How To Convert A Website To WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide Using AI

Rifat WordPress Tutorials May 30, 2023

Looking to convert your website to WordPress without the hassle of manually copying and pasting code? Look no further than the AI Builder – a powerful tool that utilizes advanced generative and AI technologies to automatically recreate any web page on WordPress. With the AI Builder, you can effortlessly recreate as many pages as you need, whether you're a paid user or utilizing the free version, which allows for up to 10 pages.

As the central part of website creation in the 10Web dashboard, the AI Builder offers three simple ways to create or convert your website pages: using AI to recreate a page, adding a premade page, or starting from scratch with a blank page. With this easy-to-use tool, you can quickly and efficiently convert your website to WordPress, making the transition smoother than ever before.

Getting Started With FREE Version

If you're looking to get started with using the AI Builder for free, the process is simple and straightforward. Begin by heading to the website and hovering over the Product tab. From there, select AI Builder and fill in the necessary information to create a free account.

Once you've created your account, navigate to the What do you want to do page and select Convert a website to WordPress with AI. Enter the URL of the page you want to recreate with the AI Builder, then click Proceed to begin the recreation process.

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Once the recreation process is complete, click Preview & Edit Your Website to view the results. On the left side of the screen, you'll see a preview of the recreated page. To the right of the screen, you'll see the global style settings that the AI has detected from the page.

From here, you can customize button and text colors, choose the font, and determine header and footer placement. Any changes you make in the style settings will be reflected in real-time on the preview portion of your screen. With these simple steps, you can start using the AI Builder to easily and efficiently convert your website to WordPress.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you can set the placement of your header and footer. To set the primary color of your website, simply click on the color swatch. You can also set the font for the entire website, as well as the color of your font. Once you've made your selections, click "Save & Proceed." You'll then be redirected to the 10Web dashboard, where you can continue building, editing, and customizing your page.

With the AI Builder, you have various options for creating pages on your website. To get started, simply click the "Add New Page" button, where you can choose to recreate an existing page, add a premade page, or start from scratch with a blank page.

Additionally, the AI Builder allows you to generate an entirely new website with just a click of the "Generate" button. This feature is perfect for those who want to quickly create a website without the hassle of manual coding or design. With the AI Builder, the possibilities for your website are endless.

Using The AI Builder With A Paid Plan

With a paid subscription to 10webs plans, you'll have access to unlimited page creation and recreation using the AI Builder. If you already have existing websites, simply head to the AI Builder page to access each individual page. From here, you'll have the ability to manage your pages by publishing them or making their drafts. You can also set your front page, add and remove pages, and easily edit them using the 10Web Builder.

Create a Website With AI Builder

To create a brand new website using the AI Builder, the first step is to log into your 10Web Dashboard. Once you're logged in, click on "Create a Website" to get started. From there, you can choose whether you want to create a single website, a multisite, or clone an existing website.

Next, fill in a site title and choose a data center that is closest to your target audience's location. If you have a subdomain, you can fill it in, or you can enter a domain if you already have one and want to use it.

After that, set an admin username and generate a strong password for security purposes. Once you've completed all of these steps, simply click "Create" to finish the installation process.

Once the installation is complete, you'll be redirected to the 10Web dashboard, where you can start using the AI Builder to create and convert website pages with ease.

Create a Page With AI Builder

To create a new page using the AI Builder, start by logging into your 10Web Dashboard and selecting your website. From there, click on the AI Builder and then click on the plus button located next to the search field.

If this is your first page, you will automatically be directed to provide a title and URL to begin the recreation process. Next, click on AI Recreation and enter a title for the page you want to recreate. Then, copy the complete URL of the page you want to recreate and paste it in the corresponding field.

Once you've completed these steps, click on Recreate and the recreation of the page will start automatically. Once the page has been recreated, a popup will appear. Click on View and Edit to start editing with the 10Web Builder.

Upon completion of the installation, you will be redirected to the 10Web dashboard. From there, you can continue creating or converting your website pages with ease using the AI Builder.

Add Premade Page To Website

If you're looking to add one of our pre-designed pages to your website, the process couldn't be simpler. Begin by logging into your 10Web Dashboard and selecting the website in question. From there, click on the AI Builder option, which will take you to a list of available page creation tools.

Next, click on the plus icon to add a new page, then select the Pre-Made Pages option from the list. This will bring up a range of pre-designed page templates organized by category. Simply choose the category that best suits your needs and select the plus icon to add the desired page to your website.

If you'd like to preview a page before adding it to your site, simply click on the eye icon to view it in detail. Once you've found the perfect page template, click on the Add Page button to add it to your website pages.

Finally, click on Preview and Edit to begin editing your new page with the powerful 10Web Builder tool. With just a few simple clicks, you can add a professionally designed page to your website and take your online presence to the next level.

Add Blank Page

To add a blank page to your website using the AI Builder, start by logging into your 10Web Dashboard. From there, click on your website and select the AI Builder option.

Once you're in the AI Builder, locate the plus icon and click on it. This will bring up a list of page options, including a Blank Page option. Select the Blank Page option from the list.

After selecting the Blank Page option, you will be prompted to add a title for your new page. Enter a title and click the "Add Page" button to create the page.

Finally, to start building your new blank page, click on the "Edit" button. This will open up the 10Web Builder, allowing you to create your new page from scratch.

Pages From AI Builder

The Builder page is where you can find all the pages of your website. Any newly created or recreated pages will be added to this list. It's worth noting that if the WooCommerce plugin is activated, the mandatory WooCommerce pages (such as Cart, Checkout, My Account, Refund and Returns Policy, and Shop) will also be added to the Pages tab.

The pages are divided into categories based on their specific location within the structure of your website. At the top of the page, you'll see different tabs for Pages, Header, Footer, Single, Archive, and Slides.

The Pages tab contains all the pages of your website, while the Header and Footer tabs contain the headers and footers, respectively. The Single tab houses single pages such as Post single and 404 pages, while the Archive tab contains archive pages. Lastly, the Slides tab contains each slide of a slider used on your website as a single template.

The list of pages is also divided into columns, including Title, Link, Last Modified, Status, Edit, and Three Dots. The Title column displays the title you've assigned to the page when creating or recreating it. If there's a house icon in front of the title, that page is your front page.

The Link column displays the URL of the page, while the Last Modified column shows when the page was last modified. The Status column displays whether the page is published or still a draft. To publish a page, simply click on the drop-down menu of the page under the Status column and choose Publish. Please note that only a published page can be set as a Frontpage.

The Edit column contains the edit icon. Clicking on it will enable you to start editing the page in the 10Web builder. The Three Dots column lets you remove a page or set it as the front page. To set a page as a Frontpage, click on the three dots located at the end of the line and choose Set Frontpage. To remove a page from your website and the list, click on the three dots at the end of the line and choose Remove.

Finally, if you'd like to edit the entire website with the 10Web Builder, click on Edit Website, located at the top right of the page.

Final Words

Converting a website to WordPress can seem like a daunting task, but with the help of AI technology, it can be a smooth and seamless process. The AI Builder by 10Web offers a comprehensive tool for automatically recreating any web page on WordPress without the need for copying the original code.

By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can easily convert your website to WordPress using AI Builder. With the ability to recreate as many pages as you need, you can create a dynamic and user-friendly website that is fully customizable to meet your needs.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, the AI Builder simplifies the process of converting your website to WordPress, saving you time and effort. By utilizing the power of AI technology, you can transform your website into a professional and engaging platform that is easy to manage and maintain.

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