Top 5 SMS Plugin For WordPress In 2023

Rifat WordPress Plugins Aug 28, 2023

Looking for the perfect SMS marketing plugins to establish connections with your audience and boost conversions? Look no further!

SMS marketing is an incredibly powerful tool in your arsenal, allowing you to engage directly with potential leads through captivating promotions and enticing offers.

What sets SMS apart is its remarkable open rates and unparalleled user engagement, surpassing other marketing channels by leaps and bounds.

However, before you fully immerse yourself in the world of SMS marketing, it's essential to address a few crucial questions like how can you seamlessly acquire phone numbers from your audience, ensuring their comfort while receiving timely SMS messages?

Or maybe once you've obtained those valuable phone numbers, how do you efficiently organize and manage your contact lists?

Today, we have all the answers to these questions. In this post, we present to you the finest SMS marketing plugins specifically designed for WordPress.

Without further ado, let's jump right into the comprehensive list.

The Advantages of Using an SMS Plugin

Integrating an SMS plugin into your WordPress site brings a multitude of benefits, catering to both internal and external purposes.

Internal Benefits of SMS Integration

Stay in the loop with instant text notifications whenever you receive new leads, make a sale, or receive an inquiry through your WordPress forms. By reducing response times, you enhance the chances of converting potential leads into customers. Additionally, conveniently manage your SMS marketing endeavors from a centralized, streamlined dashboard.

External Benefits of SMS Integration

Unlock the power of text messages, boasting nearly a 100% open rate and a staggering 90% of messages being read within three minutes of delivery. That's the epitome of effective marketing! With SMS plugins, you gain the ability to send real-time marketing communications directly to your customers. From sales notifications and order updates to event registration confirmations, you can effortlessly engage with your audience in a timely manner. No more uncertainties about email opening reads, or deliveries.

5 Best SMS Plugin For WordPress


OptinMonster is a premium lead generation plugin designed specifically for WordPress. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that enable you to build a robust contact list. With OptinMonster, you can create professional and highly effective optin campaigns to enhance your conversion rates and optimize your SMS marketing strategy.

The plugin provides various campaign options that you may already be familiar with, such as popups, floating bars, fullscreen welcome mats, and more. These campaigns can be quickly set up within a few minutes, helping you drive conversions across your website and improve your overall lead-capturing approach.

Getting started with OptinMonster is made easy by utilizing their extensive library of 50+ templates. These pre-designed templates allow you to save valuable time, money, and effort as you work towards implementing an automated lead generation strategy. Regardless of your coding or technical expertise, you can easily customize these templates to match your preferences and requirements.

Making changes to your campaign is straightforward with OptinMonster. For instance, you can easily modify any text within your campaign by simply clicking and editing. Additionally, if you wish to add new features or elements to your campaign, the process is seamless. Just select the desired feature and drop it into the appropriate location. This level of flexibility grants you complete control over your SMS optin campaign.

Imagine the convenience of creating a popup campaign like the one described in under 5 minutes. Once your campaign is built, OptinMonster provides you with the ability to display it to the right audience, at the right locations, and precisely at the right moment during their customer journey.

Key Features

  • Codeless drag-and-drop builder
  • Works with ANY WordPress theme
  • Self-hosted
  • Advanced targeting rules increase conversions
  • Powerful analytics dashboard optimizes performance


WPForms, widely recognized as the leading form builder plugin for WordPress, offers much more than just creating forms for your website. While its primary function is to enable users to effortlessly generate various types of forms like contact forms, payment forms, surveys, newsletter forms, registration forms, and more, WPForms also serves a surprising purpose on the list of SMS marketing tools.

With WPForms' intuitive drag-and-drop visual builder, anyone can swiftly add new fields to their forms within seconds. This feature allows website owners to include a dedicated section for visitors to input their phone numbers. Moreover, the flexibility of WPForms enables you to designate this phone number field as either optional or mandatory, depending on your specific marketing or sales objectives.

Once you start accumulating new leads through WPForms, you can conveniently have them automatically forwarded to your email service provider (ESP). Whether you utilize platforms like Sendinblue or Drip, managing your SMS contacts becomes a seamless experience through these integrated ESPs. By leveraging this capability, WPForms provides you with an automated lead generation system that directly sends new contacts to your SMS manager.

With your SMS contacts seamlessly integrated into your chosen platform, you gain the ability to create SMS sequences that effectively guide new subscribers through your sales funnel. This dynamic feature empowers you to nurture and engage with your audience by delivering targeted SMS messages that align with their interests and preferences.

Key Features

  • Pre-built form templates
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Easy to install
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Entry management
  • Real-time notifications

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a powerful form building plugin that can greatly enhance your SMS marketing efforts. Just like WPForms, this plugin enables you to create forms throughout your website and effortlessly collect your visitors' phone numbers.

One of the standout features of this plugin is its codeless drag and drop visual builder. This means that even if you lack coding knowledge or technical expertise, you can quickly and easily add forms to your site. Additionally, Formidable Forms offers a range of pre-built form templates, saving you valuable time as you gather new leads on your website.

With Formidable Forms, you can seamlessly integrate phone number field boxes into any of your forms and connect them with your preferred third-party marketing tools. Notably, the plugin includes a highly useful integration with Twilio SMS, allowing you to automatically send new leads to your SMS sequences. By combining these two tools, you can efficiently collect phone numbers and promptly send your top offers, promotions, and deals to potential customers.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Form templates
  • Online form calculators
  • Polls and surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Conditional logic


Sendinblue is a highly popular email service provider (ESP) that offers not only email marketing but also SMS marketing capabilities. It even provides a convenient WordPress plugin for easy integration.

This user-friendly tool empowers you to expand your mailing list, gather contact numbers, and send automated messages to your audience through both email and SMS channels.

The best part is that the Sendinblue plugin is completely free to use, although you will need a Sendinblue account to take advantage of its features.

With Sendinblue, SMS marketing becomes a breeze. Simply craft your message, select the desired audience list, and schedule it for when you want the message to be sent out.

Additionally, you can configure transactional messages to keep your customers informed. This feature is particularly useful for providing updates on shipping status, low stock availability, and more.

Thanks to dynamic features, you can personalize these messages by incorporating recipient-specific details such as their name, company name, location, or any other information you have about your new lead.

Once your campaigns are deployed, you can evaluate their performance using comprehensive analytics. This enables you to develop a more efficient and data-driven marketing strategy based on real-time insights.

Key Features

  • Free to get started
  • Integrates with 3rd-party marketing tools
  • Automated mailing and SMS sequences
  • Manage and segment contact lists
  • Powerful analytics dashboard


Drip is a popular Email Service Provider (ESP) that also offers SMS marketing capabilities. It is often compared to Mailchimp, a well-known email marketing platform, but specifically tailored for eCommerce businesses.

One notable feature of Drip is its compatibility with WordPress, as it provides a free plugin for WordPress users. This integration allows you to effortlessly establish a comprehensive SMS marketing strategy in just a few minutes.

Once you create an account with Drip, you gain the ability to effectively manage your contacts and send automated messages directly to their mobile phones. The platform enables you to personalize both email and SMS messages, ensuring that your communications resonate with the recipients. By organizing your audience lists, you can send more targeted messages and engage with your customers more effectively.

Moreover, Drip enables you to create sequences, which are automated series of messages, to guide your leads through a sales funnel. By strategically nurturing your leads, you can increase the likelihood of conversions and generate more sales over time.

Key Features

  • Easy to get started
  • The plugin is free to use
  • Integrate with social media
  • Personalize messaging
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics dashboard

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, these top 5 SMS plugins for WordPress in 2023 represent the epitome of genetic tone, demonstrating the power of innovation, reliability, and user-centric design. Embrace the genetic evolution of WordPress plugins and unlock the true potential of your website's communication capabilities. Stay ahead of the curve and make a lasting impression with your audience through the seamless integration of SMS technology.

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