How AI Website Builders Work (Plus Recommended Options For You)

Nkenganyi Clovis Business Aug 31, 2023

AI Website builders are tools that allow anyone with no coding or design abilities to create a website. They are popular with small enterprises, freelancers, and hobbyists looking to establish an internet presence.

Not everyone has the time or expertise to create a website. Furthermore, employing a site designer is not always affordable. If you wish to have a simple and professional site without having to do much work, AI website builders may be a good option.

In this piece, we will also look at how AI Website Builders work and whether this is the right approach for you, the pros and drawbacks of using AI website builders, as well as three of the finest AI builders that we believe you should consider using if you want to develop a website for your business using an AI website builder.

Overview of AI Website Builders

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) to construct and customize websites is one of the most revolutionary elements of some website builders. Algorithms are used by AI website builders to analyze the user's input, such as their industry, preferences, and goals, and then develop a website that meets their demands and style. But how do they function?

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All you have to do with this type of tool is answer a few questions, and your site will be ready in minutes. The material will be tailored to your specific requirements, and you may always add more features or customize the site if you aren't delighted with the outcome.

For example, it may inquire about the type of site you wish to build and the number of pages it should include. You may also be required to enter a site name and a business description:

The AI website builder will then utilize that information to develop a website tailored to your specific requirements. Some tools allow you to customize your site's features, such as contact forms, testimonials, and galleries.

The majority of AI website builders include a simple visual editor. This implies that, even if you need to modify your website, you can do it without much stress.

Who Should Use AI Website Builders?

These tools are quick and easy to use, but they are severely limited. Building your own website from the ground up provides you with far greater control over the content. For example, if you choose WordPress as your website's core, you'll have many customization options, most especially true if you use code.

AI website builders are great for anyone who wishes to rapidly and easily create a website without sacrificing quality or functionality. They are especially appropriate for:

Small company owners: If you own a small business, you may not have the time, money, or expertise to build a website from the ground up or employ a web developer. You can use an AI website builder to develop a professional and appealing site that promotes your products or services, generates leads, and boosts sales.


Personal Branders: If you want to establish your personal brand online, you may require a website that expresses your personality, abilities, and values. You can use an AI website builder to create a one-of-a-kind and entertaining site that exhibits your portfolio, blog, resume, or social network profiles.

Hobbyists: If you have an interest that you want to share with the rest of the world, you may require a website that showcases your passion, creativity, and knowledge. You can use an AI website builder to construct a visually appealing and informative site that exhibits your images, videos, podcasts, recipes, or crafts.

Benefits of Using AI Website Builders

Artificial intelligence website builders have various advantages over traditional website builders. Here are a few examples:

  • Instant website creation: You can receive a bespoke site in minutes based on your description and choices. You don't have to waste time looking through templates, selecting colors, fonts, and layouts, or producing content. The AI will handle all of the tedious tasks for you.
  • AI-powered content generation: AI techniques can be used to create distinctive and SEO-friendly website copy, logos, and graphics. You don't need to hire a copywriter, a graphic designer, or a photographer. The AI will generate content that is appropriate for your brand and audience.
  • Built-in AI tools: Other AI capabilities for optimizing your websites, such as heatmaps, analytics, and marketing connectors, are available. You do not need to install third-party plugins or tools to improve the performance, user experience, and conversions of your website. The AI will provide you with insights and suggestions to help you develop your internet presence.
  • Search engine optimization: You can use fast loading speeds and SEO techniques to rank better on Google and get more visitors. You do not need to learn difficult SEO tactics or pay an SEO professional. Your site will be optimized for search engines and mobile devices thanks to AI.
  • There is no need for coding knowledge: A drag-and-drop editor and pre-made templates allow you to construct and customize your website. You do not need to know how to code or create a website. All technological aspects will be handled by the AI.

Limitations of Using AI Website Builders

However, AI website builders also have some limitations, such as:

  • Lack of creativity: The AI may be unable of producing fresh or distinctive designs that stand out from the crowd.
  • Requiring human input: Because AI can not always grasp the user's intent or preferences, it may require some direction or feedback to improve the outcomes.
  • Having technical difficulties: The AI may encounter faults or flaws that affect the website's functioning or appearance.

Three Recommended AI Website Builders to Use in 2023

Taking all the factors into consideration, let's take a look at some of the best 3 best AI Website Builders we recommend you can use to build your website

1. 10Web

10web is an AI-powered website building, hosting, and optimization platform. Using the AI Website Builder function, you can utilize 10web to construct a professional and fast WordPress site in minutes. You can also host your site on 10web's cloud servers, optimize it with PageSpeed Booster, and have access to other products like AI Logo Maker, AI Marketing Strategy Generator, AI SEO Tool, and more.

10web offers a free plan as well as paid subscriptions beginning at $10 per month. More information about 10web can be found on their website or blog. You can also obtain a $20 credit by signing up for a free trial.

Key Features

  • AI Website Builder
  • PageSpeed Booster
  • AI Marketing Strategy Generator
  • AI Web Design Tool
  • Automated Hosting
  • AI Logo Maker
  • AI SEO Tool
  • AI Business Name Generator

2. Wix ADI

A popular and versatile website builder that offers an AI assistant called Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to create a personalized site for you based on your answers to a few questions. You can also edit your site with the Wix Editor or use the Wix Corvid platform to add more advanced features. Wix has a free plan and paid plans starting from $14 per month.

Key Features

  • Unique and tailored design
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • AI-generated content
  • Easy editing

3. Jimdo

A straightforward and user-friendly website builder that uses an AI engine known as Jimdo Dolphin to generate a personalized site for you in three minutes. You can also use the Jimdo Creator tool to start from scratch or select from hundreds of templates. Jimdo offers a free plan as well as paid ones beginning at $9 per month.

Key Features

  • AI-generated design
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • AI-powered content
  • Easy editing


AI website builders are an excellent method to rapidly and easily design a website without sacrificing quality or functionality. They can help people who don't have a lot of time, coding abilities, or design knowledge but still want to have a professional-looking online presence.

If you are searching for an AI website builder, you can try one of the choices described above, or look into other possibilities that may be more suited to your needs. You have a choice!

AI Website Builders are best suited to customers who seek a quick and easy solution to establish a simple and professional-looking website but are willing to give up some flexibility and control.

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