Top 5 Best Text To Speech Plugin For WordPress

Rifat WordPress Plugins Dec 13, 2023

Including text-to-speech features on your website can improve accessibility and user experience. Visitors who are unable to read the screen or prefer to listen to the content can do so effortlessly. Furthermore, with the correct text-to-speech WordPress plugin, this feature is simple to implement.

We'll discuss why you might want to utilize a text-to-speech WordPress plugin in this article. Then we'll walk you through the best text-to-voice options for your website. Let's get started!

Use Of Text-to-Speech WordPress Plugins

A text-to-speech WordPress plugin, simply put, reads your stuff aloud. This feature can improve the usability of your website. Making your website as accessible as possible may be quite rewarding because it exposes your material to a larger audience.

While some disabled users may have access to screen-reader software, not all will. In that case, having text-to-speech technology built-in will ensure that more visitors may benefit from this accessibility.

Furthermore, some people prefer to listen to content rather than read it. They may like to listen to posts during their commute or while cooking. As a result, providing that choice on your website can be very appealing.

You have the advantage of being able to utilize text-to-speech plugins if you operate with WordPress. Text-to-speech implementation can be as simple as installing the appropriate tool, which may just take a few minutes.

5 Best Text To Speech Plugin

This section will introduce you to a hand-picked list of text-to-speech WordPress plugins and explain what differentiates them. We'll look at features and why you should use them.

Beyond Word

BeyondWord is a feature-rich text-to-speech WordPress plugin offering a natural sound collection and an embedded player. With 720+ realistic voices in 64 languages, it provides a diverse auditory experience. The text-to-speech editor enables voice customization, allowing users to modify their audio output. A bonus is the ability to monitor listener engagement through analytics.

The free plan permits converting 30,000 characters monthly, with an option to upgrade to a starting $25/month paid plan. Pros include easy implementation, affordability, manual and URL-based audio sharing, and automatic posting on platforms like Google Podcast and Spotify. Users gain access to text editing and publishing features.

Key Features

  • 720+ Realistic Voices
  • 64 Supported Languages
  • Text-to-Speech Editor
  • Listener Engagement Analytics
  • Free Plan (30,000 characters/month)
  • Affordable Paid Plans
  • Manual and URL Audio Sharing
  • Automatic Posting on Platforms, a standout text-to-speech plugin for WordPress, caters to content creators seeking an SEO-friendly solution. It offers customizable voiceover text, narration style, and tone, along with play and pause functionality. Users can effortlessly generate audio via URLs or text, even incorporating their own voice. The plugin features an on-screen enable-to-listen option, enhancing user convenience.

With 260+ voices in 55+ languages, including a volume adjustment button, provides diverse auditory experiences. Social media sharing, file downloads, and seamless integration with platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts make content distribution easy. The trial version permits conversion of 100 words, with an upgrade option starting at $14.25/month.

Key Features

  • 260+ Voices
  • 55+ Supported Languages
  • Customizable Voiceover Text
  • Narration Style and Tone Adjustment
  • Play and Pause Functionality
  • On-screen Enable-to-listen Option
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Seamless Integration with Platforms

Trinity Audio

Trinity Audio, a specially designed WordPress text-to-speech plugin, is tailored for content creators, particularly bloggers. Ideal for integration with other plugins like, it offers features such as 125 languages with 600 accents, automatic translation, multiple playback speeds, a comprehensive CMS for content management, and a user-friendly dashboard for statistics. Users can change the playback speed to enhance engagement.

The plugin provides a free version with limited features, allowing the conversion of 5 articles per month. Paid plans, starting from $18/month, unlock additional capabilities. Trinity Audio stands out with its transcription service via various cloud-based providers, earning opportunities for site owners through advertising, efficient conversion speed, and the flexibility to toggle it on or off as needed on posts.

Key Features

  • 125 Languages, 600 Accents
  • Automatic Translation
  • Multiple Speed Options
  • Complete CMS for Content Management
  • User-friendly Dashboard for Statistics
  • Playback Speed Adjustment
  • Free Version (Limited Features)
  • Paid Plans Starting from $18/month


GSpeech, a WordPress plugin leveraging Google's capabilities, ensures a top-tier text-to-voice conversion experience. Offering both free and paid versions, with the latter starting at $39, it supports 50+ languages, enabling customized audio experiences for specific segments and events. The plugin provides a diverse selection of 40 speakers, allowing users to choose their preferred voice styles.

Pros include an exceptional listening experience through various voice styles and languages. The plugin's flexibility extends to autoplay settings, allowing users to adjust it according to their preferences. GSpeech stands out for its commitment to delivering a satisfying and high-quality text-to-voice conversion powered by Google's strengths.

Key Features

  • Google Text-to-Voice Conversion
  • Customized Audio
  • Free and Paid Versions
  • 50+ Supported Languages
  • Custom Styles and Languages
  • Custom Events Setting
  • Variety of 40 Speakers
  • Flexible Autoplay Options

Website Voice

Website Voice Plugin is a compelling text-to-speech option for WordPress, excelling in web-based content conversion. Powered by automatic content recognition, this AI-enabled plugin offers realistic voice options, giving users the flexibility to adjust and regulate according to their preferences.

To use the plugin, a token is required, with free tokens available for the initial 14 days. Post this trial period, an upgrade is necessary to continue accessing the plugin's services.

Key Features

  • Automatic Content Recognition
  • Realistic Voice Options
  • Adjustable Voice
  • Requires Token
  • Free Tokens for 14 Days
  • Multiple Voice Styles
  • Support for Multiple Languages
  • Customizable Audio Files and Intros

Wrapping Up

The finest text-to-voice plugins provide an accessibility functionality that is lacking in most modern Content Management Systems (CMS). Users who require audio or want to listen to all of your material on the road can benefit from the correct tools. Furthermore, you can get text-to-speech functionality without having to record yourself reading aloud for hours.

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