How to Use Astra Pro In Cloudways

Rifat WordPress Tutorials Jan 17, 2023

Do you use Cloudways for your hosting needs? Or do you intend to purchase any random cloud server? If so, I have some great news to share with you! A few months ago, Cloudways declared that it had teamed up with the Astra theme to give its users free access to the premium theme version. Both new and current Cloudways users are eligible for this deal, which is good for a year.

I have taken advantage of the fantastic option to use the Astra Pro theme for free for a year since I have been utilizing the Cloudways high-frequency Vultr server for this site, WPGlossy, and the Digital Ocean server for my other blog. So, allow me to outline the methods for installing Astra Pro for free on Cloudways hosting in this blog post.

Steps To Activate Astra Premium Theme On Cloudways

To begin, sign in to Cloudways and go to the server section. Locate the "Grid" icon in the top menu and click it. Select the "Add-ons" option.

The Astra theme Pro, which is by default disabled, is shown at the bottom of the list. Select "Subscribe" when you click the edit button.

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You must pay $4/mo to utilize the Astra theme's premium version on an infinite number of websites.

Once you click the "Subscribe" button, you will receive a confirmation that your subscription was successful. Cloudways' team will send you an email. Therefore, you must log into the email address you used to register for Cloudways.

When you open the email you received from Cloudways, the "Astra Dashboard" option will be available. When you click it, you will be taken to the Brainstorm force website, which is really just the Astra store where you must create a new password.

Click "Get New Password" after entering your email. Open the email from Brainstorm force to reset your password in your email account. By clicking the link in the email, you will be brought to a page where you can reset your Astra theme password. Click "Save Password" after selecting a secure password.

Make use of your login information to access the Brainstorm force profile page. You must then go to the Brainstorm force store. You will arrive to a new page with the option "Account" available. Select "Downloads" from the menu after clicking it. You may view the Astra theme, Astra Child theme, and Astra Pro Plugin downloads here.

Before adding these expensive plugins to your WordPress site, you should first install the Astra theme for free from the WordPress plugin repository. It's time to activate the Astra Premium plugins with the license key when you've finished installing them.

Click Account > Licences to obtain the license. You can now see that the license key is available for activating the theme.

Go to the Astra options on your WordPress site and copy the key. On the right side, there is a place where you can insert your license key. You have now successfully activated the Astra premium theme for free with your Cloudways hosting account by pasting the code.

Final Words

Investing in a top-notch hosting provider is necessary to make sure that your expert website is always accessible. Similarly, if you want to give your users the greatest experience possible, you should purchase a premium theme with extensive customization options. I would argue that it is a terrific cooperation to operate a successful business site when you find the ideal Hosting + Theme combination for WordPress in one location.

By collaborating with the best tools on the internet market, Cloudways hosting produces amazing results for its clients. You should be aware of their wonderful integrations, which provide us great peace of mind and, yes, allow us to concentrate on the expansion of our business without having to worry about server management. I trust you now understand how to set up Astra Pro for free on a Cloudways hosting account.

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