Best Easy Digital Download And WooCommerce WordPress Themes 2022

Blair Jersyer eCommerce Dec 2, 2021

Expand your online presence with your digital products by using one of these easy-to-use Easy Digital Downloads themes.

Every freelancer, entrepreneur, and digital business professional has a product or service to promote. It's not that difficult to grasp.

Freelance writers may have their own books to sell. You could start an online course if you're a business owner. Cut out the middle man for graphic designers, and you can improve your earnings significantly! You can develop your own portfolio marketplace instead of relying on third-party websites for sales. It's a cinch to set up with Easy Digital Downloads themes.

An eCommerce WordPress plugin called Easy Digital Downloads gives a universal method to selling digital products. Digital goods are the primary emphasis for EDD, thus it doesn't aim to meet the needs of everyone. However, it wouldn't be possible without its sophisticated features.

As an example, a unique shopping cart that can hold many items. Customers and business partners can benefit from a built-in coupon system. In addition to PayPal and Stripe, it is compatible with other major payment methods.

It's easy for your customers to keep track of their previous purchases and download files at any time. With the right subject, it takes on a life of its own. EDD themes are a hot topic right now, so we've put together a list of some of our favorites.


Mayosis is an exclusive WordPress theme for digital marketplaces with a modern, clean, and fantastic site design. With Mayosis and all it has to offer, starting your own project is a breeze. Also, the Mayosis experience begins with selecting one of two pre-created demonstrations that are provided. Keep in mind that future theme updates will bring fresh samples your way, so keep an eye out for them.

WPBakery and Elementor page builders (yep, both), more than twenty custom elements for each builder, a full-fledged blog and custom header capabilities are all included in Mayosis. In addition to the priced digital things, Mayosis allows you to provide them freebies as an additional persuasion tool. Mayosis may help you sell anything from fonts, icons, UI kits, WordPress themes, eBooks, and more.


For digital markets and online stores, Olam is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. It has been used to construct stock photography markets, online businesses offering plugins and themes, and many other types of digital products by Olam customers. The Olam theme comes with a detailed documentation file that will help you get your digital store up and running in no time! The Easy Digital Downloads extensions are also compatible with Olam. That allows you to build a true community around your digital marketplace.

Do you work as a web designer or a writer for hire? Almost certainly, you'll need a website to sell your services. However, Olam also serves the needs of the service sector. It has a services marketplace demo layout that is specifically tailored to that use case. Is Fiverr on your radar? That's right, with Olam you may design your own. However, it's entirely up to you to decide. Create a new market for your services by using this tool. Making it clear what type of design work you do might help customers decide whether or not you are a good fit for their needs.

Using Olam, you have access to three different product listings. Displaying or hiding the price of a product is entirely up to the user. You can change the color of the navigation bar's background. The Easy Digital Downloads Bookings plugin has been added to the list of supported plugins in a recent release. Your own booking platform is now possible! The header logo and navigation menu have different alignment requirements. Products can also be previewed by way of audio and video clips.


Reco is the Easy Digital Downloads theme if you have a lot of freebies that you want to share with the world. Minimalist, carousel and conventional blog samples are just some of the options included in the free version. It also has the ability to display images, videos, and audio in a variety of formats. Reco's layout adapts to all screen sizes simultaneously, ensuring a seamless experience at all times. Reco is also compatible with web browsers and retina displays, in addition to its device compatibility.

Lazy loading, a sticky sidebar, a back-to-top button, a subscription widget, and more are some of Reco's other useful features. Make a difference by using Reco to build a website where you can offer freebies and other valuable stuff to your visitors.


You can't go wrong with the CactusThemes' Business Hub marketplace theme. From standard business layouts to fully-decked-out online stores, you don't receive one or two, but six distinct market designs that you can use to your website. However, you don't have to use Business Hub only for digital downloads. However, that is the key selling point for this lovely theme.. This theme is frequently used by mobile app developers as a landing page for their apps.

There are two sections to the portfolio design: one for the actual collections, and the other for the descriptions of the projects. What will you be selling in your online store? Is it a piece of art, a service, or both? In order to demonstrate your expertise in the field, you might use project pages. Customers will feel more secure in your credibility as a result, and your bottom line will thank you. Customers of Business Hub have praised the product's functionality, codebase, WordPress plugin support, and customer service.

Is a mega-menu really necessary? No worries, it's included in the package already! If so, would you want to have a fixed navigation that scrolls as the user interacts with it? That's also no problem; all you have to do is enable it in the theme options. Easy Digital Downloads' Business Hub theme has a ton of useful features. Your digital product sales will never be the same, and customers will identify your design even from a distance.


Nowadays, it's simple to make money by selling digital things. There is no need for specialized equipment or software to make it happen. Only Aabbe will do; everything else is a piece of cake. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, this fantastic WordPress theme is for you.

In addition to six residences and more than twenty internal pages, Aabbe supports MailChimp and is fully compatible with multi-vendor marketplace setup. With Aabbe, you won't have to worry about coding at all when you're working on your web platform.


A few years ago, the market for stock photographs saw an explosion. We believe this is mainly attributable to the rapid expansion of web content publishing. It's a common desire for information to be bolstered by photos that are original and unique. Free stock photography sites like Pixabay offer a lot, but they're no match for stock marketplaces. When it comes to stock photography, the Stocky theme is a must-have option. This is a robust design for usage only on stock picture websites, which is why it was designed.

To sell your photos, you can either invite other photographers to your site, or you can trade simply your own images. Using Stocky gives you a new way to sell and manage your photo collection. ' In addition, the photo pages are meant to serve this purpose.. Multiple photo sizes can be sold at different prices instead of a single image being sold all the time. Small-resolution photographs may suffice for bloggers and journalists, who often don't need the originals for their stories.

To save you time, Stocky creates your photo albums for you. You may also use it to extract the EXIF data from your images. As a result, your customers will know exactly what equipment was used to shoot the photo. Finally, Stocky includes a plugin for Adobe Lightroom that allows you to extract keywords from your photos. As a result, those keywords can be used as tags in WordPress content.

Life Coach

In recent years, life counseling has become a lucrative business opportunity. Everybody wants to aid others who might be in need of their wisdom, it seems. This, in turn, has sparked a flurry of new WordPress themes based on the subject. For those who are ready to start their own businesses, Life Coach is a responsive WordPress theme. Put yourself on the map in the digital world with the help of this theme. With EDD's help, you may offer your services and products through an online store that includes modern blogging features.

There are a wide range of products and services available from life coaches, including online courses and books, as well as personal counseling and other modalities. The font in this Life Coach theme will help you get your message through. Unyson's built-in Page Builder is a great tool for creating new pages on your website, especially product pages. Personal life coaches commonly rely on their email lists to run their businesses, hence this theme has a MailChimp integration. Your email signup form may be shown anywhere on the page, including the header, thanks to a single widget.


Are you thinking about launching a digital marketplace for digital items in the future? You'll need a solid template to back up your concept. DGWork is an unique WordPress theme for digital stores, particularly those selling pictures, general digital downloads, and any other product. Clear product descriptions are made possible with the use of the Digital Shop design template. Make money selling digital downloads by thinking about it as a business subject. DGWork can be used to sell any type of downloaded product, not just stock photographs and graphics, but eBooks, web templates, and code scripts as well.

The DGWork theme's product page design appears to be its most popular feature. They are not only outcomes of the overall homepage design. It is a great way to communicate the character of a product you're selling because they can be customized and have their own unique identity. A landing page for a non-digital product can serve as a model for how to set them up. An image with a short description and a video preview can be used as the background image for each individual product page. A pricing table can be displayed below the header. Having pricing tables can be helpful in cases when you wish to sell a variety of licenses.

There's a designated design for the user account's user interface. There, you and your merchants will be able to upload and delete their product inventory.


You'll notice right away that Awam is a little out of the ordinary. Web design that is perfect for online portfolios, freelancer and agency websites with the ability to sell their digital products. Rather than merely creating masterpieces, consider selling them as well. Easy Digital Downloads is an excellent way to expand your business.

Awam has a slew of cool features that can help you reach new heights in your career. Awam's features include particle and parallax effects, one- and multi-page support, before and after photos, progress bars, and a portfolio slider. You may do this by using Awam to showcase your creative business and products online.


The Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin works flawlessly with Webify, a multi-purpose WordPress theme. Webify, on the other hand, makes it easy to sell digital goods swiftly and easily. Numerous pre-built demos are at your disposal to get you up and running on the internet quickly. In addition, the drag and drop page builder allows you to create and adjust each page layout to the smallest detail.

When it comes to building websites of all shapes and sizes, Webify means business. Using just one tool, Webify, you can create everything from small blogs to complex commercial websites! Many blocks and modules, beautiful portfolios, mobile-friendliness, awesome modular structure, as well as limitless headers and footers— you get the crux of what this thing has to offer, right?


We're glad you reached the bottom of this list. So, what do you think about these premium theme for creating a Digital Download website? We strongly believe you'll find a resource there, you can also explore more themes here. Join us on Twitter and Facebook if you don't want to miss our new list.

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