7 Best AI Chatbots For Your WordPress in 2023 

Rifat Business May 26, 2023

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve and improve, chatbots have become increasingly advanced, and their capabilities continue to expand. In 2023, we can expect to see a range of highly sophisticated chatbots that can perform a wide variety of tasks, from customer service to personal assistance and beyond.

The best AI chatbots in 2023 will be characterized by their ability to understand natural language, their accuracy and speed in responding to queries, and their versatility in handling a variety of tasks. These chatbots will be able to learn and adapt based on user interactions, making them increasingly effective over time.

In addition to their technical capabilities, the best AI chatbots in 2023 will also be designed with the user experience in mind, providing a seamless and intuitive interface that allows for easy interaction and communication. Whether you're looking for assistance with a product, need help with a task, or just want to chat with a virtual assistant, the AI chatbots of 2023 will be able to provide an unparalleled level of support and convenience.

Types & Use Case of AI Chatbots

The technology behind AI chatbot platforms is truly impressive. Utilizing Large Language Models, these bots can effortlessly follow complex instructions. While most AI chatbots are text-based, some have the ability to generate images, videos, code, and even solve complicated math problems. They can be applied to a wide range of tasks, from generating images to rewriting articles, and they can assist with information gathering, pattern-making, and other tedious tasks. As a result, they can play a significant role in boosting personal and business productivity.

In the business world, chatbots have become a popular tool for improving efficiency and customer engagement. For instance, chatbots can schedule appointments and meetings, freeing up staff to focus on other important tasks. Additionally, businesses can use chatbots to engage with website visitors, collect contact information, and identify potential leads. By serving as live customer service agents, chatbots can direct customers to relevant guides, FAQs, and other resources, allowing them to find the information they need quickly. Moreover, chatbots can be used to assist employees in locating information, completing tasks, and accessing company resources, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. Finally, chatbots can gather customer feedback, conduct surveys, and provide valuable insights, and they can even be incorporated into WordPress chat plugins.

Best AI Chatbots For Your Website

Here are the 7 best AI chatbots that can excel in your website operation and maintenance ability.


Writesonic is an innovative AI-powered platform that helps businesses improve their efficiency and creativity. As a Y Combinator-backed platform, Writesonic has gained widespread attention and development. It offers various products using the same underlying AI technology, providing businesses with cost-effective solutions. Two of its popular AI chatbot tools are Chatsonic and Botsonic. Chatsonic is an AI-powered chatbot that is built on top of GPT-4 and introduces proprietary technology to bring more capabilities for text-only outputs. On the other hand, Botsonic is an integrated product that creates AI-automated conversations for websites to improve customer engagement. Writesonic's free plan offers access to almost all its features, including Botsonic and Chatsonic, with a limit of 10,000 monthly words.

Key Features

  • Generate AI Art
  • Write Factual Content
  • Personality Avatars
  • Write everywhere
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Copy Generator

Chat by Copy.ai

Chat by Copy.ai is a highly versatile chatbot designed for use in the workplace. Similar to ChatGPT, it can assist with various writing tasks and problem-solving, but it also has access to a vast amount of data and is specifically trained for marketing and sales tasks. With paid plans available for use across teams, starting with five users per account, Chat by Copy.ai is perfect for businesses seeking an assistant-type chatbot to enhance internal productivity. It can access live data on the web and through API to personalize marketing materials and sales outreach, making it an ideal tool for sales and marketing professionals, as well as anyone looking to boost their creativity and productivity.

Key Features

  • Real-time data
  • Sales Email Generator
  • SEO friendly Post
  • Built For Teams
  • Inline doc editor
  • Pay Per Click
  • Content Repurpose
  • FREE Lifetime


Chatbot by LiveChat is an AI chatbot solution that focuses on providing excellent customer service through live chat widgets. This platform allows businesses to create web chatbots that reduce the reliance on a 100% human support team. With robust integration capabilities, Chatbot by LiveChat can easily be incorporated into existing workflows and communication channels, such as social media. Its key features include integration with several chat services, providing customer support through an integrated HelpDesk and creating support tickets, displaying product cards in chat for lead development through Conversational AI, and tagging visitors for powerful marketing and CRM segmentation campaigns. Additionally, it offers ten high-powered SaaS integrations plus Zapier.

Key Features

  • Personalized Experience
  • Chatbot Testing Tool
  • Prebuilt templates
  • No-code chatbot builder
  • Customizable Chat Widget
  • Real-time analytics

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is an AI chat platform that comes integrated into one of the best AI writing software tools available. It operates based on prompts or commands, where users input a query or prompt, and Jasper gets to work. Jasper Chat includes a refining feature, allowing users to slightly modify their prompts for better-generated outputs. The chat interface is easy to use, making it an ideal AI assistant. Although Jasper Chat is not the most advanced AI chatbot available, it can help with various writing tasks and is designed for business use cases such as marketing, sales, and business writing. As the Jasper platform continues to evolve, Jasper Chat is expected to mature along with it.

Key Features

  • Expansive knowledge of any niche
  • Remember Conversations
  • Generate content in 29 languages
  • Accessible for everyone
  • Create useful, applicable, and unique content
  • More market-centric approach


Tidio is a customer service chatbot platform that offers traditional chatbots based on workflows. However, with their Tidio+ plan, users can access advanced chatbots that incorporate AI to help reduce customer churn and improve retention. Key features of Tidio+ include unlimited chat interactions, the ability for chatbots to handle conversations with customers and fall back onto live agents when needed, a ticketing system for more complex issues, and cloud-based operation that allows operators to interact with customers on both mobile and desktop devices. Tidio+ is best suited for businesses with chat-based customer support organizations or inbound sales teams and integrates with major website platforms and popular messaging channels for maximum deployment flexibility.

Key Features

  • Increase satisfaction rate
  • Automate FAQ flows
  • Automatically answer
  • Get more leads
  • Speed up response times
  • Transparent pricing model


LivePerson is a cutting-edge conversational AI chatbot platform that seeks to enhance customer experience, engagement, and support. Unlike the old "rule-based" chatbot model, which provided programmed responses based on keywords, LivePerson's Conversational AI technology is based on natural language understanding and processing. This allows the platform to handle complex interactions and deliver natural-sounding responses. LivePerson is always learning and improving, using past chat interactions to inform future conversations. The platform can connect with eCommerce platforms to create conversation commerce experiences powered by AI chat. LivePerson is best suited for enterprise-sized businesses looking to leverage conversational bots across their business, including customer and eCommerce sales support, and providing a casual chat experience across multiple mainstream messaging platforms.

Key Features

  • Impactful insights
  • Unrivaled data
  • LLM-powered data ingestion
  • Human optimization
  • Responsible AI
  • LLM-powered voice & messaging


Ada is a chatbot platform that prioritizes customer experience by providing personalized interactions and streamlining support processes. With the help of its AI technology, Ada can understand complex user requests and respond conversationally. The platform offers cross-channel AI chat conversations, a no-code chatbot builder that can easily be deployed on a website, and measures performance to iterate on how your chatbot works over time. It is also multilingual, supports over 50 languages, and integrates with 28 platforms from eCommerce to appointment booking. Ada is perfect for businesses seeking an integrated chat solution that can automate business processes at scale by connecting with multiple data sources.

Key Features

  • Drive automated resolutions
  • Multichannel Functioned
  • No-Code Builder
  • Deliver modern CX
  • Empower your CX teams
  • 10x faster training than other customer services

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the advancement of AI technology has paved the way for the creation of highly intelligent chatbots that can be seamlessly integrated into WordPress websites. In 2023, some of the best AI chatbots available for WordPress include ChatBot, Tars, and Dialogflow. These chatbots offer a range of features such as natural language processing, machine learning, and integration with popular messaging platforms. With the ability to engage with users and provide personalized assistance, AI chatbots are a must-have for any modern WordPress website looking to improve user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

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