Top 5 Best Text To Speech Plugin For WordPress

Rifat WordPress Plugins Sep 13, 2022

Including text-to-speech features on your website can improve accessibility and user experience. Visitors who are unable to read the screen or prefer to listen to the content can do so effortlessly. Furthermore, with the correct text-to-speech WordPress plugin, this feature is simple to implement.

We'll discuss why you might want to utilize a text-to-speech WordPress plugin in this article. Then we'll walk you through the best text-to-voice options for your website. Let's get started!

Use Of Text-to-Speech WordPress Plugins

A text-to-speech WordPress plugin, simply put, reads your stuff aloud. This feature can improve the usability of your website. Making your website as accessible as possible may be quite rewarding because it exposes your material to a larger audience.

While some disabled users may have access to screen-reader software, not all will. In that case, having text-to-speech technology built-in will ensure that more visitors may benefit from this accessibility.

Furthermore, some people prefer to listen to content rather than read it. They may like to listen to posts during their commute or while cooking. As a result, providing that choice on your website can be very appealing.

You have the advantage of being able to utilize text-to-speech plugins if you operate with WordPress. Text-to-speech implementation can be as simple as installing the appropriate tool, which may just take a few minutes.

5 Best Text To Speech Plugin

This section will introduce you to a hand-picked list of text-to-speech WordPress plugins and explain what differentiates them. We'll look at features and why you should use them.

ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech

In addition to mobile devices, the ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech plugin is available in 51 languages and 168 voices. This is another HTML5-based solution that allows users to add speech features to WordPress on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

If no visitors have accessed the site in a given length of time, the plugin allows you to construct voice-operated websites that display a saying hello message or an automated message.

By inserting the listen button shortcode into your blog or website, you may add a voice-over to the videos. You can add the voice-over by uploading MP4 files or importing YouTube videos.

This plugin enables you to run an audio player on your website by simply adding a shortcode to the page where you want the audio player to appear. The button will display exactly how you specified, but you can also alter it.'

Despite the fact that the plugin is no longer available on the developer's website, it can still be used on non-commercial websites. However, customers on the free subscription are unable to use more advanced features such as welcome messages, exit-intent messages, and tab navigation by voice.

Key Features

  • Ability to convert to speech in an unlimited number of different ways
  • Offers a variety of voices in hundreds of languages
  • Listening is possible on most devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops
  • Allows you to listen to any post with just a few swipes

Voicer – Text-to-Speech Plugin

The Voicer is a text-to-speech plugin for WordPress that allows you to translate any content. Furthermore, the reading is converted to human-like speech using current machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, enabling for the generation of high-quality human-like speech.

The Voicer WordPress plugin is hosted on the Google Cloud Infrastructure, which is a highly dependable and fast platform that ensures its speed and stability.

This plugin is made possible by artificial intelligence and machine learning; the Google Cloud plugin turns text into speech, supports over 275 voices in over 45 countries, and provides high speed and dependability thanks to its cloud infrastructure.

High-quality audio can be produced by combining WaveNet audio synthesis technology with Google's neural networks technology.

Furthermore, the plugin is compatible with the majority of WordPress themes and page builders. You were able to use it effectively to run an eCommerce website with no issues.'

Furthermore, it is compatible with numerous plugins, including Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, W3 Total Cache, NextGen Gallery, Slider Revolution, and WooCommerce.

Key Features

  • 45+ Languages Includes
  • More than 275 human-like voices
  • Works well with all WordPress Themes
  • Perfect for RTL direction
  • Native Valid JavaScript, without jQuery
  • Tested and Compatible up to WordPress 5+
  • Lightweight and Fast
  • WPML compatible
  • Powered by Google Cloud Platform
  • Compatible with all Modern Browsers
  • Includes access to WaveNet technology
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Installation Guide
  • Detailed Users Manual
  • Huge Customization Capabilities

The WordPress plugin converts your articles, blog posts, lectures, presentations, and other types of written content into audio files.

To produce, embed, and distribute audio-formatted articles, use Playht's embedded audio players, which have an integrated text-to-speech engine.

This plugin is compatible with practically every platform that supports HTML. It can also be supplemented with a WordPress plugin that converts your content to audio on the fly.

This plugin allows subscribers to view your content. They can download, share, and subscribe to it via e-mail, change their listening speed, and download or share the audio on social media websites.

This plugin's benefits include the ability for users to hear your material while on the go or when they are busy, as well as accessibility for users with vision impairments.

This WordPress plugin increases user engagement and website page views, while also improving search engine rankings.

Users may now create and edit voiceovers utilizing AI text-to-speech technology, as well as discover and use 600 male and female voices available in 57 languages.

Key Features

  • Provide three customizable audio buttons
  • Provide you with a detailed analysis of your audio
  • Support for several different languages is available through multi-lingual help
  • Following receipt of the audio file, you may use it for broadcast or commercial purposes as you see fit.


BeyondWords, formerly known as SpeechKit, is a WordPress plugin that automates the process of making audio versions of your writings and allows you to embed them using this configurable player.

When you use BeyondWords' dashboard and the tools provided to generate, distribute, sell, and analyze audio, you will have access to over 500 voices from 130 nations and 130 languages.

This plugin makes use of natural language processing methods to ensure that your voice sounds natural and to help you fine-tune your own unique text-to-speech rules. This technology can also be used to alter your voice.

BeyondWords is a good WordPress plugin. However, offers more customization options. This plugin allows users to effortlessly add articles and change their texts, in addition to having very versatile audio shortcodes.

You may investigate and measure audio engagement in granular detail using the analytics, which can be linked to your Google Analytics account. You use an insight-based approach to optimize your sound marketing initiatives.

VAST can be used for a variety of programmatic advertising systems, like Google AdManager, or it can only be used for audio adverts if you subscribe to them.

Key Features

  • Ability to increase your character limit and gain access to additional features at any time by upgrading your subscription
  • Ability to monitor the engagement of your listeners with analytics
  • Create additional audio files by using our Text-to-Speech feature
  • Sharing audio content either manually or through a frame or URL
  • The ability to automatically publish your podcast feeds to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast distribution services

Trinity Audio

Trinity Audio offers a limited number of setting possibilities. The only option to hide the Trinity Audio label is to hide the plugin's Powered by title. However, the FAQs indicate that it is a paid product, despite the fact that significant content suppliers receive a free service.

This organization offers transcribing services via a variety of cloud-based platforms. The company's principal goal is to deliver audio adverts before videos so that content owners can make a living from the use of their audio content.

It is also possible to embed and use Playht and this plugin's text-to-speech functionalities on your WordPress website. It has certain extra functions and can be connected with advertisements.

AudioPlayer enables you to instantly convert your content into audio, make it available to your audience, and seamlessly integrate it with your content while on the go.

You can convert five articles per month into audio and listen to them with the plugin. It allows you to add voice narration to your blog in 125 different languages. You may utilize up to 250 different voices, greatly improving the user experience.

Key Features

  • Changing the speed of playback is possible.
  • Using an automatic translation system that works in real-time
  • Offers 125 languages, 600 accents, and natural voice effects, so you will never run out of options
  • Ability to display statistics and reports regarding usability
  • Ability to increase engagement by creating a playlist

Wrapping Up

The finest text-to-voice plugins provide an accessibility functionality that is lacking in most modern Content Management Systems (CMS). Users who require audio or want to listen to all of your material on the road can benefit from the correct tools. Furthermore, you can get text-to-speech functionality without having to record yourself reading aloud for hours.