Which is a Better WordPress Page Builder: Elementor or Brizy?

Rifat Elementor Jan 18, 2023

Are you considering which is the superior WordPress page builder, Elementor or Brizy? Then this article is specifically for you. In WordPress, a page builder is an add-on that lets you change your site by dragging and dropping elements. And you don't have to write a single line of code. Even non-technical people can create a website with the assistance of page builders. Many popular page builder plugins are available. Elementor and Brizy are two of them. So, in this article, we'll talk about whether Elementor or Brizy is the better page builder.

WordPress Page Builder

As previously stated, WordPress page builders allow you to create a website without any coding knowledge. You can build your site by simply dragging and dropping features. There are so many page builders available nowadays that you may be perplexed. But don't worry, we're here to clear things up. We've discussed every feature, price, template, and so on of both page builders. As a result, you can compare and select the best page builder between Brizy and Elementor.

Introduction  – Elementor vs Brizy 

Let's begin by introducing both page builder plugins.


With over 5 million active installations, Elementor is one of the most popular page builders available. Given that the page builder was released in 2016, this is a massive number. Despite the fact that it has only been a few years, it has gained the trust of many people due to its incredible features.

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Elementor is also free and open-source software. This means that its source code is open to modification. Best of all, the page builder includes a plethora of page-creation elements such as images, texts, videos, carousels, galleries, and many more.


Brizy launched in April 2018. Despite this, it is one of the market's most popular page builders. Brizy is also a next-generation, user-friendly page builder with over 90,000 active installations. It has a simple user interface and allows you to change the contents with a single click.

Brizy WordPress Page Builder

The plugin also has things like text, buttons, videos, maps, icon boxes, counters, and more. All you have to do is drag and drop these elements, and your stunning page will be ready in no time.

Hosted Platforms 

Renting webspace on the internet to place your website is known as web hosting. That space must be purchased from the web host service providers.


Elementor only works with WordPress. Unless you purchase a separate hosting plan, this plugin will only work on WordPress-powered sites. WordPress is a blogging platform (CMS). WordPress.org and WordPress.com are the two versions. WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform, which means you must purchase a hosting plan from a company like Bluehost.

Bluehost provides a variety of hosting plans, including WordPress hosting, Shared hosting, and others. If you want to build an eCommerce site, it also offers WooCommerce hosting.


WordPress.com, on the other hand, is a hosted platform. That is, you do not need to purchase a hosting plan because WordPress.com provides web space for your site. WordPress.com, on the other hand, is a hosted platform. That is, you do not need to purchase a hosting plan because WordPress.com provides web space for your site.


Brizy Builder is compatible with both WordPress and the cloud. In cloud hosting, a solution is deployed in a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers. If you use Brizy for WordPress, you must install it, host it, and maintain server security.

Brizy for Cloud, on the other hand, requires no installation, hosting, or server security. Basically, everything is taken care of, and all you need to do now is consider how to improve the performance of your website. It includes all of the necessary functionalities for creating a website to assist you in improving your site.

Brizy Cloud

In addition to self-hosted platforms, both page builders provide hosted platforms.

Ease of Use

We'll examine both page builders' usability and beginner-friendliness in this section. We'll contrast which is simpler to use and install as well.


Elementor may be downloaded and set up without difficulty. All you need to do is sign into the WordPress dashboard to begin installing Elementor. Control options for posts, appearances, tools, settings, etc., are located on the left. Navigate to Plugins > Add New among those controls.

Plugins Add New Button

Then on the following page, use the search box in the upper right to look for "Elementor." Click the "Install" button first, and then the "Activate" button.

Elementor Activate Button

You must select Pages >> Add New from the control panels on the left to begin building pages. You may notice 'Edit with Elementor' at the top of the following page. Simply click the icon to make your desired changes to the page.

Edit with Elementor

The WordPress dashboard-like the Elementor editor dashboard, will then be displayed to you. The widgets are visible on the left. You may just drag and drop these components to begin creating your website.

Elementor Editor-min

When you are happy with your designs, click the "Publish" button at the bottom of the widgets area to make them public.

Publish Button

Your page goes live once it has been published. If you decide to update any of the features later, save the page by selecting the "Update" button rather than the "Publish" option.


Brizy may be installed from your WordPress dashboard, just like Elementor. Remember to "Activate" the plugin before beginning to build your website.

Brizy Activate Button

Additionally, you can click "Edit with Brizy" to edit your page.

Edit with Brizy

As opposed to Elementor, Brizy provides you with a full-width preview on the following page. You must click the "Plus" icon in the top left corner to see all the widgets. All the components are visible there. You may now quickly drag and drop pieces to begin creating your website.

Brizy Editor-min

Click the "Save Draft" link in the bottom right corner to save all of your work.

Save Draft Elementor Vs Brizy

Since both page builders are simple to download and set up. We can say that they are both user-friendly and accessible to beginners.


Utilizing templates to build a website is much better. In essence, templates are pre-made, usable layouts and designs. This section will contrast the templates and modules offered by Brizy and Elementor. Let's investigate them.

Elementor Templates

Elementor only provides a certain number of pages and blocks in the free edition. You can choose from 300+ templates if you upgrade to the premium version, though.

Click the "Add Templates" button in Elementor to add pre-built templates.

Add Templates Elementor Vs Brizy

The button can be clicked to display a variety of ready-to-use templates. Pages and blocks are two different categories for the templates. Pages are pre-built pages, as the name implies. In contrast, "Blocks" are divisions of the page. On the same page, many blocks can be added.

Pages and Blocks

Choose the page layout you like from the free layouts now. Click the "Insert" button in the top right corner if you like the layout.

Insert Button

You can store your page using Elementor so that you can use it again later. Just click the "Save" icon to save the template. Under the heading "My Templates," you may discover the saved templates.

My Templates Page

Brizy Templates 

Similar to Brizy Builder, it offers pre-made, usable pages and blocks. There are only a few layouts and blocks available in Brizy's free version. You can upgrade to the pro edition and gain access to more than 150 layouts and blocks.

All you have to do is click the "Plus" icon to create a new page or block.

Add New Block Brizy Vs Elementor

Following that, a list of layouts and building blocks is visible. In addition, the categories are visible on the left. The layouts and blocks can also be searched using these categories.

Categories Brizy

Now select your favorite layout from the list of free options. You can see a quick preview of the layout on the next page. Click the "Import this Layout" button in the bottom right corner to import the layout.

Import This Layout

Additionally, you can improve the layout of your page by adding new blocks. The best part is that layouts may be saved for later use.

Both provide fantastic, pre-made layouts and building blocks. Elementor offers more module possibilities than Brizy does.


The WordPress.org plugin repository makes it simple to get the free versions of both page builders. We'll talk about Elementor and Brizy's premium versions' costs in this part.

Pricing Plans of Elementor 

The whole list of plans that Elementor provides is provided below. You can select a plan based on your preferences and financial situation.

  • Essential Plan – $49/Year for a single site license. 
  • Expert Plan – $199/Year for 25 site licenses.
  • Studio Plan – $499/Year for 100 site licenses. 
  • Agency Plan – $999/Year for 1000 site licenses.
Elementor Pricing Page

The following supplementary features are also included in all of the aforementioned plans.

  • 100+ pro widgets.
  • 300+ pro templates.
  • 10+ full website template kits.
  • Theme Builder, Form builder, WooCommerce builder, and Popup builder. 
  • Support and Update for 1 year. 

Pricing Plan of Brizy  

For the pro version, Brizy offers three different plans. This is the list.

Brizy Pricing Page
  • Personal Plan: $49/Year. 
  • Studio Plan: $99/Year.
  • Lifetime Plan: $199/Year.

Your preference and the project budget will determine what you do. Both Brizy's and Elementor's price structure appears to be reasonable to us.

Wrapping Up

That concludes our comparison of Brizy with Elementor. As we've already mentioned, each of the page builders has pros and cons of their own. Choose Elementor if you want a "Theme Builder" that makes it simple to design headers, footers, and pages/posts.

Additionally, it provides "WooCommerce Builder." This function makes it easy to start an online store. On the other hand, Brizy is the best option for you if you want lifelong plans and updates. Brizy also provides more design and font choices. Hope you enjoyed reading the article, and good luck. Don't forget to share it on social media with your friends.

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