How To Redirect Link To App Store Based On Device With WordPress

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Redirecting a page URL based on the operating system (OS) of the user's device refers to the process of directing users to a specific app store based on the OS of their device. This can be useful in a number of different situations, such as when a website or app has different versions for different OSes or when there is device-specific functionality that you want to make available to users. However, it is also a great way to increase the app's download count. The process is covered in today's tutorial. 

How To Create A Dynamic URL?

As a mobile app marketer, your objective is to increase app downloads. Obviously, this may be accomplished by boosting your app store connections. Consider that not all app installation links are created equal while building your growth plan. Traditional web URLs necessitate distinct Google Play and Apple App Store connections.

These icons provide a familiar experience on websites, but individual links are wasteful when scaling campaigns for smaller screens and ad formats. Therefore, utilize a single "smart" app store link and QR code that is intelligent enough to determine when a consumer is clicking (or scanning) from an iOS or Android smartphone and direct them to the appropriate app store. Obviously, as marketers, you need campaign attribution to evaluate the success of your efforts.

App deep linking services such as URLgenius allows you to generate a QR code with a single app download link that directs mobile visitors to Google Play and the Apple App Store. The link or QR code may also contain campaign attribution tags that inform your marketing optimization initiatives. Let's examine this, shall we? First, you'll need to gather iOS and Android app store links and prepare them for campaign tracking parameter addition.

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How to Compose a Single App Store Link QR

Now navigate to URLgenius and enter your app link from both platforms into the area provided on the homepage. You will then see fields for the alternative app store link and a fallback URL for desktop users.

When you create the link, you'll have a single URLgenius link that detects if the user clicked with an Android or iOS device and directs them to the appropriate app store with attribution stats enabled. Add your URLgenius link to your campaign brief and tracking paperwork, then prepare to deploy it in order to increase app downloads.

App Deep Linking

It's wonderful, isn't it? However, what happens if a user who already has your mobile app installed on their phone clicks the link you just created? You need a brilliant deep-linking solution that can identify whether an app is already installed on a mobile device and open it; if it is not, it can gracefully route people to the app store to get it.

URLgenius delivers this clever fallback functionality without requiring the installation of an SDK on your mobile application. While conforming to today's tight privacy policies, you'll save time, development resources, and maintenance time. The approach is identical; simply paste the ordinary web URL link you wish to open in your app into URLgenius. If your app is missing from the list of supported apps, simply request that it be included.

Importance Of Redirecting URLs to the OS Store. 

Redirecting users to the app store from your website can be an effective way to increase app downloads, as it allows you to promote your app to a wider audience. When users visit your website, they may not be aware that you have an app available. By redirecting them to the app store, you can make it easier for them to discover and download your app.

There are several reasons why redirecting users to the app store can be important for increasing app downloads:

  • Increased visibility: When users are redirected to the app store from your website, they are more likely to see your app and learn more about it. This can increase the visibility of your app and make it more likely to be downloaded.
  • Improved user experience: Redirecting users to the app store can provide a better user experience, as it allows them to easily download your app without having to search for it in the app store. This can make it more likely that they will download your app.
  • Easier to track: Redirecting users to the app store allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. By using a plugin like Mobile Redirect, you can see how many users are being redirected to the app store and how many of those users are actually downloading your app. This can help you understand which marketing strategies are most effective at driving app downloads.

Overall, redirecting users to the app store can be a valuable marketing strategy for increasing app downloads and promoting your app to a wider audience.

Wrapping Up

You now understand how dynamic links impact your app's promotion. A dynamic link, or one link, is essentially a link that you can give to anyone, and they will be redirected to the precise place based on how they are accessing the link. If they are using an iPhone, for instance, they will be directed to the App Store, whereas if they are using an Android device, they will be directed to Google Play. In addition, if a desktop user clicks on it, it can direct the user to its website. This is excellent for tracking, and if you're doing campaigns, you don't need to send separate links, so it's a terrific way to drive traffic anywhere you wish to send people.

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