5 Best WordPress Plugins For Internal Linking

Rifat WordPress Plugins Jul 18, 2022

Is your SEO strategy lacking in internal links? Search engine optimization relies heavily on internal links (SEO). They aid in the discovery of your material by search engines and improve their position in the results. Automating the procedure with an internal linking plugin can make it easier and more effective.

We'll show you some of the top 5 WordPress plugins for internal linking in this article.

Importance Of Using Internal Linking Plugin

Internal links connect pages inside the same website. WordPress SEO relies heavily on internal links. The crawlers assist search engines like Google find new content to index and rank on your website.

There are two connections to relevant information in the text above, which assists both users and search engines alike.

If a page has a large number of links to it, that page will be more likely to appear in search results. Using internal links to point to key pages on your site and enhance their traffic is a great strategy to do just that.

As an added benefit, internal links make it easier for site users to locate relevant content and enhance their overall experience. Pageviews and bounce rates can both benefit from this.

WordPress makes it simple to link to other people's content. Internal linking by hand can take some time, and you run the risk of forgetting a crucial page that could have been linked.

This is where a WordPress plugin for internal linking comes in. It saves time and allows you to automatically link selected keywords and concentrate keyphrases to your content.

Adding internal links is also recommended. This ensures that you don't miss out on important links. Finding content with no internal links and making suggestions for improving them are both made possible by this tool.

Top 5 Best Plugins For Internal Linking

Let's take a look at some of the greatest WordPress plugins for internal links.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

AIOSEO is the most effective WordPress SEO plugin. In order to improve their site's search engine rankings, over 3 million individuals have installed the plugin. Using this plugin, you don't need to be an SEO expert to see an increase in your SEO score. AIOSEO has a Link-Assistant tool that helps you develop better internal links.

It analyzes the links on your WordPress site and gives a comprehensive report. Each article and page's backlink profile shows the quantity of inbound, outbound, and affiliate links.

Additionally, the plugin identifies areas where you may strengthen internal relationships. You can see the exact phrase and the anchor text on which the link will be based. Add them to your content with only one click.

Orphaned pages are also included. Internal links are absent from these pages. It's possible to speed up the indexing and ranking of these pages by adding links to them. AIOSEO also allows you to rapidly search for blog posts to link to from within the WordPress content editor and provides choices to add nofollow, sponsored, and UGC (user-generated content) tags to the links you create.

AIOSEO's website optimization tools go much beyond just that. Sitemaps, an SEO audit, broken link remediation, and more are all possible with this tool.


Over 3 million professionals rely on MonsterInsights as the best WordPress Google Analytics plugin.

In order to showcase your greatest content, it has a "Popular Post" option. Your most popular blog posts can be displayed within the content using the Inline Popular Post option.

Different themes are available, and you can change the color of the label, title, or backdrop. Additionally, you can choose to display posts that have received the most views, comments, and shares.

The MonsterInsights plugin for WordPress allows you to track both affiliate and outbound link clicks. This way, you'll be able to see how your content is being used and which links people are most likely to click on.

MonsterInsights also provides eCommerce tracking, form conversion tracking, dashboard reports, and other advanced capabilities.

Yoast SEO

In addition to WP Engine, Yoast SEO is another prominent WordPress SEO solution. It's an alternative to the All in One SEO software.

Premium users will have access to a rudimentary tool for creating internal links within the plugin. You may use it to scan your content for internal links and then get advice on how to improve them from the WordPress content editor.

The All in One SEO Link Assistant is a better option, although it's not quite as complete. Aside from SEO titles and meta descriptions, graphics for social media cards, and producing XML sitemaps, Yoast includes a number of additional essential SEO functions.

Rank Math

Rank Math is yet another SEO plugin for WordPress that has basic features built-in to help you improve your strategy for linking to other pages on your site. The plugin quickly looks for links on your website and then gives you ideas for how to add internal links.

It shows the recommendations in the content editor of your WordPress site. You can just copy the link that was given to you and paste it into your text.

Rank Math's link builder isn't as complete as AIOSEO's. Instead, it's more like Yoast, which is a simple link-building tool.

The plugin has more features than just link suggestions, like Google Schema Markup, tracking of keyword rank, tracking of 404 errors, a redirection manager, and more.


You can use the free YARPP plugin to display your most popular landing pages on any page of your website.

As your site grows, your best pages might get buried by new ones. Using the plugin, you can show your best pages to visitors and link to them within your site so that search engines can find them easily.

The plugin is different because you can use it to show not only related pages, but also related blog posts, media files, and call-to-action buttons.

It's very easy to use YARPP, and you can change the algorithm that decides which pages and posts to show. Aside from that, it comes with themes that you can change to fit the design of your website.

Final Verdict

After looking at the list, we think that the best internal linking plugin for WordPress is All in One SEO (AIOSEO).

It gives you a full report on your internal links and gives you detailed ideas on how to add internal links to your content. AIOSEO can also find pages that don't have any links to other pages on the same site.

Aside from that, it has all the tools you need to do SEO well. You can use it to make your WordPress site better for search engines and get more traffic from natural sources.

Another wise option to pick is Monsterinsights. Now the choice is yours!