Tips for Using Hand-Picked Items Blocks for WooCommerce

Blair Jersyer WordPress Tutorials Dec 17, 2021

WooCommerce blocks allow you to showcase your store's most popular and sought-after goods. It is possible to display things that are currently on sale, the most popular products, and much more. It's also possible to direct users to specific items thanks to the Hand-Picked Products WooCommerce block.

How to use the Hand-Picked Products block in posts and pages will be explained in this article. In this tutorial, we'll go through how to configure the element and give you some advice on how to best use it.

Instructions for Using the Hand-Picked Products WooCommerce Block

You may use the Hand-Picked Products block to display a grid of hand-picked items from your inventory. Open the Block Editor and choose the option to put a new block to add the element. You may then click on Hand-Picked Products by searching for it in the search field.

Inserting the block allows you to choose from a list of all of your WooCommerce items. You may also use the search box to find goods more quickly:

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Select as little as one item or as many as your complete catalog. Your selections will be used by WooCommerce to construct a product grid. The most recent items in your shop will appear at the top of the block by default:

Modifying the block's parameters will allow you to rearrange the products. At any moment, you may alter your product selection. Those options can be explained in detail.

Hand-Picked Products WooCommerce Block Settings and Options

Formatting and general configuration options are available under the Hand-Picked Products area. Within the Block Editor, click on the block's formatting menu. A menu will display above the element, allowing you to make adjustments to the element's orientation as well as the product you're seeing.

You may return to the item selection menu by clicking on the pencil icon. For more information on the block's settings, pick it and click on the gear-shaped icon in the upper-right corner.

There are a number of choices in the Hand-Picked Products block's settings menu:

  1. Layout: Changing the number of columns in the block is possible using this option. Six columns are allowed, and the Align buttons option will center the Add to cart buttons underneath each product..
  2. Content: Each product's display features, including names, pricing, ratings, and Add to Basket buttons, may be customized in the block.
  3. Order By: This option allows you to change the order in which products appear in the block.

Let’s take a look at what the settings menu for the block looks like:

The Hand-Picked Products settings menu also has a Products option if you scroll down further. There is no need to go into the block's formatting menu to pick display items:

Lastly, the Hand-Picked Products block has an Advanced Settings page. Inserting custom CSS classes inside the box will allow you to customize the element.

CSS is the only way to alter the appearance of the Hand-Picked Products block because it lacks any built-in style choices. Using CSS, you may change the block's appearance on your website if you're comfortable with it.

Hand-Picked Products: Tips & Best Practices Effectively Blocking WooCommerce

The Hand-Picked Products block may be used efficiently in a matter of seconds. The block arrangement in WooCommerce is completely customizable. Because of this, you may adjust the number of columns to fit your needs.

Because this is a list of hand-picked products, it may make sense to limit the number of things presented. Customers may assume you're offering them a random selection rather than a well-managed list if you include too many things.

Using the Hand-Picked Goods block, we recommend showing no more than six products. To ensure that each product gets the attention it deserves, try presenting your goods in three columns:

Above the Hand-Picked Products section, you'll see a new Heading block. The block has no header or title by default. To ensure that consumers understand what they're looking at, it's important to personally add one.

It's also possible to use the Hand-Picked Products feature on both a homepage and a store page. Visitors can get a notion of where to begin their search in your product catalog if you place the block on your site.

Asked Questions Regarding Our Hand-Picked Goods Blocks for WooCommerce

This section will answer any queries you may have concerning the WooCommerce Hand-Picked Products block. First, let's speak about the items you should put on the block.

With the Hand-Picked Products Block, what products should I display?
It's clear to customers that they're looking at a handpicked selection of items when the word "hand-picked" is used. It would be ideal if these products had a lot of positive reviews or met a specific demand for consumers. Blocking items that consumers don't like from being recommended might damage their faith in the company.

Is the Hand-Picked Products Block appropriate for all situations?
Various WooCommerce blocks may be used to show certain goods in your store. The following are some instances of what we're talking about:

With the Hand-Picked Products Block, what products should I display?

When a product is labeled "hand-picked," buyers know they're looking at a carefully chosen selection. You want these products to be well-received or meet a certain consumer's wants. It's a bad idea to use the block to promote things that people don't like.

Is the Hand-Picked Products Block appropriate for all situations?

There is a specific requirement that is met by the Hand-Picked Products block. You may utilize it to showcase items that don't get the attention they deserve. This might help you increase sales because you're highlighting goods with high customer ratings.


Many WooCommerce blocks may be used to display certain product categories in your store. Hand-Picked Products, on the other hand, is the only option that allows you entire control over the things you show.

You may use the Hand-Picked Products section to help buyers find things that aren't selling as well as they should. You should maintain a product list to a manageable length so that it appears more curated, according to our advice.

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