Best WordPress Mobile-First & Premium AMP Themes For 2022

Blair Jersyer Multipurpose Themes Dec 8, 2021

Here is a list of the top free and premium AMP themes that can help improve and enhance the mobile functionality of websites.

When discussing mobile, people care about page loading times and the overall design. Not only should you not be lacking in either, but you should also be meeting the highest standards for both. The future of a website that does not load swiftly and accurately is bleak.

Visitors depart early, which has an impact on your business's overall performance. It's a double-edged sword: You're losing business, but you're also hurting your search engine rankings. Your website's traffic and rankings will suffer if search engines aren't thrilled with it. A lack of customers equates to a lack of revenue.

Having a website that is advantageous to the end user is the most important component in today's world. Even when it comes to SEO, this plays a considerable (if not the most crucial) role.

There are a plethora of methods for enhancing page load times and making them lightning quick. For example, the AMP Project is an abbreviation for "Accelerated Mobile Pages," and it may be the best alternative.

Is a free open-source project launched by Google in October 2015 that is focused on improving a website's mobile experience. It's time for all websites to be optimized for mobile devices because the future of the internet is mobile.

A lightweight website can be achieved with the help of the AMP Project's HTML code changes. The boost in the mobile-friendliness test for all AMP-powered webpages can be attributed to the fact that Google developed the product.


WordPress theme Saasland is a stunning and all-encompassing option for entrepreneurs. Your page will perform flawlessly on any platform, from smartphones and tablets to desktop desktops. Furthermore, the design is quick loading, designed for SEO, in harmony with web browsers, and compatible with the most common plugins. Make sure to keep in mind that Saasland has all of the characteristics you'll need. When it comes to creating a website, you don't need any more tools or plugins; all you need is to mix and match what's already out there.

Elementor page builder, Gutenberg compatibility, RTL support, over 90 PSDs, and 10 header styles are some of the major features of Saasland. More than 100 pages, 25 of which are devoted to home design.


The AMP theme Jawn is designed for online publications and newspapers. You'll be able to rapidly choose the style that best suits your needs thanks to the numerous demos included in this fantastic site design. Keep in mind that Jawn's style can be customized and you can construct a dream page for all of your news and articles. The basic and clean design of Jawn, on the other hand, is sure to be a hit with gamers. With this in mind, Jawn can be used to create a wide variety of websites, including a news site.

A few of the extras include auto-posting and email subscriptions as well as fast loading speeds and search engine optimization. Jawn's other features include a footer reveal, a back-to-top button, and a sticky navigation bar.


Using PenNews, you can create a stylish and responsive news and magazine website in WordPress. Using the website skin, you'll be able to create beautiful and engaging websites. PenNews is adored by news blogs and publications of all kinds. In terms of usefulness and performance, it's among the best on the market. With PenNews, creating a page is a piece of cake thanks to the WPBakery and the fantastic demos. Every piece of your magazine can be customized to your brand using the advanced customization tools. Your news site's modernization is facilitated by advanced social media and mobile capabilities.

If you want a current news magazine, PenNews is the answer! Use slick sliders and eye-catching menus and sidebars to showcase your content. It's easy to showcase your best, most popular, and trending content. With unlimited ad places and in-feed adverts, you can monetize your news platform. With Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles, you can improve your mobile site's performance.


MagPlus is a responsive WordPress theme for blogs and magazines. It's an easy-to-use framework for creating new and exciting websites. MagPlus simplifies the design and customizing process using an intuitive graphical interface. MagPlus doesn't require you to write a single line of code to produce high-quality results. WPBakery Page Builder has 40 example websites and 150 unique elements for you to choose from. MagPlus's Bootstrap coding ensures maximum device and browser compatibility.

Every market has a significant number of mobile users. AMP-ready articles and posts are supported by MagPlus. Projects might succeed or fail based on how well they interact with mobile consumers in social media apps. Let MagPlus help you reach a wider audience by expanding your reach. Increased SEO effectiveness boosts your website's traffic overnight. Check it out for yourself by signing up now for MagPlus.


The Paperleaf AMP theme is the best option for anyone who prefers a minimalist design. All your publishing plans now acquired an appropriate page-building tool for the Ghost platform. Paperleaf can handle everything from portfolios and blogs to recipe collections, architecture, and gadget news websites. If you're a writer who prefers to keep things basic and minimal, this is the perfect theme for you! With Paperleaf, you can quickly and easily bring your ideas to the internet.

In addition, this theme is both responsive and retina-ready. It's also compatible with cellphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Your website and its content will look stunning on all the latest high-resolution Retina displays. In addition to your images, Paperleaf's graphics and icons are also pixel perfect. Paperleaf also supports Google's AMP with a corresponding template for mobile users. Impressive website loading speeds will leave you speechless. The latter ensures that visitors using a mobile device will have a positive experience.

Posts are arranged in a masonry grid on the front page and each category page. Users can immediately see what you have to offer and decide if they want to continue exploring your site. The menu is positioned on the left, making it easier to inspect and read the material.

Paperleaf is a great option if you're planning an online project in the near future. Your website will always run smoothly and be up to date. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns with the theme, a dedicated support team is always ready to assist you. Get the page up and running as soon as possible by contacting them.


Even the most obscure of news and magazine websites can be covered with Newsblock. You'll be able to choose from a wide variety of page layouts and features when you use this fantastic AMP theme. Even if you only use Newsblock as is, you'll get a stunning outcome. But you can also tweak and customize it to reflect your own unique flair.

You may rest assured that your website will be running well for years to come thanks to Newsblock's use of the latest internet trends. With regular updates, your news page won't ever look out of date. With Newsblock, you can get started right now.


In the world of news, Networker is an excellent AMP WordPress theme for news websites. You can also use this amazing tool for something else if you like the way it looks. As a result, there is no need to feel constrained in any way shape or form.

It's easy to import all of the available demonstrations and have your project up and running right away. In addition to these features, there are dark mode switch and lazy load and autoload as well as guest and multiple author support. Personalize Networker and start spreading the word with a professional website.


These AMP themes are extremely useful because mobile users are an essential component of every business. They will improve the mobile experience of your website and entice users to come back for more. A one-click demo installation of JNews is a WordPress theme for news and magazines. In the JNews kit, you'll discover quite a bit of sample data that you can instantly use. Go with the one you like most, or make it better to your specifications. Make the most of this stunning theme to its fullest extent.

As a result, JNews is entirely compatible with Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, and affiliate marketing. Push notifications, email subscriptions, and social icons are all included in JNews. Use these tools to monetize your website and increase your monthly revenue.


Pearl is an all-in-one AMP theme that can be used for any type of business. As a result, you don't have the burden of creating a new demo from the ground up. If you're looking to build a website for a company or a business, these are ideal. It's the best aspect of Pearl since it's so easy to customize each sample, design your own layouts, and use Pearl to create something altogether new.

Over two hundred bespoke modules and a slew of plugins are included in Pearl's impressive performance and responsiveness. You don't need to be an expert coder to create a page with Pearl, which has a stunning slider, a drag-and-drop header builder, and a host of other advanced theme options. Pearl believes that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.


With the help of Supro, a Magento 2 theme, you may make your site mobile-friendly. With this in mind, you can rest assured that your mobile purchasing experience will be flawless. As a result, your e-commerce site will always be running at its peak performance thanks to Supro. Supro handles all of the technical parts of running an online store for you.

Supro is pre-loaded with a collection of demonstrations that are crisp, modern, unique, and engrossing. Keep in mind that future theme upgrades will include new demos, so keep an eye out for them. You don't have to touch a line of code if you want to make cosmetic changes to the pre-defined layout. In addition, Supro provides a total of 36 custom block elements.

Supro's other features include RTL support, AJAX quick view, instant search, Instagram shop, store location, and giant menu. Additionally, you can use blogging into your marketing strategy to attract new customers with interesting posts.


If you're seeking for a WordPress theme that's both basic and bright, give Veen a try. It's a unique tool that's optimized for maximum efficiency with AMP. Your blog's loading speed and mobile friendliness have been meticulously planned, so it will run smoothly on any device.

It's possible to utilize Veen as-is or customize its primary and internal layouts. Just a few of the perks of the extensive feature set include eleven custom widgets, minified code, setup wizards, six single post styles, and a sticky sidebar. Veen has provided you with all you need to get started blogging right away.


Exponent is an A-grade solution that you can use for building all sorts of different business websites. A multi-functional theme caters to all various projects with its 26 carefully designed and developed demos. In addition, Exponent contains a page, footer and header builder that will take things to an entirely new degree. No matter how much you would like to tweak the default look, you can do it all without coding. Startups, corporate businesses, consulting, agencies, IT companies and many more in between, Exponent is here to treat you right.

You can select between dark and light modes, benefit from over 60 custom-made sections, enjoy super fast loading and even sell products online. With Exponent, there are no boundaries, as you can do it all in a snap.


It's a one-stop shop for all things. The Lord of the Rings is one of our favorite books and films. Is that so? The fantasy fiction isn't what we're talking about here, though. Okab is the name of the AMP theme that we're here to get our hands on. It's a multipurpose theme that may be applied to any industry or market segment you choose. Okab is here to take care of all of your needs, whether you're looking for a broad range of services or something more specific. With this tool, anyone can design and maintain a high-quality website, regardless of their level of expertise.

Simply choose a pre-built demo or a homepage of your choice, install it with a single click, and then begin populating it with material and information of your choosing. Yes, it really is that simple! Okab also takes care of a competent e-commerce platform. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)-ready, WooCommerce is fully compatible with the theme. Anyone who uses the Okab theme can open an online store or expand their current website in any way they see fit. Nothing can compete with a fully responsive and retina-ready design that is designed for speed. 'Nuff said.

Each and every page will be met by Okab, no matter what type of project it is or what type of business it is. Using the sophisticated live customizer, you can make real-time adjustments to the theme's many areas. It's also possible to create layouts for all of your website's pages using the visual page builder. Among its many features are premium plugins, translation capabilities, search engine optimization, and a host of other perks to ensure the best possible web presence. Don't get sucked in by the overwhelming volume of information. It's all for your advantage, and your page's requirements.


For news websites, Newsmax AMP theme is a treasure trove of more than twenty ready-to-use demos. Custom layouts may be simply created with a little nifty dragging and dropping. Moreover, Newsmax is a great theme for beginners. As a result, you don't need years of programming and design knowledge to get started with this project.

The Newsmax website is also mobile and retina-ready. It contains a built-in review system, as well as a wide variety of theme options that can help your site stand out. This is also compatible with newer web browsers and search engines that are specifically designed to improve your page's search engine ranking (SEO). Newsmax ensures that you're ready to take on the internet with a vengeance.


Everything is simple and beautiful at the same time with Bifrost. To get started with your online portfolio, Bifrost is a viable option. Because it's mobile-friendly and adaptable, your new website will look great on any device or browser. With Bifrost's pre-defined examples, you can take your online presence to a whole new level if you're ready to. Everyone can find something to their liking, no matter how particular they are about their food.

It is possible to improve upon any demo that comes pre-configured by making a few little changes. The Elementor page builder, which is included with Bifrost, enables drag and drop visual programming. In addition, there are Slider Revolution and shape dividers, as well as header and footer styles, a blog, and a complex grid system. Using Bifrost, you'll be able to showcase your work in a way that everyone will be impressed.


Noor is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that supports accelerated mobile pages and can be easily customized to suit your needs. Everything is achievable with Noor, whether it's a modest task or a grandiose undertaking. Websites for online stores, portfolios, businesses, restaurants and SEO agencies are just a few of the many possibilities available with Noor. You'll be pleased to know that this theme comes with more than 30 pre-configured demos.

Noor's design is also modern and refined, making it a fantastic instrument with a wide range of excellent functions. There is no limit to what you may do with the design, and you can even start a forum. Your pages will load quickly on mobile devices thanks to AMP compatibility. Once you've set up the Noor theme, it's time to set up AMP to prepare your website for the influx of mobile users.


Multi-purpose WordPress theme for online magazines and blogs with AMP support, Ceris, is Ceris If this is what you're looking for, Ceris is the place to go. You'll be able to get started right away thanks to a huge collection of demos. A simple click can import a demo of your choice onto your site, and you're ready to go.

Ceris's other outstanding features include GDPR compliance, changeable spacing, configurable header, reviews, and a sticky sidebar. Additionally, Ceris ensures top-notch performance by optimizing for SEO, loading, mobile, and browser compatibility, among other factors.


For anyone looking for a program that can help them create many websites, this is the place to be. Here's Jevelin, an eye-catching web design for anyone in need of a quick fix for their website. As soon as you open the exclusive Jevelin package, you'll see your new website come to life. For agencies, freelancers, businesses, bloggers, and online store owners, Jevelin is a full-blown solution for creating websites.

WPBakery's drag and drop page builder, on the other hand, opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can now make changes to the layout of Jevelin without modifying the code. Jevelin's responsiveness is likewise top-notch, ensuring that your page adapts to any device.


Divi is a great solution for those who are just starting out with web design. With Divi, you can create a page for any project you have in mind, no matter how big or little. You'll be up and running in a matter of minutes. Why? There is no limit to what you can do with Divi, and that is good news for all of you. Make sure to keep in mind that there are more than 800 ready-to-use designs to choose from. One hundred and one complete website demos are also included with Divi.

The bundle also includes the Divi Builder, a drag and drop page construction approach that allows anyone to be as creative as they like.. With your branding guidelines, you have complete freedom to customize any layout to your heart's content. Divi, on the other hand, is completely adaptable, mobile-friendly, and responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience at all times.


Were you looking for a way to start something new that would shake up the market in a short amount of time? If that's the case, check out Chap, an AMP-ready multi-practice theme. In a couple of minutes, experts' websites will see the light of day. If you're interested in portfolios, blogs, small enterprises, e-commerce, or promotional landing sites, here is the place for you. When it comes to building a website, unique spices and condiments are a great way to liven things up. Make the most of all of them and enjoy the final product, which will impress every visitor to your site.

But let's begin with the basics and gradually build up the excitement with Chap. If you need a starting point for your project, you can select pre-defined sample data and spend only a small amount of time on it. After then, you have two options. The demo can be used in its current form. Adjust the demo, reorganize the parts, and modify and customize it in the second step. If you go with option two, you'll be able to stand out from the crowd, start impressing visitors, and turn them into new customers. It all relies on your business objectives, whether they are short- or long-term..

Once you get some traffic to your website, you'll start thinking about ways to make money from it. Chap features built-in ad spots for three distinct ad sizes on your AMP website. Make use of the power of niche-specific offerings and ad categories. If you're planning to open an online store, Chap's SEO-optimized platform and blog for content marketing will help you get organic traffic that's specifically tailored to your niche. It is possible to achieve greatness with a feature-rich theme.


If you're looking for an AMP theme that's both responsive and retina-ready, go no further than Jannah! You get a lot more than simply a WordPress theme for blogs and online publications. All of your website's pages can be created using a single theme. In need of a stylish magazine, a personal blog, or a robust online portfolio? Jannah has you covered. When it comes to changing the look of your product, all it takes is a few tweaks.

Jannah comes with over 20 pre-configured examples, making it incredibly easy to get started with your website right away. They'll be able to put up a page that exactly meets your needs in a matter of minutes. Choose a demo you like and customize it to suit your needs. All of this is within the realm of possibility because the issue is so ubiquitous. Another bonus is that you get to pick the next one you want to see!

Publishers can quickly and simply produce mobile-ready content that loads instantaneously everywhere thanks to the integrated Accelerated Mobile Pages. More traffic and possibly more ad clicks could result from greater performance, which requires higher search engine rankings. Is that a "Cha-ching" I'm hearing?

Just a few of the numerous features of the Jannah theme include unlimited header and footer variations, Ajax Mega Menus, and more than 15 different slider layouts. You can easily create your masterpiece with the help of the page builder that comes with the program. Furthermore, Jannah is compatible with BuddyPress so that you can create your own social media network.

To get your website ready for the big day, it only takes a few simple actions. Start developing your website right away.


Create stunning blogs and magazines with InHype, an AMP WordPress theme. There is a built-in drag and drop builder, but you can also use the tool as-is and make as many changes as you like. When you combine InHype with your own ideas, you open the door to infinite possibilities.

InHype has 10 houses, eleven blog layouts, eleven headers, Gutenberg compatibility, shortcodes, mega menu, and MailChimp newsletter, just to name a few of the features. Additionally, you may translate it and even add an online store to your news section - the possibilities are unlimited.


Thank you for having read it so far. We hope you'll find a theme to create a mobile-first Website. Do you believe a good theme is not listed? Let us know. If you would like to keep up with our new list, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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