5 Amazing Fonts To Download In Envato Elements For FREE!

Rifat Creative Oct 10, 2022

We concur that the best things in life are usually free! On Envato Elements, you may get free fonts to use as inspiration for your creative projects. There are always a ton of fresh materials to experiment with because these free typefaces are updated each month. The choice of the appropriate font when starting a new creative project necessitates a careful balancing act between practical factors, including readability, and the overall message, brand persona, or aesthetic style that you want to convey.

Your hand might be guided by paying close attention to the most popular typography and the latest font trends. For instance, using handwritten fonts can draw in viewers who value authenticity and a human voice, while animated typography and experimental type can captivate viewers with their distinctive personalities.

5 Cool Fonts From Envato Elements

So, what free and premium fonts are proving to be popular now, where premium fonts can also be downloaded for free? Looking for ways? Read more about using envato elements for FREE.

Nyquist Script

Making use of handwritten lettering is the ideal technique to provide your artistic endeavors personality. Handwriting may exude personality, honesty, and appeal, whether you're experimenting with exquisite calligraphy or block capitals.

The handwritten trend is frequently combined with organic or DIY design components in an effort to move away from corporate logos and impersonal typefaces and towards one-to-one human interactions because of the sincere and personal feelings it inspires.

The trend is ideal for adding that human warmth to your designs, both on and off screen since it more accurately resembles the real textures, imperfections, and messy nature of our own notes and scrawlings. Your design toolset really must include a good handwriting font!

Key Features

  • 2 Font Styles Available
  • Available in OTF & TTF formate
  • Perfect For Signeture, logo typography,
  • Brush handcrafted look

Blocklyn Font Family

Big, bold, and badass, the Blocklyn Font Family isn't just for use in macho design. Condensed, Condensed Italic, Grunge, and Grunge Italic typefaces are all included, along with 2 strict, 3,000 by 2,000 pixel PSD mockup designs. Sans serifs are a great option for making designs that are welcoming and accessible since they are simple, contemporary, and friendly. These fonts are a wonderful option for large blocks of text because they are readable at various point sizes and are compatible with desktop and mobile devices. This font has numbers, symbols, and both regular and extended Latin characters. Additionally, web fonts are available, making it simple to integrate Blocklyn into your website.

Key Features

  • 4 individual font types included
  • PSD mockup design added
  • Perfect for numbers, symbols, and characters.
  • Compatible with desktop and mobile.

Dubbo - Retro Serif Font

A retro typeface is having a moment in the design world this year, even though the retro resurgence has been in full force for a few years now. Because of nostalgia, retro fonts are once again in style.

Dubbo is a stylish font that is both bold and nostalgic. The serifs return it to its heritage, while the big curves give it a lively 70s mood. With those antique logos and moodboards, Dubbo fits right in. Numbers, punctuation, and multilingual letters are all present, as well as different lowercase and uppercase characters. Whatever your imagination can makeup, the Ligature and Alternate typefaces will come in handy!

Key Features

  • 5 Weights 
  • Basic Latin A-Z and a-z
  • Numerals & Punctuation
  • Stylistic Alternates & Ligatures
  • Multilingual Support
  • OTF file format


Traditional typography is governed by a set of rigid rules, including sizing, sequence, consistency, and contrast, while experimental type takes great joy in tearing down the rules and stretching the boundaries of the alphabet. Graphic designers have the chance to push the envelope with twisted shapes, odd materials, and bizarre textures in the sweet spot that Sean outlines.

Magik is a geometric display font ideal for powerful headlines. The layout plays with positive and negative space, fooling or performing "eye magic." Some of the letters have designs that resemble knobs and transport icons, giving the font a nod to audio-visual equipment. On request, custom font designs are available.

Key Features

  • Perfect for banner, poster
  • Geometrical Display
  • Experimental design
  • Best for Tech websites

Charlly Font Duo

The choice of font is probably one of the first and most crucial decisions you make when starting any design or branding project. But what if you have problems making a decision? Then you should try this font style! Charlly is a handmade hand-lettering that combines excellent Ligature with both modern and traditional typography. Give your creations a really handmade feel. "Charlly Script" is ideal for branding, product design, magazine or book covers, stationery, logos, quotes in typography, clothes, and more.

Everyday design elements like font pairings and combinations are made to complement one another while still expressing their own unique personalities, such as an attention-grabbing headline and legible body copy. The mix-and-match trend, however, takes things a step further to produce eye-catching contrasts and daring duos that may be utilized on a variety of items, including product packaging, print or digital publications, wedding invitations, and business cards.

Key Features

  • Easy to install Mac and Windows
  • Ligatures Include
  • Multilingual Support
  • Charlly Script (OTF & TTF)
  • Charlly Sans (OTF & TTF)
  • Web Font (SVG . WOFF . EOT)

Wrapping Up

And that concludes the list of fonts that, after trying to give you a variety of font kinds, we believe will work best for your upcoming projects! Explore the future of graphic design while you're here by reading our blog post on the top trends for this year and beyond.

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