Best WordPress Themes Optimized For Elementor Cloud

Blair Jersyer Elementor Jul 26, 2022

What makes Elementor Cloud a better product, is how flexible it is to create unique websites in no time. While it's backed by a powerful server (running on Google Cloud), we still need to optimize our website so it remains faster. The optimization here can be made on the images (with image compression), caching, and the WordPress themes.

Today we'll focus on WordPress themes that are exclusively optimized for Elementor and therefore Elementor Cloud. Note that with those themes you can also create any type of website using template kits, and some are free others premium.

Let's get started.

What To Expect

Here we want to clarify what you should be expecting from those themes, as that will probably let you understand why we picked them. A good WordPress theme is not a theme bloated with features, it's a theme that do the job. Your visitors are less concerned about your how powerful your theme is, but are just looking for the information they need.

We picked those following themes because they are efficients. You might have the best hosting like Elementor Cloud for Elementor, if your theme is not optimized, it will be waste. In details here is what you should be always looking for before choosing an Elementor Cloud Wordpress theme:

  • Compatible with latest Elementor and Elementor Pro version
  • Assets (js and css) are compressed
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress
  • Frequently updated with a decent community behind it

Hello by Elementor

Hello is a fast and lightweight WordPress theme created by the Elementor team exclusively for Elementor. This theme uses all the features of Elementor and Elementor Pro, making it possible to create any WordPress website easily.

It's an SEO-friendly WordPress theme and very easy to use. With his responsible and RTL features, you'll be able to reach customer worldwide and even on their mobile phones.

Astra by BrainStorm

Astra is a popular free WordPress theme created by BrainStorm that is also compatible with Elementor. Through year, this WordPress theme has standed out by providing an amazing collection of templates, a wide colorset, various layout and header option.

The way this WordPress theme is optimized, you can be sure it will be working well with Elementor Cloud.

Hestia by ThemeIsle

Not only Elementor team is capable of creating a unique WordPress theme that is compatible with Elementor and Elementor Cloud. While this WordPress theme is not popular as othe, netherless it's a suitable WordPress theme for Elementor.

Themeisle claims this WordPress theme is suitable for small businesses (restaurants, wedding planners, sport/medical shops), startups, corporate businesses, online agencies and firms, portfolios, ecommerce (WooCommerce), and freelancers.

Bifrost by neuronthemes

Bifrost is a very clean premium WordPress Theme which fits any needs. It finds use in different purposes like agencies, freelancers, photographers, e-commerce stores and many more. It is built with love and passion by a creative team, the elements are created with the trending page builder called Elementor.

This WordPress themes comes with a bunch of demos that include : Corporate, eCommerce, blog, Portfolio and other niches as well.

Phlox Pro by averta

Phlox is a premium WordPress theme compatible with Elementor and Elementor Cloud having a wide range of possibilities through it settings. All of Phlox's settings may be overridden on a per-page or global basis, and you can see the results in real time as you make adjustments. It's been a joy to work with theme choices because to the sensible dependence system. As a result, you'll be able to quickly locate the alternatives you need in the places they're anticipated to be.

Phlox has a unique selection of Elementor demonstrations based on the latest online industry trends, and this collection is always expanding. A wide range of demos are available from Phlox for a wide range of businesses and professions.


What do you think about those WordPress themes ? Do you believe there is a theme we haven't included and that is also compatible with Elementor & Elementor Cloud? Let us know.