How To Manage Email On Elementor Cloud

Rifat Elementor Jul 21, 2022

Are you facing problems with Email Marketing on the Elementor Cloud Website? If your website is hosted on Elementor's cloud and the email you have sent from an email marketing tool shows your elementor cloud email as the sender, it can have a negative impact on your business. Everyone who runs a business using a website is well aware of the need for a dedicated business email account. A business email account helps maintain your authenticity. However, many users of Elementor Cloud may face problems with sending mail from business emails to customers. May reported that, while they are trying to send mail from any email marketing tool, the mail is being sent or showing the elementor cloud email.  So in this post today, we will show you how to set up an SMTP plugin in Elementor Cloud, and from there, you can reach customers with a dedicated business email account. Let's get started.

SMTP Plugin Installation

The acronym SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It allows you to send mass emails to multiple audiences at once. The majority of new users do not grasp how this protocol works. This protocol necessitates the use of two separate components: an SMTP plugin and an SMTP server. Today we are going to use the WP SMTP plugin. It has great UI, and the entire application is very easy to navigate. Moreover, it allows you to send “Test email” and has integration with WP mail, so creating a mail body and sending it for test purposes is very convenient. 

To kick off today's tutorial, go to your elementor cloud website’s WordPress dashboard plugin section and look for the WP Mail SMTP plugin. 

Once you find the plugins, hit install now and then activate it. 

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Start Now

After the activation, the plugin will take you to its setup page. So hit the “Let's get started” button. 

First of all, you must select your SMTP mailer. Click on “Other SMTP” and move ahead. 

To send email from any email address using standard SMTP, we need to configure the option as per our need. Here you will see 3 options - 

  • SMTP Host: The purchase of third-party email providers such as Google Workspaces or Office 365 is not included in the Elementor Cloud Website package. You must acquire an email plan from your selected provider.
  • Encryption: The type of encryption used for the SMTP connection (TLS, SSL, or none).
  • SMTP Port: The port your provider uses for SMTP connections.

Next, add your username and password. Below that, please add the form name and form email address. Once you have finished these, hit Save and continue. 

Now hit save and continue and go to the dashboard. There you’ll be seeing WP Forms is also installed on your plugins. You can configure a customize mail according to your preference or do a manual mailing with your clients. 

Now go to your WordPress settings from Dashboard. Navigate to the General option, where we are going to change the primary email address of your site. To resolve the issue mentioned above, which has been faced by a lot of people, if we change the Administrative email address -  you as the owner will be able to receive emails and updates and send emails with official recognition. 

Once this has been verified, the site will automatically update, and the issue is resolved. 

So this is the before and after comparison of emails sent from your email server based on the elementor cloud.

Final Words

Elementor has some limitations on its cloud hosting, but they can be easily solved. In the above-mentioned method, you can easily send official mail from the official email ID, so the trouble of scrambled text format or unofficial email can be easily avoided. Hope today's post will be very useful for you and if so, then share this in your community so that more people can be benefitted from this. Also, do follow our other elementor tutorials.

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