Kadence Blocks 3.1 Update: Whats New?

Rifat WordPress Tutorials Oct 6, 2023

Introducing the highly anticipated Kadence Blocks 3.1 update – a game-changer that unveils the powerful Advanced Form Block. Elevating the way you interact with and customize forms in WordPress, this cutting-edge addition empowers you to redefine your online experiences. But that's not all – there's another exciting new block, a range of subtle enhancements, and vital bug fixes that ensure seamless functionality.

Kadence Blocks 3.1 Update

The Advanced Form Block

The basic form block of Kadence Blocks has evolved over the years. It started as a clean and simple form, which served its purpose well for basic tasks such as contact forms or newsletter subscriptions. However, the community of Kadence users has expressed a desire for a more powerful solution. This aspiration has led to the introduction of the Kadence Advanced Form Block in version 3.1 of Kadence Blocks. This release represents the initial phase of a significantly enhanced form builder.

In contrast to its predecessor, the basic form block, the new Kadence Advanced Form Block is stored as a custom post type. This innovative approach allows users to conveniently edit the form either directly within a page or within a dedicated forms section in the WordPress administrative dashboard. The design of the new block emphasizes dynamism and extensibility, incorporating numerous frequently requested features, including:

  1. An intuitive wizard for creating new forms with predefined styles.
  2. Choice between inline and float label styles.
  3. Introduction of new input fields like file upload and date selection.
  4. Enhanced styling options for Checkboxes and Radio button inputs.
  5. Adaptation for dark backgrounds.
  6. Incorporation of reCAPTCHA, hCapcha, and Turnstile support to counteract bot and spam submissions.
  7. Introduction of the much-anticipated ConvertKit integration (available in the Pro version).

The launch of the Kadence Advanced Form Block has generated substantial enthusiasm within the entire team. It provides a solid foundation for crafting advanced form features, presenting new opportunities for developing data-driven WordPress sites without necessitating any coding expertise on the part of site owners. By seamlessly integrating with the WordPress block editor, this block exemplifies a design philosophy suited for the modern era of WordPress.

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The Kadence team has ambitious plans for the Advanced Form Block, with upcoming versions poised to introduce additional features, including the implementation of conditional fields. Keep an eye out for these exciting developments as the Advanced Form Block continues to evolve and empower WordPress users.

The Progress Bar Block

The incorporation of data visualization into website design holds significant importance. The Kadence Progress Bar Block is now being introduced to provide WordPress site owners with an innovative solution for presenting intricate data connections in a comprehensible visual format.

This novel Kadence Progress Bar block offers a choice of three distinct shapes, which serve as effective means to illustrate advancement within a process, along with other achievement-related metrics. The initial release comprises three styles, accompanied by an array of customizable options and captivating animations, resulting in an engaging user experience.

New Editing Settings

Renaming Blocks in List View

When individuals engage with extensive pages within the WordPress block editor, they might encounter challenges in swiftly identifying content that necessitates prompt editing. Navigating through the content in the list view to precisely locate the specific section for editing can pose a considerable hurdle. However, with the introduction of version 3.1, the capability to modify the block's name in the list view streamlines the process. This enhancement facilitates content organization and expedites access to the precise section or block requiring editing.

Youtube and Vimeo Background Videos

Users are now able to utilize videos from YouTube and Vimeo as background visuals for their rows.

Padding/Margin Will Show Inherited Sizes

Thanks to the input from the Kadence Facebook group members, the ability to determine inherited sizes for tablet and mobile devices is now accessible. This alteration, albeit small, holds significance in how measurement controls operate. Previously, individuals were unable to view the established desktop settings while examining or editing tablet or mobile settings. Presently, the inherited setting is both discernible and slightly translucent, streamlining the process of content development without necessitating frequent context switching.

Section Block now has Vertical Row Gap Settings

Site owners have the capability to conveniently modify the spacing between blocks that are inserted within a row layout by adjusting the row gap.

Gradient Controller

A further minor yet crucial addition for individuals seeking meticulous design control involves the inclusion of a choice. This choice permits the adjustment of control point positions through an input field, extending beyond the sole capability of manually dragging the control point. This enhancement simplifies the process of achieving precise positioning for site proprietors engaged in the creation of bespoke gradients.

Additional Updates

The updated framework incorporates a sitewide Unique ID system to avert any conflicts with styles. Moreover, dynamic block labels have been included in the list view exclusively for the Advanced Text and Advanced Button blocks. The Section block has been enriched with Flex Basis settings. Furthermore, the nomenclature of blocks has been revised to enhance searchability, including the abbreviation "(adv)" for "Advanced". Additionally, the Icon List block now offers options for 'no follow' and 'sponsored' links. To cater to users not utilizing the Kadence Theme, an option for local Google Fonts has been introduced, mirroring an option already present within the Kadence Theme.

Wrapping Up

The Kadence team is currently engaged in multiple projects aimed at further innovating the process by which WordPress users create efficient and rapid websites. Although specific timelines have not been confirmed, diligent efforts are being exerted by the team to expedite the availability of these advancements to their users.

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