8 Premium Plugins To Display Testimonials On Your WordPress Site

Franklin Business Aug 4, 2021

In business, it is obvious that the opinion of others on a product greatly influences future prospects. This is even more true for the success of your website with the many visitors that you can have.

Well, know that on WordPress there are plugins that help you highlight the testimonials of your customers and thus reassure your prospects. So take advantage of this list of 08 premium testimonial plugins that we have selected for you.

1. Testimonials Showcase - WordPress Plugin

You may already know the first on this list as it has established itself on the market over the years. Testimonials Showcase is one of the top WordPress testimonial plugins found since 2014 on the CodeCanyon platform. It allows you to display testimonials, reviews or quotes in a personalized way on your WordPress site.

With this plugin, you can provide your audience with testimonials from your customers or supporters, opinions on your product or service, or even a list of quotes. These are elements that will increase the conversion rate of your prospects by positively influencing their decision.

Testimonials Showcase comes with a Front End Submission Form. The latter thanks to a shortcode, can be easily added to the home page of your site to allow your customers to submit testimonials directly from there. You can choose which fields and messages to display.

Key Features

  • Grid or Slider Layouts
  • Star Rating System
  • Front-End submission form
  • Display reviews of your product
  • Link Case Studies
  • More than 15 layout customisation options
  • Rich Snippets/Structured Data compatible
  • Translation Ready

2. Super Carousel

Super Carousel is a responsive WordPress plugin for designing image and content carousels for your site. It is an ultra-versatile plugin that supports images, and various types of content that can be displayed in the carousel. Among this content, we find in particular articles, personalized posts, taxonomies, or even testimonials from your users.

Indeed, thanks to Super Carousel, it is possible for you to display the testimonials of your users on your site through carousels sliders. It comes with two handy widgets namely Super Carousel Widget and Super Twitter Widget. This gives a little more flexibility, which increases usability.

Key Features

  • Display Testimonials and others posts types
  • Fully responsive Carousel
  • Easy to Use and Friendly Interface
  • CSS3 transitions and Hover effects
  • Post and Custom Post Carousels
  • Google Fonts supported
  • Built With Super Gallery Responsive Lightbox
  • Supports WordPress Actions and Filters

3. Testimonials Showcase for Visual Composer Plugin

Testimonials Showcase for Visual Composer is another WordPress testimonials plugin which has the special feature of allowing you to display testimonials and reviews using the Visual Composer Page Builder.

It is easy to learn. Just generate the testimonials by selecting the options you want to display, choose a preferred theme, and select a predefined color. The plugin does not require any special programming knowledge.

In addition, it is highly customizable. You can view and manage your testimonials as a responsive grid or a dynamic slider. Several themes and special effects available will help you display the testimonials in so many different ways.

Key Features

  • 10 Predefined Responsive Themes
  • Slider Showcase (Testimonials)
  • Multi-Language
  • Submission Form
  • Fully Responsive&Retina Ready
  • Fully Visual Composer Compatible
  • Rich Snippets integrated
  • Multiple Ordering

4. AP Custom Testimonial Pro

Here is a plugin that you should appreciate for its simplicity and ease of use. The WordPress Ap Custom Testimonial pro plugin allows you to add testimonials to your website using a shortcode generator.

Indeed, this plugin generates a shortcode of testimonials on you can integrate into your pages or any type of publication. With multi-configurable shortcode attributes, you can create personalized and strong testimonials simply like never before. The plugin provides you with predefined layout templates to make your job even easier.

Key Features

  • 12 predefined beautiful template layouts
  • Custom Number of Testimonials
  • Multi-Configurable Shortcode
  • Video Testimonials supported
  • Multi-Configurable Shortcode
  • Enable/Disable Custom Layout Design
  • Dynamic Shortcode Generator Popup
  • Multi-configurable Review Submission Form

5. WP1 Slider Pro

WP1 Slider Pro is a multi-purpose slider plugin with various features suitable for any WordPress site. It allows you to create any type of sliders for your site depending on what you want to see displayed. These can be image galleries, content sliders, slideshows, team sliders, video sliders, or even Testimonial Sliders.

Indeed, with this plugin, you also have the possibility of offering your visitors the testimonials of your customers through a slider. And this very easily. WP1 Slider Pro is a tool designed for non-programmers and non-technicians. You have great features to create sliders in no time without any coding knowledge.

Key Features

  • Testimonial Slider and many others available
  • Audio and Video Slider
  • Kenburn effects
  • Sidebar Adjustable
  • Awesome layers and animations
  • WooCommerce Slider
  • Touch friendly
  • Drag&drop functionality

6. Ultimate Carousel For WPBakery Page Builder

In the same vein as the previous plugin, here is Ultimate Carousel. As the name suggests it is a carousel generator for displaying content on your WordPress site. It supports any type of content and is integrated with Visual Composer to bring you a very flexible, very light, and very intuitive carousel creation system.

You got it, this Carousel generator supports customer testimonials. Post to convert more leads and get even more testimonials. You can also display content, videos, and images, etc.

It is a responsive and tactile plugin. On touchscreen devices, you can drag and drop the carousel to move it.

Key Features

  • Post Carousel and Grid Styles
  • Testimonials supported
  • Dots, arrows or none
  • Video showcases
  • Modal Popup option
  • Turn any content into a carousel
  • Image Slider
  • Team Members showcase

7. BNE Testimonials Pro

BNE Testimonials PRO is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to add testimonials and reviews anywhere on your website. It comes with no less than 4 different layouts, each with 4 to 5 different themes, including a custom style.

In addition, this plugin allows you to easily display the same reviews on multiple websites using the WordPress REST API.

With, BNE Testimonials PRO, you have at your disposal a default visual editor to write your reviews the way you want, and 3 additional fields that provide a tagline, such as their company name, their website URL, and a 5-star rating.

Key Features

  • 4 Layouts
  • Star Ratings with Schema.org tags
  • Shortcode builder
  • Incorporate WP RestAPI
  • Automatic Updates
  • 4 Themes: Simple, Default, Bubble, and Cards.
  • Custom styling options
  • Front-end submission form
  • Numerous filters/hooks 

8. Quick Testimonial For WordPress

Quick Testimonial Pro is an instant solution for displaying customer testimonials on your WordPress site. It can be used in two ways, notably through a widget or a shortcode.

The Quick Testimonial Pro plugin is highly customizable. You have a very simple interface for editing, modern design, various styles, and lots of customizable options, which should meet all your needs. Its design is suitable for any type of device, mobile or not.

Key Features

  • 9+ various styles
  • Multi-purpose testimonials
  • Modern and clean design
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready.
  • Many options for customization.
  • Documentation included.


As you can see, Testimonials are a great tool not only to retain existing customers but above all to quickly convert other prospects into customers. The strength of this tool lies in the fact that it reassures your audience about the effectiveness of your products and services.

So which of these plugins has piqued your interest? Do not hesitate to let us know your impressions and suggestions in the Comments. We also remain available on Facebook and Twitter.

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