Top 3 AI-Powered WordPress Themes 

Rifat Business Oct 18, 2023

The future of web design is already starting to include AI-powered WordPress themes. WordPress themes rarely come with AI features, and those that do are few in number. The top AI-based themes are discussed in this post, so you may take advantage of this new field of study. We'll walk you through this fascinating new area of web design while showcasing the top WordPress AI themes

What role does AI play in WordPress themes?

The area of web design is advancing thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). AI is accelerating the creative process, allowing designers to delve into uncharted territory. It also handles a lot of the least interesting or monotonous aspects of web design.Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field of web design, bringing about significant improvements. AI is accelerating the creative process, empowering designers to explore new creative horizons while also taking care of the mundane and less exciting aspects of web design. In the realm of WordPress, AI is making substantial changes in the following ways.

Firstly, it can generate basic web page layouts swiftly by analyzing user requirements, freeing up designers to focus on more intricate design elements.

Secondly, AI-powered code generators are increasingly reliable, assisting users in creating code snippets, with the potential for WordPress AI landing page builders to incorporate code generation as technology advances.

Thirdly, AI plays a vital role in SEO optimization through plugins like Rank Math and various AI SEO tools, with themes such as Divi leveraging Divi AI for AI-driven content generation tailored to SEO keywords.

Lastly, AI chatbots, when well-trained, greatly enhance user experiences by helping visitors understand content and offerings with minimal manual intervention, easily integrated through Divi Theme Options.

While AI isn't a substitute for human effort, critical thinking, and hard work, it serves as an invaluable resource, much like automation and other efficient technologies, enabling individuals to boost productivity and unleash their creativity.

Best WordPress Themes Using AI

Currently, the selection of WordPress themes incorporating AI is quite limited. We'll explore the primary alternatives, beginning with the only highly-rated theme that possesses AI capabilities


Divi stands as our proprietary WordPress theme and AI page builder, continuously maintaining its status as one of the most widely embraced and pioneering solutions for crafting WordPress websites. Among its latest offerings is Divi AI, a potent AI assistant seamlessly integrated into your WordPress website. Divi AI comprises both an AI image generator and an AI text generator, granting you the capability to effortlessly generate AI-driven content while constructing your website. These AI features seamlessly complement Divi's already outstanding theme-building and visual page editing functionalities. What truly distinguishes Divi AI from other WordPress AI plugins or themes is its ability to generate AI content contextually tailored to your website or page. With a single click, you can utilize any module to automatically generate content or employ user-friendly prompts and quick actions to elevate your copywriting prowess.

In addition to its remarkable AI attributes, Divi offers top-tier WordPress support, a plethora of potent integrations, and built-in eCommerce capabilities through WooCommerce, all aimed at empowering the creation of robust WordPress websites. The AI image generator, in particular, is a standout feature that sets Divi AI apart. It can produce stunning images automatically or refine and transform existing visuals, a capability that feels like pure magic, revolutionizing your approach to visual design. This feature seamlessly complements the array of Divi Theme features and benefits that users have cherished for years.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop building
  • Custom CSS Control
  • Design Options Galore
  • True Visual Editing
  • Responsive Editing
  • Inline Text Editing


Elementor stands as the WordPress product that comes closest to an AI-powered theme. It functions as a page builder plugin, but it necessitates a separate theme for operation. Notably, the widely favoured Hello theme is fully compatible with Elementor AI. This AI tool seamlessly integrates into the page builder, elevating the website creation process. It empowers users to effortlessly create images, text, and basic code for their web pages.

Elementor's Text-to-Image Generator takes the spotlight as its most remarkable feature. It empowers you to craft distinctive images or refine existing ones effortlessly by using straightforward English prompts to achieve your desired aesthetic. This single feature has the potential to revolutionize your design methodology, rendering it a persuasive rationale for selecting Elementor. Furthermore, it possesses the capacity to both modify existing photos and generate new ones. In addition, akin to Divi AI, it can produce images with tailored aspect ratios, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your layout.

Key Features

  • Extend Images in Any Direction
  • AI Writing Assistant
  • Write Custom CSS
  • Create Image Variations
  • Context-sensitive prompts
  • Generate a custom code.


Brizy is another WordPress page builder, functioning as a plugin rather than a theme. Finding themes with substantial AI integration is a challenge, and Brizy's AI features are still in development. They officially announced an AI content and image generator in late 2022, which has not yet been released, but the anticipation is steadily growing.

While the prospect of Brizy's AI content generator is undoubtedly exciting for users of this page builder, it's not something to hold your breath for. The primary audience interested in investing in it consists of current users and early adopters who aim to stay at the forefront of AI integration within Brizy.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Zero learning curve
  • Fast and intuitive
  • A joy to work with

Wrapping Up

AI-driven WordPress themes present an exhilarating and groundbreaking approach to web design and development. These themes seamlessly merge creativity with functionality, harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Whether you're a seasoned web designer or just starting out, integrating AI into your website design can elevate your online presence significantly. With a diverse selection of AI WordPress themes at your disposal, you can craft remarkable, dynamic websites that truly make an impact. Embrace the boundless potential of AI WordPress themes and embark on a journey where innovation harmonizes flawlessly with practicality.

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