18 Best Online Course WordPress Themes For eLearning 2021

Blair Jersyer Education Nov 11, 2021

We've compiled a list of the finest WordPress themes for online courses, so you can take your education to the next level.

So much time goes into creating an eLearning website from start. It's over!

Most of the work is done for you by a WordPress theme. As a result of online course plugin integration, you'll have a fully functional Learning Management System (LMS). (That's incredibly cool!)

Participating in online forums or chats can also help pupils learn. And with the drag-and-drop page builder, you can quickly construct your own pages.

It's time to put your online education plan into action.


The correct WordPress theme makes it easy to start distributing online courses. Moreover, Educavo is a fantastic option that includes all the necessary materials. You can choose from 15 demonstrations and more than 120 elements that you can mix and match to your heart's content.

Educavo allows you to build a website for certain classes, or even a full-blown online academy.

Educavo has a variety of internal pages, off-canvas navigation, one-click import, Slider Revolution, and SEO optimization. First, you can check out the live demo preview to see Educavo in action, and then decide whether or not you want to sign up.


WordPress theme Edukul has all you need for a quick educational website repair. In addition, Edukul can be used in schools, universities, and other educational settings.

With WPBakery, however, you can quickly expand the capabilities of Edukul. To ensure that the final product works on all devices and platforms, Edukul provides maximum flexibility and extensibility.

Edukul has a variety of headers, Slider Revolution, more than 70 useful pieces, a mega menu, and parallax effects. Lifetime updates, support and documentation keep you safe and secure at all times with this product's lifetime warranty

With Edukul, you can launch a specialized eLearning website or a more general eLearning platform.


iGuru promises a fast implementation of an online courses website thanks to the three accessible houses and a slew of additional page layouts and features.

This WordPress theme is packed with features that will help you get to the top of the heap. In addition, there are 30 custom-made elements and 10 inner pages for you to choose from, as well as portfolios and blog layouts.

You won't be disappointed with iGuru. When it comes to iGuru, you get what you pay for.

Some other features include user reviews, paid and free courses, header builder, thorough documentation, and SEO. The design is also mobile-friendly, meaning it can be viewed on any device with a web browser.

You may easily translate iGuru to speak to your target audience's native tongue. So where to begin? iGuru, of course!


Take use of this powerful digital educational tool to bridge the gap between teachers and students. Creative multipurpose theme with 610+ prebuilt demos.

This theme is compatible with WPBakery, which means you can simply drag and drop items into place. In order to schedule and manage classes, the Timetable plugin can be used with Bridge.

As a result of this, Bridge has a user-friendly interface and a basic design. As for popular courses and headers, sleek sliders are a terrific option.

Everything you need to arrange your content, from courses and teachers to events and pricing is included in Bridge. First things first: Bridge.


Skilled is an excellent platform for creating, managing, and selling online courses. Nine outstanding pre-built demos for educational websites are included in this theme.

As a result, Skilled has been integrated with WPBakery, allowing you to design pages with ease. Additionally, there's an Event Calendar for planning events and Contact Form 7 for creating effective contact forms.

Sensei, a premium plugin for Skilled, will allow you to generate a steady stream of income. You can use this theme to build free and paid courses, prepare lesson plans, and generate quizzes for your students. "

Aside from that, you will have access to course analytics, which will allow you to thoroughly examine performance, quiz grading, and the charging for courses, among other things. If you're looking for a WooCommerce-ready theme, this one is for you.


You can make your online courses more productive and entertaining by using the University WordPress theme. The University theme includes seven ready-to-use examples for education, events, and courses.

An educational website needs a lot of features. This theme contains a lot of them. LearnDash, an LMS plugin, makes it simple to manage courses. In addition, you may use the Event Management and Event Calendar to plan and schedule events.

The responsive and lightning-fast loading speed of University contributes to a wonderful user experience.

This WooCommerce-integrated theme makes it easier and faster to sell courses or event tickets.

It is possible to achieve great things at the university.

Education WP

When it comes to creating an online course platform, Education WP is our top selection. A single click is all that is required to get started with more than 20 pre-built samples.

It's never been easier to set up and maintain classes with this theme. To give you the finest LMS experience possible, it has been integrated with LearnPress.

The plugins and shortcodes included in Education WP make it easy to get things done quickly. Additionally, the WPBakery page builder makes it simple to drag and drop elements.

WooCommerce is compatible with Education WP, so you can sell courses directly through WooCommerce. Using the Paid Membership Pro add-on, you can also promote subscriptions or memberships.


Learning management system and education theme LMS has a ton of great features to offer educators and students. There are six different demonstrations to choose from, as well as a plethora of handy internal pages where you may put your own material.

You can enhance your online course offerings by utilizing the LMS's numerous features and functionalities. There aren't many themes like this one on the market, thanks to its unique and powerful features.

With the Sensei plugin, you can submit course descriptions and quizzes in virtually any format you like.

There's more! Using WooCommerce's payment gateway and S2Member's secure payment method is simple. Using LMS, you may set up a complete online education platform.


To provide a mobile-friendly and optimized website, Porto was designed using HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap framework.

The WooCommerce plugin makes it simple to sell courses through Porto. To put it another way,

The comprehensive theme settings in this theme let you mix and match useful elements to your heart's content. Porto Optimizer removes the unwanted options once you've completed building the pages, so it continues to be optimized.

With Porto, you have all the options you need to create the best possible website style. Getting your online education firm off the ground is easy when you have the right tools.


All kinds of educational websites can benefit from Guru, a feature-rich and professional WordPress theme for online courses.

WordPress plugins, widgets, and shortcodes all work together with a learning management system to run this site.

On top of that, Guru lets you set up forums on your site. You don't have to bother about creating a forum list, statistics, posting current topics on forums, or anything else because Guru has you covered.

Consider the Sensei plugin, which does all the work for you when it comes to selling courses.

In addition to this, Guru is SEO-optimized, adheres to proper coding techniques, and prioritizes content hierarchy above Yoast SEO compatibility.


Avada's online courses allow you to set your own schedule. You can use it for a wide range of business and personal websites because it is a responsive multi-purpose theme.

Using Avada's 85 ready-to-use demonstrations is a simple process.

There are a number of complex but simple-to-use features included in this theme. The Fusion Builder can also be used for drag and drop page creation.

Call-to-action buttons, fully configurable color schemes, typefaces, and other elements never fail to perform their functions. Moreover, WooCommerce and more are included as well, as are bbPress, BuddyPress and more.

Avada's design options are virtually limitless, allowing you to create a stunning and fully functional website.


Take advantage of the best online education available. An institution's online presence can be built with the help of a WordPress theme. If you're taking an online class, this version of Eikra is ideal for you.

A one-page website or a multi-page website can be created with Eikra.

Using LearnPress, Eikra may be used to build courses, lessons and quizzes, as well as teachers.

Customizing the theme to fit your specific requirements is now a reality thanks to the robust Redux framework. It also has a wide variety of layout possibilities, including more than 20 custom WPBakery Page Builder extensions.

There are RTL languages supported by Eikra, as well as full transliteration.


Kallyas is a great WordPress theme for online courses if you're thinking about it.

It's a multipurpose theme with a unique design that can be used by a variety of companies and individuals. It comes with more than 70 ready-to-use samples that can be installed in a few minutes.

More than 150 pre-built parts are included in Kallyas as well as a live page builder that allows you to combine them without writing any code.

With the use of HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap framework, Kallyas can make your website mobile-friendly. This theme is SEO-ready, thus it's feasible to get high rankings in search engines.

It's also worth noting that both the bbPress and BuddyPress plugins are excellent at connecting individuals and forming communities. Your thoughts are welcome at Kallyas.

Course Builder LMS

Course Builder LMS is a remarkable WordPress theme for creating an online learning platform. A multi-purpose eLearning theme with extensive yet user-friendly features, it is a high-quality product.

The Course Builder eLearning website builder comes with nine different demos.

Because of its adaptability, user-friendliness, and user-centered design, it has the potential to be the greatest tool for creating an educational website.

WPBakery, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and many more are available as plugins for course builders.

In addition to selling tickets for events, Course Builder allows you to promote courses both online and offline. It's also simple to set up online webinars and write blog posts, among other things.


With MaxCoach, building an online course platform is going to be a lot of fun. An educational website can benefit greatly from this WordPress theme's extensive set of features.

Additionally, there are numerous pre-defined demos for both general and specialist online courses included in the package. You don't have to do anything because MaxCoach has already taken care of everything for you.

It has Zoom support, Elementor, a beautiful set of icons, password-protected courses, and overall high quality. Assuming you have a mobile or a desktop version of your platform, everyone can access it.

Masterstudy Education

Online courses and educational materials can be created and managed with simplicity using Masterstudy Education's platform.

More than 15 examples are included to show you how to improve your web presence. Powerful and user-friendly interfaces are available for all samples. (Beginner-friendly!)

Masterstudy Education has been optimized for speed because loading times have a direct impact on user satisfaction. Google and GTMetrix both give this site a high rating.

Many essential plugins are also included in Masterstudy Education to help your website soar to new heights. Masterstudy LMS plugin and WPBakery can be used to manage courses.

Additionally, the bbPress and BuddyPress plugins make it simple to set up online communities. Finally, WooCommerce allows you to sell courses. Enjoy.

Language School

With Language School, you can increase the visibility of your educational institution online. An educational administration system theme that is powered by strong WordPress plugins, HTML5, CSS3, 99+ shortcodes, and a wide variety of custom widgets and short-codes.

The LearnPress plugin is built into this WordPress theme specifically to assist you in creating and managing courses, lessons, and the like. Teachers, lecturers, and other fundamental information can also be included.

There are numerous portfolio and other page style options available to Language School, allowing the creation of a website to be completed much more quickly.

The Activities Calendar plugin can also be used to arrange and promote educational events or future conferences. Check out Language School's live demo sample and other fantastic features to get a taste of what it has to offer.


Elementor and the WordPress learning management system eCademy are both integrated into this theme. With eCademy, you can build a robust e-learning platform even if you have no prior coding experience.

There are a lot of ready-to-use samples , features and plugins included in the package. To ensure that your website will continue to work well for many years to come, eCademy provides frequent updates.

Additionally, certifications, grading and RTL support complete the theme's list of notable extras. With eCademy's easy-to-navigate interface, you can get started right away.

Divi WordPress Theme