How To Import, Save And Export Elementor Templates

Rifat Elementor Mar 14, 2022

When creating WordPress websites, it's essential to know how to import and export templates. In addition to allowing us to import and export a template, Elementor makes it simple to reuse and save the same template for many projects.

We'll walk you through the process of importing, saving and exporting elementor templates step-by-step in this post.

Import Elementor Template

To import an elementor template, open your WordPress Dashboard>>Templates>>Saved Templates and select the template you want to import.

Select the Import Templates option at the top of the page, then browse to and upload a JSON file before clicking the Import Now button.

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After importing the file, you can check it in the template list and use it anywhere.

Saving a Template In Elementor

For Page

To begin, open the page in Elementor Editor. Select the Save as Template option by clicking on the up arrow icon at the bottom left of the page.

A new window will open once you select the option; in it, you may give your template a name and save it.

For Section

Additionally, Elementor allows you to save a section or part as a template.

Save a section by right-clicking the Edit Section and selecting Save As.

In the menu that pops up after clicking the section, select the Save as Template option. It's time to give your template a name.

Inserting Template

It is possible to insert a section or a whole template with the help of Elementor. You must take the same actions regardless of which choice you choose.

Click on the folder icon from the Elementor widget area.

Select the My Templates tab in the Elementor library. You can see the template you already saved here. Inserting a template into your layout is as simple as clicking the Insert button.

Inserting a template will prompt you to choose whether or not you want to import the template's document settings as well.

You have the option of selecting "yes" or "no."

Export Elementor Templates

The WordPress dashboard has an export template feature. Open the WordPress dashboard>>Templates>>Saved Template to export a template.

Now, select the template and click on Export Template.

Exporting a template from the Elementor library is also possible. Open the Elementor library and select My template from the drop-down list. To export a template, go to the 3-dots menu on the right side of the screen and select Export.

Both will be saved in JSON format.

Ending Thoughts

You can now import and export Elementor templates with ease, thanks to the information provided in this post. We sincerely hope that this post has helped you better comprehend Elementor.

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