How Secure Is Elementor Cloud Against DDoS Attacks

Blair Jersyer Elementor Jun 19, 2022

DDoS, which stands for "Distributed denial-of-service" is a common attack that target websites. Most of the time, only very popular websites are targeted with those types of attacks. You, with your brand new Elementor Cloud website, might also be a victim especially if thanks to Elementor Pro, you receive a success few don't like.

So, you might wonder how Elementor Cloud handles such attacks and keep you safe? That's what we'll be exploring in this post.

DDoS Can Destroy Your Website Reputation

Before jumping into the measures taken by Elementor Cloud to protect your website, let's just reconsider why DDoS is a serious matter. In a few words, DDoS aims to make your website unavailable for everyone (including you). This attack can't, therefore, be prevented from your WordPress dashboard (it can't really), but instead, it can be taken in charge before the server handles every request.

Just think about it: You have a profitable eCommerce website, you're doing 10k to 30k in monthly sales, but for no reason your website is unavailable. From there, you start losing money. Not only money, but your best customers will lose trust in your business. Gradually, you'll run out of everything and close your business. This shouldn't ever happen, and at Elementor they have understood that.

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Elementor Cloud Infrastructure

Fortunately, the guys at Elementor Cloud were aware of such attacks and have created a secure infrastructure out of the box. Indeed, there is barely any action you need to do and we'll explain why. Elementor Cloud relies on both Google Cloud Platform & Cloudflare for CDN. Both provide an efficient solution to fight againts any massive attack.

Cloudflare claims to block an average of 117 billion attacks every day. That's a massive filter we have here, but in case that is not enough, you can count on Google Cloud Amor.

Google Cloud Amor can detect and mitigate attacks that occur on your Cloud balancing workloads. It has an adaptative mechanism to blog a layer 7 DDoS attack which is helped with reCaptcha Enterprise.

Elementor Cloud Architecture

Above the solutions provided by Google and Cloudflare, the Elementor team has made sure to create a secure architecture that reduces the risks of being subject to an attack or in case it happens, it reduces the damages. Elementor Cloud is not as a common hosting, that is mainly centralized.

The particularity of Cloud Hosting is that it makes applications and websites accessible using cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, solutions are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater availability, flexibility and scalability.

Elementor Cloud fight against DDoS with the following points:

  • Accounts are isolated – It is possible to ensure that your account is totally isolated from the rest of the cloud network by utilizing virtual server isolation. Your account won't be impacted by other sites' problems, as you would be with shared hosting.
  • No single point of failure – Unlike a traditional server, which has a single point of failure, cloud infrastructure has several points of failure spread throughout the network.
  • Multiple firewalls – cloud providers typically add multiple levels of firewalls to their networks to protect against threats.
  • Better protection against DDoS attacks – in a DDoS attack, a malicious actor spams the target website with traffic to overload the hosting hardware and take down the site. Because the hardware in cloud hosting is distributed across a network instead of a single physical server, it can offer better protection against these types of attacks.

Those security measures are only common to Cloud Hosting. You can't have the same protection with regular hosting.


By the end of this, we can see that Elementor Cloud is effectively a headache-less solution for hosting your website. There are many measures taken for you so you can focus on doing what you like the best: Creating Amazing wesite. You can start right away creating your Elementor cloud website.

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