How To Create A Vertical Image Carousel On WordPress Using Elementor

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A slideshow of photos or information that viewers may pick by pressing a button that moves them forward or backward in the slideshow is known as an image carousel. It brightens the general appearance of your website and assists in promoting essential services.

Attractive photos may entice new visitors to your site by attracting their attention right away. This tutorial will show you how to utilize Elementor to create a vertical picture carousel on WordPress.

How To Create An Elementor Vertical Image Carousel

Create a suitable picture for your Elementor Vertical Smooth Carousel first. You'll need an image that already contains all of your photographs. Using Crello, a Canva-like program, you can make one, but any image editing software should suffice.

Of course, this has the drawback of not being dynamic, and it might be inconvenient when just a few of the photos need to be changed. It does, however, provide several benefits. It produces a CSS-only carousel with no JS requirements. The animation is very smooth, with very little CPU utilization. In a nutshell, it's incredibly effective, though a bit inconvenient.

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Then, give your column the vertical name column as a class.
Set the Widgets Space for that column to 0 in the Column and Layout settings.

Add an image element to that column and choose the picture you made. Assign the class carousel vertical to the picture element.

Make everything precisely as you want it, then replicate it. In that column, you'll need two of them, each with identical parameters. And then, you can move ahead to using the CSS code given below. You can use this code anywhere to make the changes.

.carouselvertical {
    animation: 10s linear 0s infinite normal none running vloop;

.verticalcolumn > div {
    max-height: 520px;
        height: 520px;
    width: 520px;
    overflow: hidden;
    -webkit-mask-image: linear-gradient(transparent, black 20%, black 80%, transparent 100%);
    mask-image: linear-gradient(transparent, black 20%, black 80%, transparent 100%);

@keyframes vloop{
0% {
    transform: translateY(0px);
100% {
    transform: translateY(-100%);

There is considerable commentary with the code to allow you to understand enough and make the changes wherever you need to. Using this code, you can successfully create an Elementor vertical carousel.

5 Best Image Carousel Plugins

1. Post Carousel For Elementor

Post Carousel For Elementor by iThemelandCo is an Elementor addon plugin that allows you to create amazingly creative Media Carousels with its ready-made carousel layouts. The plugin perfectly integrates with Elementor and offers 19 pre-built layouts. These layouts are fully customizable and can easily be customized according to your needs using the Elementor's drag and drop mechanism.

Product Carousel For Elementor

Product Carousel For Elementor is another Elementor addon plugin designed explicitly for E-commerce stores to showcase their products in a carousel. The plugin offers 12+ carousel controls such as Autoplay, Slide to scroll, Pause on hover, etc. The plugin is highly responsive on all types of devices and you can create as many carousels as you want. Moreover, it is a 100% multilanguage plugin which means it will work even if your website is translated into another language.

3. Fast Carousel For Elementor

Fast Carousel For Elementor is an Elementor addon Plugin that claims to be quick enough to build a carousel for you in a minute. As impressive as it sounds, it also offers different types of galleries as well as over ten unique styles. The plugin is equipped with more than five carousel controls besides offering custom color options with each carousel. For a quick solution, this might be your best bet for an image carousel.

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