Best Auto-Blogging WordPress Plugin To Use In 2023

Nkenganyi Clovis Business Jan 31, 2023

It is a new year (2023), and like every new year, people have new year resolutions. Some people's resolution may be to start a tech company, others may be to learn that particular skill while others may be to create their blog for some passive income.

Writing content on your blog can be a very stressful task, especially when you are just starting out and got no writers to consistently feed your blog with articles or content.

That is why some plugins were introduced to the game to make the art of content creation and writing for WordPress users easier

We will be looking at some of the best auto-blogBloggingging WordPress plugins you can use this 2023 to boost your blog with articles and make it enriched with quality content which will go a long way to make your users engaged with your blog.

1. Auto Robot

Auto Robot is an auto blogging WordPress Plugin that helps you generate WordPress posts from as many article sources, including RSS Feeds, Social Media, Videos, Images, Sound and etc. This plugin comes with built-in options that you can use to scrape different posts as needed.

By using this Auto Robot plugin, you can scrape the best content from all around the web from multiple sources, and with the post template feature, you can also insert your ads code like Adsense, which will make your website become a money-making auto blogging website in seconds.

With Auto Robot, you can sit back, let your site Autoblog and always stay fresh with new content, which in return helps improve content marketing, boost your SEO, increase audience engagement, and probably earn more money.

Key Features

  • Unlimited keywords and scraper campaigns
  • No Duplicate Content
  • Create posts by your selected keywords
  • Insert content before and after post template
  • Keyword suggestions using the google suggest API
  • Create posts from RSS Feed link
  • Uses Caching system
  • Schedule publish posts as your selected

2. WP Robot

This plugin helps you write high-quality, curated content on our blog within minutes. You can find content with this plugin by using a keyword or depending on your niche.

Additionally, this plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme. This plugin can also automatically insert your affiliate links from platforms like Amazon, eBay, and other affiliate sources into your posts.

Key Features

  • Autoblogging For Any Topic
  • Monetization: Earn More From Your Websites
  • Content Curation
  • Autoblogging With No Setup!
  • Unlimited Keywords and Campaigns
  • Powerful Post Templates
  • Compatible With All WordPress Themes
  • No Duplicate Content

3. Scraper - Automatic Content Crawler

Scraper - Automatic Content Crawler

Scraper is an automatic plugin that copies content and posts automatically from any website. With tons of useful and unique features, the Scraper WordPress plugin takes the content creation process to another level.

With this plugin, you can also design your own scrapping method with the help of the visual editor that the plugin came with.
Scraper will automatically fetch and post 24/7 for you with its built-in scheduler.

Key Features

  • Set Feature Image
  • Community Templates
  • Schedule Tasks
  • Language Translation
  • Scrape Any Website
  • Embed Any Post
  • Search & Replace
  • Post Update

4. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator

This is a free plugin that assists you with auto-blogging. It is an easy-to-use and one of the most popular RSS feed aggregators for WordPress.

You can import as many feeds as you want with this plugin from multiple sources. You also have the possibility to narrow the number of feed imports by setting up your own import dates, and the maximum/minimum number of feeds you want to import daily.

This plugin offers you several customization options to arrange the feeds according to your needs. You can set the feed import time interval, and you can choose whether or not you want to display the feed source and date. You can also set the links to open in a new window to reduce the bounce rate.

Key Features

  • Import unlimited content
  • Customize the display
  • Create custom RSS Feeds
  • Choose which feed to display
  • Import and display YouTube videos
  • Fetch new content automatically
  • Use Shortcodes to display your feeds
  • Autoblogging

5. Youtubomatic

This plugin helps content creators to publish their YouTube videos directly on their website/blog and from their WordPress site to YouTube. All this happens on auto-pilot.

This plugin also acts as a YouTube auto-poster for your YouTube videos on your WordPress site.

Content generated by this plugin, thanks to its groundbreaking methods, is automatically considered unique in terms of SEO, by search engine bots.
It also can be used to automatically publish YouTube videos every time you publish a new post to your blog (that contains a valid link to a video file, which will be automatically uploaded).
Using this plugin, you can automatically generate posts based on a set of predefined rules.

Key Features

  • Google Translate support 
  • Publish video to YouTube, in one click
  • Automatically generate post categories
  • Select source language
  • Text Spinner support
  • Customizable generated post status
  • Manually add post categories or tags to items
  • YouTube video player customization

6. Crawlomatic

This is a premium plugin. Crawlomatic Multisite Scraper Post Generator Plugin for WordPress is a breaking-edge website crawling and scraping, post generator auto-blogging plugin that uses website crawling and scraping to turn your website into an auto-blogging or even a money-making machine!

With this plugin, you can schedule when to post and it can be used to display real-time data from any website directly into your posts, pages, or sidebar.

It also temporarily caches the scraped content, so your website will not overuse resources. You can use this plugin to include real-time stock quotes, cricket or soccer scores, or any other generic content from public domains!

Key Features

  • Display using Shortcode
  • Choose when to display content on your page
  • Scrape WooCommerce products
  • Multiple ways to query content
  • Automatically update scraped post
  • Scrape even on the dark web

7. WPeMatico


This plugin will help you create posts from RSS/Atom feeds of your choice.

Posts have 3 types (Posts, Pages, and Media).
This plugin offers you a clean interface to manage all of the feeds you import. You can import feeds from multiple sources and arrange categories to make them user-friendly.

Feeds here are called Campaigns, and for you to create a feed, you need to create a campaign.

There are scheduling options, in which you can schedule your post either daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, or in minutes.

Price: This is a freemium plugin (both free and paid add-ons).

Key Features

  • Publishing from YouTube playlists, channels and profile feeds
  • Images caching
  • Feed auto-discovery
  • Multiple feeds/categories/tags
  • Comfortable interface
  • Auto-add categories from source posts
  • Set max/min item per search
  • Allows featured images from URL


If you have had in mind to start your blog this 2023, now is the time more than ever. Don't feel discouraged about the stress that comes with writing articles because these auto-blogging plugins that have come into play will make the job way easy for you.

Auto blogging can be a great tool to drive traffic to your site and generate revenue on autopilot. With this tactic, you can create multiple sites and use a theme to drive traffic to your main online business.

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