What Are The New Elementor 3.7 Features?

Rifat Elementor May 31, 2022

Elementor Pro 3.7 comes with new eCommerce capabilities that allow you to customize your online stores even further, improvements to existing features that allow you to construct feature-rich websites, and Notes - a new tool that improves your collaboration activities.

When a visitor arrives at a website, one of the first things they do is check its design - does it appear to be professional? Consistent? Can I put my faith in this company? Therefore, as a web designer, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the design of your website in order to ensure that your site's visitors have the greatest possible experience. A site's design and user experience have a significant impact on how engaged and trusting users become, as well as how often they return. A number of new features have been added to Elementor Pro 3.7 to make it easier for you to develop websites that are memorable.

Stripe Button Widget

Setting up a WooCommerce store isn't always necessary when selling a few products online. Your Elementor website can be linked to your Stripe account and you can sell a single item or a number of goods and take payments using Stripe without having to create a whole online shop.

Drag the Stripe Button widget to any page and customize its layout and content to match the rest of your website's design. To be safe, you can enable the Tailored Error Message toggle in the Style Tab and enter the message you'd like to display in the Stripe Error Message field. Once the shopper clicks on the Stripe Button, they will be redirected to Stripe's Checkout Page to finish their transaction.

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A custom Thank You page designed in Elementor is a great way to redirect clients to your site following a successful transaction using Stripe. Stripe Button widget's Additional Options allow you to choose from a list of pre-selected pages, or you can enter a URL in the URL field (you must use the http:// or https:// of the URL in order for the redirect to operate).

WooCommerce Capabilities

Elementor has made improvements to existing functionalities, as seen below, to let you personalize your website even further and establish a unified look across it.

More Easier to Create Stylish Online Stores

Elementor keeps adding and improving WooCommerce features, allowing you to develop unique online stores more quickly and easily.

Transactional Widgets in WooCommerce allow the following features.

  • Rather than displaying WooCommerce's default displays in the Cart's empty state and on the Dashboard tab in the My Account page, create stunning templates. Custom templates for each of these pages should be created, and they should be selected from the Template option in widgets such as "Cart" and "My Account."
  • When the discount code box is enabled in your WooCommerce Settings, you can choose whether to display it on the Cart page, the Checkout page, or both.

These are WooCommerce Products Widget features -

  • The Products widget now includes three new Queries: Related Products, Upsells, and Cross-Sells, which were formerly distinct widgets, as well as a new query option. Instead of designing the look of your Product Archive, Related Products, and Upsells independently, you can use the Products widget to create all of those components and modify the query according to your business requirements. The Related Products and Upsells widgets can still be used if desired.
  • Using two new controls, you can align the 'Add to Cart' button to the bottom of the Product Card and regulate the distance between the 'Add to Cart' button and the 'View Cart' link that shows after an item has been added to the cart.

Controls for Related Products and Upsells widgets have been introduced, as have button alignment choices for Checkout and Cart widgets.

More Website Customization Options

Leverage Dynamic Content

Elementor Pro 3.7 has over 100 new Dynamic Tag Fields spread across 24 widgets, allowing you to create rich content websites with even more flexibility and power. New Dynamic Tag Fields enable you to present material in a tailored manner to visitors, promote design inventiveness for a more compelling user experience, and streamline your process.

Examples of how to make use of the new Dynamic Content features are provided in the following three paragraphs:

  • Forms -Appointing Dynamic Tags to fields in your forms, such as Name, Last Name, and Email, can improve the experience of registered visitors.
  • Add to Cart - The new WooCommerce 'Add to Cart' tag allows you to construct extra Add to Cart funnels from any page by utilizing buttons or links and attaching the tag to them.
  • Product Content - Use the new 'Product Content' dynamic tag instead of the specific 'Product Content' widget to dynamically populate content fields using WooCommerce's Product Content.

New Controls To Unify Your Post's Appearance

You must make sure that the aesthetic appearance of your Archive and current Posts is consistent in order to increase your visitor's faith in and facilitate a pleasant interaction with your business.

The Posts and Archive Posts widgets have been updated to feature two new controls to help you maintain a consistent look across all of your posts.

  • "Read More" should be placed at the bottom.
  • Toggle the Excerpt Length restriction to be applied to the text obtained from WordPress' excerpt field.

Custom Icon For Nav Menu Widget

In the Nav Menu widget, you may select a custom icon for the Normal and Active stages of the drop-down layout to further customize the style of your website. Import a custom SVG or pick an icon from the library to personalize the toggle button icon.

Notes - Work Collaboratively With Others In Elementor

Notes can be pinned to an Elementor element in the Editor or on the front-end to improve collaboration and communication with your clients and coworkers. It used to be difficult to receive input and work together without having to use several communication channels or schedule numerous meetings. Now, however, it is much easier. As a result of the integration of Notes, teamwork is now possible within Elementor.

Customize, Collaborate In More Effective Way

As you design your websites, keep in mind the user's perspectives and the journey they will take through them. The more you customize and personalize your website, the more likely your visitors will be to interact with it and become aware of your company's name.

Experience Elementor Pro 3.7's new features and see how they can help you create a more customized website design. Please let us know in the comments below how you plan to use these new features on your websites. Stay connected for more Elementor tutorials.

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