The Best 6 WordPress Podcast Plugins.

Rifat WordPress Plugins Oct 13, 2023

If the idea of entering the world of podcasting has crossed your mind, rest assured, you're not the only one. The realm of podcasts is experiencing swift growth, appreciated both for how easy they are to engage with and for the enjoyment they offer. While specialized podcast platforms exist, we suggest showcasing your podcasts on your website with the aid of the numerous WordPress podcast plugins at your disposal.

This piece will delve into the widespread appeal of podcasts and the advantages tied to self-hosting them on your website. Subsequently, we will outline the current top-rated WordPress podcast plugins.

What Is a WordPress Podcast Plugin?

Platforms like Podbean, Buzzsprout, or Simplecast serve as excellent choices for hosting your podcasts, yet they can't quite match the benefits of having your very own website. By hosting your podcasts on your website, you gain the ability to cultivate your brand, reach a broader audience, and enhance engagement according to your precise preferences.

While WordPress does offer basic audio capabilities, like easily embedding audio in posts, if you're aiming for more advanced functionalities like including podcasts in RSS feeds, seamlessly integrating an audio player into your site, enabling downloads, or other similar features, the solution lies in acquiring a WordPress podcast plugin.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

True to its name, Seriously Simple Podcasting lives up to its reputation. This WordPress podcast plugin is extremely intuitive, featuring practical default settings and minimal setup demands. Leveraging the familiarity of the WordPress dashboard and its recognizable controls, it guarantees a swift setup process, enabling you to launch quickly.

This plugin empowers you to host numerous podcasts complete with an RSS feed, construct lists of episodes, generate playlists, and even craft a comprehensive series of podcasts interconnected seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Custom website
  • Get paid to podcast
  • Podcast transcription
  • YouTube republishing
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Podcast analytics


The Fusebox WordPress podcast plugin presents an intelligent choice that prioritizes both aesthetics and functionalities. Among the plugins listed, it stands out as one of the most adaptable, offering an array of design choices regardless of your familiarity with CSS. You can choose from a selection of pre-designed templates or even fashion your own.

Furthermore, Fusebox boasts an impressive set of features. It encompasses a fully customizable audio player, complete with options for downloads and sharing. This encompasses tasks such as creating distinct podcasts, forming series, showcasing highlighted clips, and generally maintaining your podcasts in a manner that suits your preferences.

Key Features

  • Sticky Player
  • Archive Player
  • Single Track Player
  • Transcript

Simple Podcast Press

Simple Podcast Press serves as a robust podcasting solution for WordPress users who possess accounts on iTunes, Buzzsprout, or SoundCloud. Functioning similarly to Libsyn Podcasting, this tool connects cloud-hosted podcasts to your WordPress site.

The simplicity of Simple Podcast Press is one of its strengths. This plugin seamlessly integrates into your website, enabling you to promptly showcase your podcasts, insert a multimedia player, and attach images and explanations to individual podcast episodes. Furthermore, it conveniently keeps your website up-to-date whenever you publish new content on your selected platform.

Key Features

  • Customizable Buttons
  • Podcast Playlists
  • Clutter-free Transcripts
  • Clickable Timestamps
  • Email Opt-in Integrations
  • One Click Tweetables


AudioIgniter stands as a contemporary, attractive, and adaptable audio, music, and podcast player extension tailored for WordPress. Its capabilities encompass limitless playlists and track generation, rendering it especially suitable for compiling extended lists of tracks for ongoing podcast series.

The AudioIgniter player showcases responsiveness and seamless functionality across both mobile and desktop devices. It can be effortlessly inserted into any post, page, or even widget through the supplied shortcode. While AudioIgniter is offered as a free plugin, an advanced Pro version is also accessible.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop track rearrangement
  • Batch file uploads
  • Global footer player
  • Custom WP, Elementor, and WPBakery widgets
  • Per track info/lyrics
  • Customizer colour options

Blubrry PowerPress

Blubrry PowerPress stands out as a widely popular, no-cost WordPress plugin designed for podcasts. This plugin is provided for free, although there is an additional choice for a subscription-based hosting service, and it offers a diverse range of tools to facilitate podcast hosting, arrangement, and promotion.

Within Blubrry PowerPress lies an appealing media player, seamlessly integrated into your website, featuring various playback possibilities such as playback speed adjustment, skip options, and compatibility with iTunes and Google Play. The plugin also encompasses support for shortcodes and an exceptionally beneficial SEO function that empowers you to include tags and customized titles, effectively enhancing search visibility.

Key Features

  • Custom Podcast Channels
  • User Role Management
  • Taxonomy Podcasting
  • WordPress MultiSite

Podlove Podcast Publisher

The Podlove Podcast Publisher is a free plugin for WordPress designed to facilitate the internal management of podcasts. This tool aids in the organization, playback, and promotion of your podcasts without relying on external services or cloud hosting. The plugin boasts impressive capabilities, making it a valuable asset.

One of the standout features of the Podlove Podcast Publisher is its robust templating function. This feature empowers users to personalize each aspect of their podcast, encompassing its visual appearance, atmosphere, and even chapter details. In addition, the plugin offers analytical tools, accommodates both audio and video content, and is backed by a supportive community of users.

Key Features

  • Customizable plugin
  • Built-in subscription feature 
  • HTML 5 audio and video player
  • Modular design 

Wrapping Up

In the ever-expanding realm of podcasting, it's reassuring to discover that WordPress continues to offer solutions. Nevertheless, it's important to recognize that each of the aforementioned plugins caters to your needs in subtly distinct ways, so it's wise to choose carefully based on your requirements.

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