Best 15 Wiki & Knowledge Base Themes and Plugins To Use In 2022

Blair Jersyer Multipurpose Themes Nov 15, 2021

To help you build a wiki, helpdesk, FAQ, or Quora-like site, we've compiled a list of the finest knowledge base WordPress themes. For online documentation, you can use them, too!

Rather than trying to figure out which theme is the most trustworthy, we've picked all of them.

It's now up to you to decide what you want. The choice is yours, but you're on the correct path, no matter what you decide. Hurray!


Simply utilize the Tessera WordPress theme to construct a knowledge base and support forum site.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned webmaster, this theme offers everything you need to succeed.

Elementor, a drag-and-drop page builder, is used to create Tessera. If you don't know how to code or design, you can still be creative with it.

It will be a piece of cake to build your own support center.

Knowledge Base – A WordPress Wiki Theme

This wiki-like knowledge base is available to the public. Using a WordPress theme for customer service is a great idea. Resources for Information It's possible to create your own support forums with the help of the bbPress plugin for wiki-style themes.

The Bootstrap front-end framework is used to build this theme, which means it works perfectly on any screen size.

Indeed, this theme is meant to help you build an extensive knowledge base for your customers. It offers an AJAX-based live search that enables you to respond to customer questions. As a bonus, you won't have to write any code to do it.


A full-featured knowledge base and wiki-style websites can be created with Docly. This ingenious WordPress theme takes care of everything you need to swiftly build a powerful and practical platform.

It is possible to utilize the example sites as-is, but you can also quickly make changes to them. It has a night/day toggle, Elementor page builder with RTL support, and PSD files in addition to the other features Docly offers.

Additionally, the layout is built for mobile devices and fast loading speeds, ensuring top-notch performance at all times. But before that, feel free to check out the demo preview and get a taste of Docly in action.


As a WordPress support tool, the InfoCenter is here to help. In one wonderful bundle, it combines together all the methods that are typically seen in a variety of other themes.

You'll also be able to rely on the support of a thriving community.

This theme is designed for help and integration and is flexible, simple, and quick to set up. Minimum participation points are used by InfoCenter to encourage participation in the community.

Regardless of any doubts, you may have made use of their help network! To get started, you'll get a high-quality product that includes a lot of useful documentation.


For a modern and resourceful knowledge base and help desk, Wikb is one acceptable solution. Wikb is an ideal tool that you can use as an Envato author.

Linking your account with your website and providing all the necessary information to your current and future users will be a piece of cake. Quickly establish the correct web presence thanks to a wide range of useful features.

Multiple layout possibilities are available for Wikb's pricing tables as well as customer testimonials. The WPBakery page builder and bbPress forums are also included for your convenience.

With Wikb, anyone can quickly and easily build a professional knowledge base website.


Flatbase is the best way to build a support platform for your business. This is a terrific WordPress theme for providing your customers with personalized help and an interactive forum.

Its sleek and detail-oriented design makes it easy to publish help articles, informing and teaching consumers how to utilize your product. It offers a built-in Ajax-based live search feature, allowing you to respond quickly to your customers' questions.

Alternatively, you can create a FAQ page. Flatbase's responsive design ensures that it looks great on any device. It's now easier than ever to get a support website up and running.


Everybody may benefit from using kBase, an open-source WordPress theme for helpdesks and support websites.

When it comes to providing tech support to customers, this is the ideal solution. Many pre-built shortcodes make kBase responsive and customizable.

You won't have to write any code because of the drag-and-drop builder. The skin colors and layouts of blogs and portfolios in kBase can be customized as well.

You'll be able to use WPML for text translations and WooCommerce for online shopping. Create forums and discussion pages with bbPress and BuddyPress integration.

In addition, it makes extensive use of video lessons and how-to guides. Everyone in the customer service department is blown away by this topic.

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

Any knowledge base website can benefit from the Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin.

You don't have to install a separate WordPress installation solely for the knowledge base if you use this plugin, which is compatible with the majority of premium and free WordPress themes. (There's no need for a theme!)

With its drag-and-drop mechanism, it makes it simple to organize your content. It has a user-friendly admin interface that allows you to make quick and easy adjustments to the settings.

It also has a feedback mechanism for articles that lets readers rate your work. It is possible to assess the effectiveness of your content in serving clients and identify which pieces require adjustment or improvement using this method.

Live search and downloadable files in your articles can help your readers locate what they're looking for more quickly.


Essentials is one of the most comprehensive WordPress demos and features available. This tool has no limitations, as it can be used to create virtually any type of website you desire.

In addition, with Essentials and its associated sample, you may create a knowledge base page.

Essentials is great because it works with both Elementor and WPBakery, two popular page builders. There are also hundreds of templates, one-click demo import, Slider Revolution, and a variety of animations included in this package..

When it comes to Essentials, all you need is one tool to handle it all.


Manual is a great option if you want to build a high-quality help or wiki page. There are numerous niche-specific features that promise to improve your page's quality.

Manual translations are possible in many other languages. This product is bbPress-compliant, allowing for the creation of educational forums. It's possible to alter the header and footer layouts.

This theme, unlike others, concentrates on one specific task. Websites may be confident in their quality because of this level of specialization.

Make your customer support team's life easier by creating a wiki page using Manual!


The KnowAll WordPress knowledge base theme is well-designed and fast-loading.

Why are huge firms like Airbnb, Newegg, Jetpack, Pagely, and many others using this theme? Because it's the most easy to customize.

Your company's needs can be easily accommodated by KnowAll's scalability. It's a hit with us, you, and everyone else!


WordPress theme Discy allows you to construct a Quora-like website with a few clicks. Q&A websites can be created for specific niches or as an extension of an existing business website with Discy.

As an all-in-one platform, Discy can help you build a Q&A website that could be the next big thing.

Discy's assets include new and trending questions, polls, users, badges, blogs, up-voting responses, and view counters. This theme is also compatible with RTL languages and all mobile platforms.

It's time to get started with your web application!


With Atlas, you can build an online information base. This WordPress plugin contains everything you need to get started with a self-serve solution right away.

You'll also get two distinct templates: starter and intercom style, in addition to a slew of other goodies. They are both visually beautiful and easy to adapt to a variety of various purposes and goals.

Create an online hub with all the information about your product or service by using Atlas.

In addition to being compatible with Gutenberg, it has a built-in search feature. Atlas is an amazing plugin to use for a knowledge base.


KnowHow A knowledge base WordPress theme makes it simple to build an interactive website. It offers everything you need to provide your users with an online help facility.

In addition, a live search form powered by AJAX is included to assist you in providing immediate solutions to your customers' inquiries.

With KnowHow, creating FAQ pages has never been easier.


In the end, what's your favorite part of the game? Tikidocs is a good place to start if you want to create a knowledge base or wiki-inspired website.

Tikidocs features a plethora of interesting parts to help you get your web project off the ground. To design the ideal website, you will not have to touch a single line of code.

Tikidocs has a live search, bbPress forum, Slider Revolution, and a sophisticated theme panel among its many features.


With Scisco, you can quickly and easily build a strong Q&A website. You don't have to start from scratch to achieve your idea.

Scisco also doesn't require you to deal with programming. It's an all-inclusive solution that meets everyone's requirements.

An online shop, notifications, verified members, and activities are all included in the Scisco package. Scisco is also compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems.


Uncode is a WordPress knowledge base theme that is easy to use and responsive.

Uncode is pre-built with amazing demo websites and many more template pages and is compatible with all the main knowledge base management plugins on the market. Using the WPBakery page builder, Slider Revolution, and Isotope Grid plugins, among others, it swiftly adjusts to your branding needs.

It's now easier than ever to promote your knowledge base-related services and bundles thanks to WooCommerce integration from the start.

When it comes to building a website, Uncode takes it to the next level!


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