How to Save Up to 50% on Divi During the Anniversary Sale

Blair Jersyer Divi Tutorials Mar 15, 2023

Divi is celebrating its anniversary with a huge sale that you don’t want to miss! Divi is one of the most powerful and popular WordPress themes, with a visual page builder that lets you create stunning websites with ease. Divi has been adding new features every year, making it more versatile, flexible, and user-friendly than ever. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Divi has something for you.

But hurry, this anniversary sale is limited on time and occurs once per year. You can enjoy up to 50% off on various products and services offered by Divi. Here are some of the amazing deals you can get:

Divi Membership - 20% off

If you are new to Divi, this is the best way to get started. With a Divi membership, you get access to all themes and plugins from Elegant Themes, including Divi, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch. You also get unlimited website usage, premium support, and updates for one year. The regular price for a yearly membership is $89, but with this deal, you only pay $71.2!

Lifetime Upgrade - 20% off

If you want to use Divi forever without paying any recurring fees, this is the deal for you. With a lifetime upgrade, you get everything included in the yearly membership, but for life! You never have to worry about renewing your subscription or missing out on any new features. The regular price for a lifetime upgrade is $249, but with this deal, you only pay $199.2!

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Divi Membership Renewal - 20% off

If you already have a yearly membership and want to extend it for another year, this is your chance to save some money. With a renewal discount, you get 20% off on your next payment. You still get access to all themes and plugins from Elegant Themes as well as premium support and updates for another year.

Divi Cloud - 40% off

If you want to store your website assets in the cloud and access them anytime from anywhere, this is the service for you. Divi Cloud is not a hosting solution, but rather a cloud storage for your layouts, sections, modules, and other elements that you create with Divi Builder. You can also back up your sites and restore them easily with Divi Cloud.

Divi Teams - 40% off

If you work with other people on web design projects using Divi Builder, this is the service for you. Divi Teams allows you to create teams of users and assign them roles and permissions for different websites. You can also share layouts, sections, modules, and other elements with your team members and collaborate seamlessly.

Divi VIP - 40% off

If you want to get priority support from Elegant Themes staff as well as exclusive discounts on products from their marketplace partners, this is the service for you. Divi VIP gives you access to a dedicated support channel where you can get faster responses and solutions to your issues. You also get 10% off on every purchase from their marketplace partners, such as plugins, extensions, layouts, etc.

Divi Booster Module - 50% off

This is one of the best-selling modules from their marketplace that enhances your Divi experience with over 100 new options and features. With Divi Booster Module, you can customize various aspects of your website, such as header, footer, sidebar, blog posts, comments, etc. You can also add animations, effects, icons, shortcodes, and more.

Divi Feature Booster - 50% off

This is a collection of extensions that add more functionality and features to your website using Divi Builder. With Divi Feature Booster, you can create sliders, carousels, tabs, accordions, testimonials, countdowns, popups, and more. You can also integrate social media, email marketing, contact forms, maps, etc. with ease.

Divi Layouts Booster - 50% off

This is a collection of layouts that give you ready-made designs for different types of pages and sections on your website. With Divi Layouts Booster, you can choose from hundreds of templates for landing pages, home pages, about pages, services pages, portfolio pages, blog posts, etc. You can also mix and match different elements from different layouts to create your own unique design.


These are just some of the amazing deals you can get during the Divi Anniversary sale. But remember, this sale is only for a limited time and happens once a year. So don’t miss this opportunity to get Divi and all its products and services at a huge discount. Click the button below to get started now!

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