5 Awesome WordPress Like Button Plugins You Should Try

Rifat Blog / Magazine Oct 6, 2022

You already know that if users don't "like" your content and page, it won't matter what you do online—whether you write a personal blog, operate an online store, provide material for the business' website, have a digital portfolio, or anything else. The Like button, which Facebook introduced back in 2009, quickly rose to prominence among sales and marketing professionals. Without this useful functionality, it's difficult to envision blogs, websites, and business pages today. Likes on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others determine the future of goods, services, or even entire enterprises. In other words, the "like" button has evolved into an important online tool with the ability to shape the perception of the brand, outcome, and interactions. Don't forget to include the like button in your article if you intend to launch a business website or write your first blog post. It will enable you to gather information on consumer desires or determine whether your sales pitches are effective. Fortunately, adding this function to your website or blog doesn't require you to be an expert in WordPress. You may accomplish this with a few clicks using simple WordPress button plugins.

Top 5 Best WordPress Like Button Plugins

Here are some of our favorite WordPress-like button tools that you should try out.

WP ULike 

The WP ULike plugin offers publishers of all types endless opportunities. People can vote for any kind of material on your website because of it. With WP ULike, you can add like and dislike buttons to every element on your website, including posts, comments, bbPress topics, and items in your online store. This will enable you to obtain essential feedback or gather relevant details regarding consumer preferences. This tool's variety of functions is what we find interesting.

First off, this WordPress-like button plugin includes 20+ expertly designed themes that you can quickly customize. Second, it has strong statistical features that enable you to examine what your users adore and don't like at all. To look at it another way, you can easily extract reports into tables, charts, or pie charts. In addition, a special toolkit is only available with premium plugin versions. These are our top picks. Allowing users to build profiles that they can use to like, review, or rate your products in greater detail is one way to take things a step further. Moreover, WP ULike's pro edition comes with a ton of SEO features. WP ULike Pro adds a Metabox to each of your posts, enabling you to quickly develop custom-rich snippets that can drastically improve your Seo ranking.

Key Features

  • 20 + Templates
  • SEO Options
  • User Management Profiles
  • Flexible Features

All-in-one Like Widget

In order for your visitors to express their appreciation for your website, like button plugins need to be quick to install and simple to use. An easy plugin called All-in-one Like Widget enables you to add a Facebook Like button in a number of different ways. A timeline stream, images of friends who liked the page, or all of the following elements may be presented in place of a plain Like a box with a profile picture. The settings panel is available in English and Dutch, and the widget supports more than 70 other languages.

Key Features

  • Language selector
  • Set your own height
  • Display Options
  • More than 70 languages supported

Like Button Rating ♥ LikeBtn

For every style of website, this WordPress like button plugin is a fantastic option. It not only offers a ton of features, but it also makes it simple to customize individual aspects. Add like/dislike buttons to your blogs, pages, WooCommerce products, comments, etc., using the Like Button Rating plugin. The UltimateMember user profile functionality is also included in this plugin, which is ideal if you want to let users create their own profiles so they can vote or submit reviews.

In addition to these fundamental features, this plugin also includes a number of more advanced functionality, but only in its premium edition. For example, it has 42 theme options, is accessible in 40 languages, and is GDPR compliant. Moreover, you may view the voting statistics, produce real-time reports, or sort material based on likes. Additionally, the premium edition enables you to track voters using their IP or device address or receive email alerts when new votes are cast.

Key Features

  • Ultimate Member User Profile
  • 42 Theme Designs
  • 40 Languages
  • Voting Statistics

Social Like Box and Page

Another plugin that lets you easily add a Facebook Like button to your website, the Social Like Box and Page by WpDevArt is user-friendly and tested with plugins and themes to ensure compatibility. Using it is as simple as adding the widget to a sidebar and checking that all the settings are good, and that’s it! The plugin will let you add a popup or a stick box, set the height and width of the widget, and show or hide friends’ faces. If you opt for the premium version, you’ll also be able to show posts from your Facebook page, set border color, and access 39 animation effects for the widget.

Key Features

  • Responsive design
  • Display the like button anywhere
  • Popup and sticky box
  • Animations included with premium

Comments Like Dislike

Our list of best like button plugins wouldn’t be complete without the Comments Like Dislike tool. This free plugin allows you to add both like and dislike buttons in a specific order, following your needs. The best part is you can choose from 4 premade icon templates, including thumbs up/down, heart/heartbeat, right/wrong, and smiley/frown. Moreover, you can restrict this Like option for specific IP addresses or website cookies. What is also great is its set of customization options. Adjust the color of your like icon or upload your own icon design with a few clicks.

Key Features

  • 4 Pre Available Icon Templates
  • Like Dislike Restriction
  • Custom Like Dislike Icon Upload Feature
  • Icon Color Configuration

Final Words

It need ongoing improvements to stay ahead of the competition. It's vital to let people to like the things they enjoy the most, regardless of whether you manage a blog, news portal, web shop, or any other type of website. Fortunately, you can easily incorporate this feature into your online presentation with WordPress button plugins. Therefore, stop waiting and update your website right away.

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