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Best Examples of Purple WordPress Themes for Web Design Inspiration For 2022

Blair2004 Multipurpose Themes Dec 25, 2021

Check out these purple WordPress themes to get some ideas for your own. You've come to the correct place if you want to construct a purple website or app. There is no modern website without harmony and visual attractiveness, regardless of the niche. Because every business aims to expand, your website must be designed in a way that aids in that endeavor. Choosing the proper color scheme for your website may be an important part of this process. Believe again if you think purple is exclusively appropriate for artistic industries. There are a wide variety of online projects that can benefit from the use of purple WordPress themes.

When it comes to purchasing a premium WordPress theme, there is no limit to what you may do. As a result, if you've never worked with web design before, we'd love to have you join us. You're afraid you won't be able to construct an amazing-looking website on your own? It's time to put it out of your mind. In today's world, there is no time to spare on anything. Premium options now include pre-designed layouts, advanced settings, drag-and-drop capability, and more. When you click on the "Details" link, you'll be taken to even more treats. So without further ado, here is a list of the top purple WordPress themes for your consideration.

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Muji | Beauty Shop & Spa Salon WordPress Theme

Muji and different colors of purple may be used to create an eye-catching website. All of today's most popular blogs and magazines may benefit from its minimalist style. Is there anything that sets Muji apart from the various purple WordPress themes that are out there? Until then, we'll have to see. As a beauty and wellness website, it is an excellent pick. A hair salon or nail bar can be promoted and its web reputation boosted by this. Using the Booked plugin, Muji will be able to schedule appointments online. Concerned about not being able to change the layout of your pages. You don't need to know how to code to use Muji because it supports the WPBakery page builder. In addition, the GDPR Framework, Revolution Slider, and ThemeREX Addons plugins are all supported by this theme. The Instagram Feed plugin is the cherry on top of the sundae.

Rhodos | Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Business

Rhodos is another another well-known purple WordPress theme worth investigating further. Anyone looking for a one-stop shop for all of their requirements would appreciate this versatile alternative. As a result, you may pick any current market segment and evaluate how well Rhodos does the rest. In addition, a video homepage has been introduced to assist in telling your narrative and engaging people. Furthermore, 10 different homepage designs are included in the package. Showcase the impact you can have on your users' life with bespoke shortcodes and modules. The WooCommerce plugin, of course, is an icing on the cake when it comes to selling online. Elementor is a great tool for making changes to your page layouts. Rhodos is a search engine optimization (SEO) friendly solution that looks great on any smartphone or tablet currently on the market, of course.

Smart Casa | Home Automation & Technologies WordPress Theme

Next, we'll have a look at a different purple WordPress theme. Is there a new home automation software or smart technology that you'd want to be the face of? That's why Smart Casa is the ideal option. Have an idea for a blog or a furniture business and want to get started? Easily! Even if you're a noob with no prior programming experience, this theme is simple to set up and customize. There are no barriers to access when it comes to purple WordPress themes features here. Using the WPBakery page builder is easy and doesn't necessitate any coding knowledge on your part. As a last step, you'll be given a number of pre-designed inner pages to reflect your business. As a result, you save time and go where your audience is already searching. ThemeREX Addons and Revolution Slider are also included.

Qwery | Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTL

If you have a website, make sure it stands out from the crowd. You can get support from Qwery with that, too. Take a look at it if you're looking for one of the best purple WordPress themes there! Qwery is the place to go if you've ever wanted to obtain all the advantages in one spot. For a website that's both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, it's a great option. Qwery's adaptability is its most important feature. As a result, you may build a website of any sort, including an online shop. Well, there are more than 60 ready-to-go websites out there for you to choose from. For online reservations, Qwery offers two booking plugins. If you're thinking about putting together a portfolio, check out Qwery, which is jam-packed with stunning designs. There is no limit to the amount of features that may be added to a website.

Blabber | All-in-One Elementor Blog & News Magazine WordPress Theme + RTL

Your website must stand out from the crowd in order to be successful, regardless of your sector, products, or services. Then Blabber can assist you. Everything from blogs to news portals to entertainment sites may benefit from this design. In addition, there is a new casino demo included in the package. When it comes to customizing Blabber, Elementor is the page builder of choice. These purple WordPress themes presented here offer no barriers to access, which is why they're so popular. Whatever your market, you can always start with a pre-designed demo and expand from there.. Selling your items or services online might help you turn your passion into a source of income. The WooCommerce support makes this simple. In addition, Blabber is compatible with the Gutenberg editor, so you may switch to it if necessary. So, how are you going to include it into your upcoming website?

Camelia | A Floral Studio Florist WordPress Theme

Camelia's versatility makes it a perfect choice for a wide range of online applications. Camelia can handle any type of floral store, wedding, or design agency. Five gorgeous homepage designs are included for you to utilize to your use. Even if you don't have any coding experience, you may simply tweak it to your taste. Booking and contact forms are included as well, so you can engage with your audience. What are your plans for upcoming events? Easily! As soon as you install Camelia, you'll be able to use the Events Calendar plugin to schedule your events. The WooCommerce plug-in will do the work when it comes to online sales. Is there a lot of stuff you'd like to show off? Mega Menu is a good choice for this purpose. You should not overlook the free advertising potential of your site.

Lingvico | Language Center & Training Courses WordPress Theme

For educational websites of all types, Lingvico is an excellent WP template. When it comes to sprucing up your website, Lingvico is the best option. You may save a lot of time by using Elementor as the main page builder in this premium WP template. To help you get started, Lingvico comes with two pre-designed homepages that you can choose from. You may increase the number of visits to your site by using eye-catching homepage sliders. It also adheres to the finest SEO practices to help maintain your site at the top of search engine results for relevant keywords and phrases. The theme also includes a strong LMS plugin for showing your online courses. Lingvico has partnered with the GDPR Compliance plugin to help you get started on the right foot. As a further bonus, the Booked plugin can help you increase your online reservations.

TanTum | Car, Scooter, Boat & Bike Rental Services WordPress Theme

It's rare for a successful website to become dormant. There is no substitute for TanTum in your quest for success. The theme is best suited for websites offering car-rental services. That's why it has a built-in booking feature. So, if you're renting out any kind of vehicle, do it like a professional. TanTum comes with a variety of pre-designed homepage layouts, as well as brand-specific inner pages and a slew of customizable modules. You may start making money right now thanks to WooCommerce support. It's a good idea to keep up with the latest trends in business communication since it may help you complete sales faster. TanTum has built-in contact forms, solid testimonials, and MailChimp integration to help with this. If you want to educate your customers about your products or services, don't forget to develop a blog.

Ludos Paradise | Video Gaming Blog & Clan Esports WordPress Theme

With Ludos Paradise, you'll have the highest chance of attracting visitors and making purchases. Ludos Paradise is one of the few purple WordPress themes to provide such a wide range of features. As such, if you're on the hunt for a potent weapon, you're in luck. Gaming and entertainment-related blogs, magazines, and online stores will all benefit from this theme.. In addition, you may create buzz for your gaming business by launching forums and debates. Your website should be accessible to everyone throughout the world, regardless of their native language. The WPML plugin is included in the theme, making it easier to use the site in several languages. Everything from website layouts, charts, and matches to live streaming and event calendars may be easily manipulated. Speed up your website building process with ease. In return, you'll receive a set of pre-built shortcodes that will save you time in the future.

Panda – Creative Marketing Agency & SEO WordPress Theme

To construct websites for business counseling, investment advice, corporate and individual firms, financial services firm, strategy planning and other niche-specific issues consider utilizing the Panda WordPress theme. Intuitive drag-and-drop page builder Elementor makes it easy to customize this contemporary WordPress theme. The Panda theme has a completely responsive design that adapts to any screen size without sacrificing functionality. Among its many features are three pre-made homepages, a variety of internal pages, a portfolio and blog layouts, and a wide range of customization options. All of the pre-designed parts of the theme may be used as is or you can customize them using the built-in functionality of the theme.

Vapester | Creative Cigarette Store & Vape Shop WooCommerce Theme

Vapester is another premium purple WordPress theme that stands out nowadays. What can it do for your company? There are several advantages to this. In addition, you may use it to run an online fashion shop, a hookah bar, or any other e-commerce endeavor. The WooCommerce plugin is included as part of the package, so that helps. So, you may choose from one of three pre-designed demonstrations, as well as your menu placement alternatives. A blog is a great way to share stories and connect with others. Keeping in touch with your customers is essential, thus Vapester has built-in support for MailChimp and Contact Form 7. Elementor has the capacity to assist you customize your page layout. Make sure you use it because it is one of the most popular tools out there. In addition to GDPR compliancy and SEO optimization, the service includes both.

Tediss | Play Area & Child Care Center WordPress Theme

It doesn't matter what you want your website to conjure; Tediss can assist. See how Tediss can benefit you in all your purple glory. Initially, it may be used for all types of children's online projects. As a result, you may create a website for an educational facility, a play area, a school, or even a kids' cafe. Since the Booked plugin is supported by Tediss, making appointments is a breeze. This is a good thing because Tediss was designed with speed in mind. To put it another way, your website's pages will load more quickly, making your visitors more satisfied while they browse. Next, GDPR compliance ensures that your website complies with the newest web design standards. As a result, not only does your website become more noticeable, but it also draws in the correct kinds of clients. Nothing beats designing your site without spending a dime on professionals.

ConFix | Expo & Events WordPress Theme

It's a good idea to choose purple WordPress themes. Why? It's a technique for making a website more visually appealing and fun to use. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it is to use ConFix. You may be able to increase the amount of time spent on your website by using this method. Exhibition centers, museums, art galleries, and publishing organizations may all benefit from the topic. In general, ConFix will help you make your website distinctive, regardless of what you wish to promote. The Events Calendar can assist you in organizing any type of event, whether it be a workshop, a meeting, or anything else. The greatest of your work may be shown in one of the many fantastic gallery layouts available. Find a method to incorporate creative purple website design into anything you're trying to accomplish by tinkering with the color palette.

Kicker | Multipurpose Blog Magazine WordPress Theme + Gutenberg

Using Kicker, you can design a stunning website. What if I don't know? What about the more than a thousand delighted customers that have chosen Kicker as their platform of choice. This is due in part to its lightning-fast page loading speed. Expect to learn a lot if you go into the nitty-gritty. Here we begin with the use of AMP technology, which will speed up the loading time of your web pages. Elementor page builder and Gutenberg editor are supported by the theme. There are a number of shortcodes and blocks that may be used to customize both tools. Your website may be translated into any language you may require. You'll be surprised by the number of paid plugins available. Thus, the theme is compatible with Powerkit, elegro Crypto Payment, WooCommerce, and GDPR Framework. Are you still not persuaded? Do not miss this opportunity.

WealthCo | A Fresh Business & Financial Consulting WordPress Theme

Use WealthCo to spruce up your company's website. It's not as if financial websites need to be dull. Your website's look and feel will significantly improve thanks to WealthCo. Any type of company or corporate website can benefit from this high-end alternative. Make use of the WPBakery page builder's flexibility when it comes to personalizing your website. In this way, it is possible that you will be able to make wonderful things on your own. Furthermore, you may rest certain that your website complies with all industry standards. This is because the GDPR Framework plugin is pre-installed on the theme. What more are you looking for besides a responsive design, SEO-optimized code, and gallery management functionality? Also, pay attention to the design of your headers and footers. Good news: you can always customize them to your heart's content. Would a Gutenberg editor be useful? Have fun with it.

Piqes | Creative Startup & Agency WordPress Theme

Piqes should be at the top of your list while searching for the finest purple WordPress themes. Make sure you get your hands on it. In general, Piqes may be used for any type of commercial or corporate website. The same holds true for the site design, photography, and mobile app development industries. Piqes is here to help you show the world what you've got. It has a flexible and dynamic design that fits the needs of both search engines and demanding customers. To put it another way, your website will have a better chance of showing up at the top of search results. The drag-and-drop page builder will allow you to customize your site to your heart's content. In addition, the theme is GDPR-compliant, so your website will work properly no matter what happens. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, Piqes is here to assist.

Hoverex | Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme + Spanish

There are a lot of purple WordPress themes out there, and Hoverex stands out amongst those. Why? First, it can work with Elementor. That means there’s no entry barrier for anyone with a skill gap. Second, Hoverex is a perfect choice for cryptocurrency, ICO, or financial websites of all kinds. Got an inspiring story about your business? Then take advantage of the Elementor video background demo. For your convenience, the theme is available in two languages English and Spanish. Also, it follows the latest GDPR rules, so your website will run smoothly no matter what. You’ll also find advanced crypto charts, tables, diagrams, roadmaps, and white papers. Aside from that, you can customize your headers & footers, make your contents handy, and more. At last, you can switch to Gutenberg editor if needed.

AlphaColor | Type Design & Printing Services WordPress Theme + Elementor

Let's make your website distinctive with AlphaColor if it's not already. Now it's time for you to decide whether or not you want to use this premium WP template. It's a terrific choice for publishing organizations, printing companies, or web design studios because it's vibrant and new. Do what you do well and demonstrate how your offerings are unique. For page layout customization, the theme relies heavily on the Elementor page builder. If you need to utilize WPBakery page builder, you may do so because the theme is compatible with it. Then there's Gutenberg, right? Well, I'm sure you will, too. WooCommerce's integration with WordPress makes it easy to make money from your website. It's possible to stand out from the crowd by using custom shortcodes and widgets to display your talents and achievements.

Rare Radio | Online Music Radio Station & Podcast WordPress Theme

Using Rare Radio, you can create a user-friendly website. Music bands, DJs, and other entertainment websites may use this vibrant WP design. You'll be able to say whatever you want because of its purple design. For those in the music, video, or events industries, it's an excellent pick. Your responsive Instagram feeds may be shown on your website to keep visitors interested. The WPBakery page builder is supported by the theme, allowing for simple page modification. Take a look at its stunning demonstrations and select the one that best suits your needs. Experts are in demand. As a result of this, your website ought to portray you as an expert. In order to help others, create a blog and post helpful advice. Adding educational movies to your website is also a great idea.

DJ Rainflow | A Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme

Redesign your website if you're not happy with the results you're receiving from it. We've come up with a way out of this situation. DJ Rainflow, a purple WordPress theme for vibrant websites, is a popular choice. To develop a music band, DJ or radio station website with this theme would be a perfect usage for it. You'll be able to utilize three creative demonstrations in total. If you're unsure about your design concept, they are a wonderful option. Starting with a pre-designed solution will allow you to alter it as needed. With premium WordPress themes, this is possible. You don't need any coding abilities to use their tools to fine-tune your event website. DJ Rainflow is now compatible with WPBakery for layout modification. Your process will speed up even more with the use of custom shortcodes.

Maxify | Startup & Business News WordPress Blog Theme

When people visit your website, you want them to do more than simply look at it; you want them to participate. Maxify can assist you in achieving this goal. One of the best options for your next huge project. Firstly, it is suitable for all sorts of commercial and corporate websites. Secondly, if your website is developed with the finest web design practices in mind, it will stand out from the rest of the pack. This is especially true nowadays, when new websites appear out of nowhere like mushrooms after a storm. You don't need to learn how to code to get started right now. Forget about the thorny challenges and obtain results right away with this theme. When it comes to designing website layouts, an elementary page builder will come in helpful. As a result, we'll be able to bring greater attention to your work by displaying it directly on our site. Also included are scroll-to-top capabilities, faster page load, and SEO optimization.

Dr.Patterson | Medicine & Healthcare Doctor WordPress Theme

Dr.Patterson is a corporate purple WP template for your inspiration. To begin, it can work for medical, clinic services, nursing, or surgery websites best. You can start a lifestyle blog, medical portal, or beauty magazine and get your name out there. In total, you get six beautiful demos you can use as a starting point for your homepage design. Later, you can always fine-tune it the way you like it and don’t touch a single line of code for that. It helps that WPBakery page builder comes onboard and lets you do that trick. Next, the theme includes appointment management for your users’ convenience. The way you present your service online can make a difference in your business. For that, you can use built-in post types such as services, testimonials, or team members. With the easy-to-follow documentation, you will have a backup on your every step.

Niobe | A Gym Trainer & Nutrition Coach WordPress Theme

Are you redesigning an existing website or thinking about a rebrand? It doesn’t matter. Niobe can give your website a makeover. It’s a true bounty for sports websites of all kinds. But also, it can work for sports blogs, or healthy lifestyle magazines. Thanks to the Events Calendar support, it’s easy to schedule and manage your events on the go. Also, your users will be happy to use the weight/height calculator placed on your website. Also, you’ll save time while representing the benefits of your brand. That’s possible thanks to a pack of predesigned inner pages bundled in Niobe. The beauty of the theme is that you can easily fine-tune it the way you like and have no coding issues. Next, the theme works with WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, and Events Calendar plugins. Ready to enjoy the impressive results right away?

Edema | Wellness & Spa WordPress Theme

If you're looking for a purple WordPress theme but don't know where to start, give Edema a try. It's a great option for beauty and fashion websites because it's fashionable and contemporary. Because there is a lot of competition in the internet world, your website must be unique in order to stand out. Edema can transform your website into an extension of your business by giving it a new look. Customers may buy and sell products online with WooCommerce's help. It might be difficult to keep track of all of your bookings. Edema has a built-in booking feature for this purpose. After that, you may use WPML to create a bilingual website. Is your website's karma bank running low? When you're done, utilize the Parallax Effect. The package includes support for Mega Menus and Sticky Menus, as well as several shortcodes.

Weedles | Virtual Reality Landing Page & Store WordPress Theme

Is your website looking a little too similar to those of your competitors? With Weedles, it's not a problem at all. Review sites, blogs, or virtual goods stores may all benefit from this premium template. Regardless of the type of smart device your user is using, the purple web design will still appear great. The responsive and retina-ready design makes this feasible. You won't have to worry about code concerns because Weedles uses WPBakery as its main page builder. Using the Revolution Slider, it's simple to keep your website visitors interested. The next step is to establish product pages in order to boost your online sales. Weedles adheres to the industry's most effective SEO practices. The WPML plug-in for multilingual websites is also supported. As a result, if you enjoy Weedles' purple design, it's likely that your customers would, too.

RexCoin | A Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency & Coin ICO WordPress Theme

There's a solid reason RexCoin is on our list of purple WordPress themes. Having an eye-catching website might be beneficial. Using it for several online projects is possible because of its versatility. RexCoin, on the other hand, maybe used on cryptocurrency and financial websites. There are several ways for your business to collect money and accept donations, no matter what it sells. Custom post kinds, API keys, and social media accounts may all be managed with the ThemeREX Addons plugin. Because it is responsive to all contemporary smart gadgets, of course. Every page of your website, including your headers and footers, should be worth a visit. With the layout builder, you can quickly add a little bit of extra mood to the latter. Also included are M Chart, Live Chat Support, and GDPR Framework.