that enables website owners to suggest related posts to their visitors based on their browsing behavior. By using advanced algorithms, this plugin can analyze user behavior and recommend similar posts that they may be interested in reading. The plugin is designed to work like suggestions seen on major news websites, and it can reduce bounce rates and improve Google rankings. Additionally, the plugin has various features, including compatibility with any plugins and themes, a user-friendly admin panel, and the ability to create shortcodes to place the plugin anywhere on the website. This plugin is also compatible with WPML and PoEdit, making it easy to translate into any language. Overall, AI Related Posts - AI for WordPress is an excellent plugin that can enhance the user experience on a WordPress website while reducing the workload of the site owner.

Key Features

  • Languages (WPML and PoEdit)
  • Compatible with any plugins and themes
  • Shortcodes
  • Commented Posts
  • Only JavaScript
  • User-friendly Plugin Panel
  • Used by Major News & Magazine Websites
  • Advanced Related Posts

Diverge AI

Diverge AI is a comprehensive Elementor Template Kit that is designed for websites focused on Robotic Automation, Predictive Analysis, and Machine Learning. It is an ideal choice for those who believe that technology can help ease life by bringing the power of Data Sciences & AI to businesses. The template kit features a modern, professional design that is fast-loading and fully customizable with a drag-and-drop visual builder, allowing users to customize fonts and colors in one place or fine-tune on individual elements. It works with most Elementor themes and requires the installation of Elementor, ElementsKit Lite, and MetForm plugins. The kit includes detailed instructions for installation and customization, and users can import the templates and forms easily to their website using the instructions provided. The images used in the template are for preview purposes only and are not included in the final purchase files.

Key Features

  • True no-code customization
  • Customize fonts and colors
  • Modern, professional design
  • Drag and drop visual builder
  • Fine-tune individual elements
  • Fast-loading

WooCommerce AI

WooCommerce AI (WAI) is a powerful WordPress plugin that can help website owners increase engagement and boost revenue by automatically recommending cross-sell and upselling products to customers. With an advanced AI algorithm, WAI suggests relevant products based on aliases and displays them either in a custom tooltip or box, depending on the user's preference. WAI allows for easy customization, including the ability to change the font size, color, and weight, as well as the box's background color and padding. Additionally, WAI is responsive and works with any WordPress theme and version. Overall, WAI is an easy-to-use plugin that can help website owners increase sales and improve their customers' browsing experience.

Key Features

  • Custom design settings
  • Works with any Theme
  • 2 Types of recommendations are available
  • Easy to install
  • Works with WordPress 5+, WooCommerce 3.7+
  • Responsive Design Layout


The "KnowledgeBase X w/ FAQ, Glossary Powered by WPBot ChatBot/HelpDesk" plugin is an all-in-one support system for WordPress that offers an advanced knowledge base, FAQ, and glossary features. It also comes with an AI-powered chatbot helpdesk, which can be integrated with Google’s DialogFlow AI and NLP engine. With KnowledgeBase X, website owners can easily create a robust self-service support system that reduces live support time and effort. Users can browse knowledge base articles in standard mode, FAQ mode, or a unique alphabetical glossary style. The plugin also supports file attachments, alternative questions for articles, upvote/downvote, and many other flexible features. Additionally, the plugin's chatbot can answer visitors' questions, send emails, and help people find answers from knowledge base articles, among other tasks. It supports both predefined and custom intents and responses for a truly human-like and intelligent chatbot experience

Key Features

  • ChatBot User Intent Detection
  • Call Me Back
  • Language Support
  • ChatBot Widget ShortCode
  • In-Chat Support and Contact
  • Personalize your ChatBot!
  • Onsite Retargeting
  • Click on to Chat Link

WP Creative Banners Builder

WP Creative Banners Builder is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables users to create eye-catching banners and headers with ease. This plugin offers a range of features that allow users to generate 3D depth, shadows, and sprite animations in just a few clicks. Users can upload and manage their own pictures as objects or textures, edit existing banners, and change the colors and options of each element. Additionally, the plugin generates banners that are 100% HTML5 & CSS3-powered, ensuring fast loading times on websites. The plugin also offers an intuitive visual editor, the ability to import and export banners, and three ways to integrate banners on websites. WP Creative Banners Builder is compatible with WP AI Assistant, making it possible to create intelligent banners that enhance the user experience.

Key Features

  • Powerful visual editor
  • Create and manage many banners
  • Automatic animation play
  • Shortcode Support
  • Easily apply an effect of depth
  • Drag & drop positioning
  • Easily apply shadows to your objects
  • Easily import & export


WPBot is an intelligent chatbot plugin that can improve user engagement, provide support, answer questions, and increase conversions. It is a native, plug-and-play WordPress chatbot that can search your website, send/collect emails, user feedback, and phone numbers, build conversational forms, and integrate with messenger, WhatsApp, Open AI, DialogFlow Rich Messages, and Card Responses. WPBot is integrated with Google's Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI through DialogFlow V2. It can converse fluidly with your users, and improve customer satisfaction, and conversion rates. Additionally, WPBot comes with features like personalized, persistent, 24/7 chatbot, onsite retargeting, remarketing, conversion optimization, exit intent, simple text responses, newsletter subscription, chatbot widget shortcode, and click-to-chat link.

Key Features

  • Integrated Facebook Messenger Live Chat
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • ChatBot Widget ShortCode
  • ShortCode for Page
  • Embed WPBot on Any Other WebSite
  • Simple Text Responses
  • Personalization Features
  • Language Support

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, integrating AI assistants into your WordPress website can enhance the user experience and improve engagement with your content. With the top 7 WordPress plugins for AI assistants outlined in this article, you have a variety of options to choose from based on your specific needs and goals. Whether you're looking to provide personalized recommendations, improve search functionality, or add voice-based interactions, these plugins offer powerful tools to help you achieve your objectives. By leveraging the capabilities of AI, you can create a more dynamic and engaging website that keeps visitors coming back for more. So don't hesitate to experiment with these plugins and see how they can transform your online presence.

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