Best WordPress Theme With Side Menu In 2022

Blair Jersyer Multipurpose Themes Mar 31, 2022

There's no denying that website development isn't a walk in the park. The truth is, however, that it's not as hard as one might think. What you need is a template that can assist you in accomplishing that goal. It's easier to find the best option when you use a side menu WordPress theme. There are a lot of factors to take into account when deciding on the best. Furthermore, the side menu can have a significant impact on your decision. Fortunately, this is where we come in. The following premium WordPress themes have been designed with the end-user in mind. As a result, you can put your company's online presence on display and improve the site's navigation for visitors.

It's always up to the individual. Whatever it is you're looking for, it all comes down to what you want and need. The same is true for WordPress themes with side menus. Navigation should be easy for visitors to find and understand. You need to focus on your product if you want to get more reservations or increase sales online. Make it clear that you care about your customers. When you get people to do something instead of just think about it, you've succeeded. There are a number of other considerations to keep in mind when designing a user-friendly interface. It doesn't matter what type of products you want to sell, the best side menu WordPress themes have a plugin for that. If you're thinking about holding events, make it easy for your customers to stay up to date on everything you're doing. It's time for a data-protected website. In order to foster a sense of mutual confidence, this is an absolute necessity.

A.Williams | A Personal Assistant & Administrative Services WordPress Theme

A.Williams has made it easier than ever to design a trendy and user-friendly website. This is a good option for modern personal assistants, to begin with. For those of you who provide remote administrative support, this solution is ideal. In other words, whatever your area of expertise is, make it stand out. Side menu WordPress themes don't come much more eye-catching than this one.

WPBakery should be the first on the list of advantages. From the start, you can expect a code-free website. Bookings can be made online with the help of the Booked plugin, which is included with the theme. The Essential Grid plugin allows you to create beautiful grids to organize your work and projects. Your homepage sliders should include customer reviews and testimonials. Then you can build trust with your new audience and encourage them to learn more about your company. As a navigational tool, the side menu provides an overview of the entire interface for visitors. Yes, the theme is responsive and adheres to the most up-to-date SEO standards. Expecting an increase in traffic is pointless without it. The Instagram Feed plugin is icing on the cake.

Steven Watkins | Personal Gym Trainer & Nutrition Coach WordPress Theme

Side menu WordPress themes built with care are plentiful, and finding a suitable one is critical. Steven Watkins is the answer if you want to simplify the process of creating a website. Consider it your best bet in terms of both style and power. Is it only suitable for sports-related websites that you believe this is the case? This is incorrect. Using this premium theme, you have complete creative control over the final product.

For eCommerce projects, the WooCommerce-ready theme is unrivaled. Everything you need to sell, whether it's sports gear, organic food, or children's clothing, is ready to go. Want to write about your travels? Then, select from a variety of pre-designed blog post layouts and write content that promotes your brand identity. Additionally, the theme can be used for news portals, magazines or portfolio websites of any kind. Premium plugins are also included in the package to help your website work the way you want it to. Use the Booked plugin, for example, to increase the number of reservations. Keep your customers informed, and they'll be more likely to attend your workshops or events. Take a look at the theme to see if there's anything we haven't covered.

Dixon & Lamber | Law Firm WordPress Theme

See if Dixon & Lamber can assist you in creating excellent navigation. The theme is suitable for legal, legal, and consulting websites because it is clean, stylish, and modern. Those who work in the financial services industry, such as brokers, financial advisers, and accountants, may also find it useful. Make a name for yourself in whatever field you choose to specialize in. As much effort as it takes to help your business grow, let's save time by developing the site together.

The theme has advantages that you can take advantage of. As a result, even if you lack coding expertise, you can create new page layouts using WPBakery. It's also possible to customize the colors and fonts, as well as tweak the settings. As a result of its fully responsive design, your pages will look great on any device or browser. Interested in experimenting? Easily! Custom shortcodes are available for showcasing your abilities and accomplishments. With the support of the Booked plugin, your online reservations will increase. Keeping your users informed about upcoming events and workshops is a great way to get them involved. Even though the theme is optimized for speed, your visitors will be more satisfied with their experience on the site as a whole.

Niobe | A Gym Trainer & Nutrition Coach WordPress Theme

To build a sports website, Niobe is an excellent choice. In addition, it lists the best WordPress side menu themes, so don't miss out on this opportunity. So, if you're looking for something new and exciting, consider Niobe. Runners, trainers, athletes, healthy life coaches, and sportsmen can all benefit from this strategy. The possibilities for a sports blog, portfolio, store or informational site are endless.

Having a lack of skills is no longer a problem. It's no longer necessary to start from scratch when it comes to building a website. Drag and drop design elements to take advantage of this. When you begin with features like a weight or height calculator, you're on the right track. As a result, it is one of the most effective methods for enticing customers to buy your products. With the Events Calendar and Booked plugin, you can attract more visitors to your website who are interested in your services or products. Use custom shortcodes and widgets if you want to add some flair to your pages. In addition, the WooCommerce plug-in can help you get your online store up and running. What distinguishes your company from the competition? Slideshows are a great way to show off your work. Moreover, the theme's SEO-friendly features bring in a slew of new visitors.

Melanie Hanson | Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine WordPress Theme

Redesigning the navigation can be a difficult task. Melanie Hanson, on the other hand, is here to make things better. An excellent WordPress theme for healthy lifestyle blogs and magazines with a side menu. You can use it right away for a recipe websites or for a sports or gym website. Want to create a travel blog? So, what's keeping you from taking the next step?

You don't need a slew of tricks to change the layout of your page. Use the WPBakery page builder to get creative and see what you can create. Until now, haven't you had a taste of it? No need to be concerned. There is no entry requirement. It's just a matter of dragging and dropping. Once your online store is up and running, you can start selling anything you want, from sports equipment to designer fashion accessories. It is also WPML-ready, so you can easily translate your content into any language you may need. Show us what you've been working on…… You'll be happy with the results. It's easy to use grids with the Essential Grid plugin. In addition, the Instagram Feed plugin allows your site's visitors to view their responsive Instagram feeds right on your site.

BeYoga | Yogastudio & Gym WordPress Theme

Making the right decision about the design of your future website is critical. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of BeYoga. For starters, check out its simple and trendy design that can be used for any business website. It's a good option for anything from fitness centers to spas to beauty blogs and everything in between that could use BeYoga. Even so, it's more than just a generic product.

If you have a yoga clothing shop, you can use this theme to sell your yoga gear, as well as clothing for other types of yoga. It doesn't matter. The goal is to increase the number of reservations. Booking and event functionality is included in the theme for this purpose. The sidebar is well-integrated into the overall design. Use the WooCommerce plugin if you want to start an online business selling products or services. Because everything is pre-assembled, anyone, regardless of level of expertise, can jump right in. Your brand's history, team members and services should all be included in your marketing. The more you can show your customers the value of using your products or services, the more engaged they will be. You don't need to learn how to code because the theme is compatible with WPBakery's page builder. WordPress themes with side menus have the added benefit of SEO functionality built right in.

MCKinney’s Politics | Elections Campaign & Social Activism WordPress Theme

It turns out that picking a navigation layout is an important consideration. In this regard, it is imperative that you exercise caution. So, why not go for MCKinney's Politics instead? ' As the name implies, it's the best political website on the internet today. However, don't worry; the theme can be used by non-profits, social movements, and blogs of all kinds. Let MCKinney's Politics put your cause on the internet and bring it more attention.

It's great that the theme has support for event management. Charity, human rights, or fundraising will not be restricted by the theme. Next, you'll find nine different layouts for political news and galleries. Yes, the WooCommerce plugin will assist in raising awareness of your cause. Spending money on the best SEO features will help you outperform your larger competitors. Although it allows for the theme to be optimized for the best rules, there is still much more you can do. Making users and voters aware of upcoming events and workshops is a smart move. Many custom shortcodes are included in the theme to assist you in showcasing your abilities and accomplishments. The MegaMenu support is included in the package if necessary. To finally reach a global audience, WPML has been integrated into WordPress.

Alice’s | Lingerie Store and Fashion Boutique WordPress Theme

With regards to the best WordPress side menu themes, Alice's should be at the top of your priority list. It's ideal for fashion retailers, websites, and magazines. The theme comes pre-installed with WooCommerce, making it ideal for a wide range of e-commerce websites. There are simply too many benefits to ignore, so let's take a closer look at what it has to offer.

The WPML plugin can assist you if you have plans to go global. Make your content readable across the globe by translating it into any language you need. Check out both the top and side menus to see which works best for your site. You can use a fully responsive design so that your web pages can adapt to any modern device currently on the market. It won't be difficult to customize your pages as well. Use the page builder's drag-and-drop capabilities to accomplish this and revel in the results. Your products will look their best when they're viewed from a variety of perspectives. Use the Essential Grid for that and you'll see an improvement in your online visibility. Your responsive Instagram feeds can be displayed on your website using Instagram Feed support.

Jack Well | Elections Campaign & Political WordPress Theme

Unique, creative, and useful are just a few of the adjectives that describe a website sidebar. And Jack Well can prove it to you, as well. This is a new WP template that's best suited for political websites. That's not all you can do with Jack Well, though. In this way, it can be used by non-profits and charitable projects. Get the most out of whatever subject you're writing about.

For starters, the Give–Donation plugin is included in the bundle. There are a number of ways you can raise money for your cause, such as by launching crowdfunding campaigns. Voters are more likely to cast their ballots if they know why they should do so. Users and voters can stay informed about upcoming events and meetings thanks to the Events Calendar plugin. Take a look at each of the two homepage layouts and select your favorite. Rather than focusing on what you lack, focus on what you have to offer your customers. Use custom shortcodes and widgets to make them appear. Of course, the theme also has a fully responsive design. Building trust with your new audiences can be as simple as including testimonials or reviews on your homepage.

Windsor | Apartment Complex / Single Property WordPress Theme

For businesses, Windsor is a great choice because of how it represents them. Windsor, a top-rated WordPress side menu theme, can help you get the ball rolling. It's suitable for all kinds of real estate websites. It's best suited for real estate agencies, business centers, and brokerage services. If you want to start a real estate blog, you can do so and generate a lot of buzz.

First, the WPBakery page builder is integrated with the theme to help you improve the design of your website. Because you don't need to learn how to code, you'll be able to save time on your project. WooCommerce integration is also available to assist with online sales. As a result, you'll have everything you need to get things done faster. bbPress and BuddyPress plugins come to the rescue when it comes to hype. These can assist you in facilitating online discussions and forums for your site's visitors. The ThemeREX Addons plugin is here to help you manage your custom post types and social media profiles. The theme, of course, adheres to the best SEO rule for a real estate website's success in search engine results. One of the best ways to gain the trust of your website's visitors is to have a data-safe webpage.

Justitia | Multiskin Lawyer & Legal Adviser WordPress Theme

Many side menu WordPress themes are available, but not all of them are equal. You can test Justitia's abilities this time around. That's a great option for law firms, political blogs, and portfolio websites. Justitia is built to work with WPBakery, so be aware of that. As a result, it appears that it has a good chance of becoming a fan favorite.

Among the other options, Justitia is the only one that supports Elememtor. So, if you're comfortable with this page builder, choose a demo and get started. A scroll-to-top button and classic and pop-up menus are also included in the theme. In order to make your website work on any screen size or resolution, you'll want to use a responsive design. Let us know if you'd like to customize your headers and footers! The layout builder can be used for that. If you want your website to appear large, you should start with security. Create an engaging, secure website that your customers will want to visit with the GDPR Compliance plugin. Be careful not to lose a single user. If you use an online appointment scheduling system, your business will benefit from more bookings.


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