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Muneeb WordPress Tutorials Jan 30, 2022

WordPress is one of the most famous platforms out there to build websites on, and as 2022 has hit the calenders, it has released its major updates for the users.

The update has brought several changes that will make WordPress accessible for you. In this post, we will go over some of the significant changes that we will find in the new update.

Full Site Editing With Block Themes

Block Themes, a new approach to constructing websites and modifying WordPress themes, is included in WordPress 5.9.

You may use the block editor to change WordPress themes with the new Site Editor. Users may create a website with their distinctive design without writing code in this way.

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You'll notice a new menu item in Appearance then Editor if you're using a new block-enabled theme. The former Theme Customizer and Menus options in the Appearance menu will no longer be available.

You won't see a block-enabled theme from the Appearance and Themes page.

Enhanced Blocks For Full Site Editing

Several new blocks have been added to WordPress 5.9 to assist users in creating entire site-wide layouts.

These blocks are to be found in the Theme category of the new block panel.

The following is a list of new blocks in WordPress 5.9:

  • Template Part
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Post Author
  • Next Post
  • Navigation
  • Previous Post
  • Post Comments
  • Term Description
  • Archive Title

With Theme Editor, you may utilize these blocks to build bespoke layouts. You may also use these blocks within a standard WordPress post or page if necessary.

Side-Wide Styles

If you wanted to change something in your WordPress theme before, you could create custom CSS code.

Many of these modifications may now be accomplished using site-wide styles. When modifying any template, click the Style icon in the top right corner of the screen.

You may modify various styling options from here, including colors, font, padding, and more.

You can also customize individual blocks' styles and apply them to your design.

Better Navigation Controls

If you're using a block-based theme, you won't be able to access the old Menus page. Instead, you may use the new navigation block to build navigation menus.

The new navigation block makes adding and changing menu items simple while seeing a live preview. You may alter the color of your links and the size and dimensions of the menu.

Block-Enabled Default Theme

Twenty Twenty-Two is a clean, minimalist canvas designed to fully use the new complete site editing experience, allowing you to experiment with new site editing tools.

Twenty Twenty-Two, the new block-enabled default theme, is included with WordPress 5.9.

When producing content, the theme also includes several pre-made patterns that you may utilize in the site editor or post editor.

Enhancements In Block Editor

The block editor is where most WordPress users spend most of their time generating content and building new posts and pages. That's why, with each new WordPress release, the post editor gets new features and enhancements, and WordPress 5.9 is no exception.

The block editor in WordPress 5.9 has a few significant changes.

1. Better Typography Options

Improved typography controls for text blocks are included in WordPress 5.9. You can modify the font size, line height, letter case, letter spacing, and colors in the paragraph block.

You may now choose a heading level from a vertical dropdown menu in the heading block. Your headers also have extra typography, style, margin, and spacing choices.

2. URL Previews

When you held your cursor over a link in the post editor before, all you saw was the URL. WordPress 5.9 now shows rich URL previews for links within the post editor within the post editor.

3. Enhanced Gallery Block

The new gallery block in WordPress 5.9 allows you to select multiple styles for individual photos in the gallery block. You may also link to individual images or the entire gallery block.

4. Easier Block Navigation

Drag and drop allow you to effortlessly move blocks and sections in the ListView.

This makes it simple to go to different content areas and change them around, allowing you to reorganize your layout swiftly.

5. Language Options At Login

Users may now pick their favorite language on the login screen if your WordPress website supports several languages.

Enhancements In Performance

Each WordPress release spends a substantial amount of time working on performance. WordPress 5.9 has a number of significant performance enhancements.

1. Skip Lazy Loading

Since WordPress 5.5, pictures have been loaded sluggishly. However, it improved the Largest Contentful Paint measure by adding slow loading to all pictures (LCP).

Images accessible at the initial load will bypass lazy loading in WordPress 5.9, boosting your Core Web Vitals.

2. Improved Block Styles And CSS

WordPress used to load all of the stylesheets for all blocks into a single file. Only the styles that are required will be packed with WordPress 5.9.

3. Enhanced Block Editor

The inserter is perhaps the most often used feature of the block editor. WordPress 5.9 improves the inserter, allowing you to discover the block you need to add more quickly.

These are some of the significant changes in WordPress 5.9. Hopefully, these changes will enhance your WordPress experience altogether.

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