Elements Kit Review: Best Elementor AddOn Ever

Rifat Elementor Aug 23, 2023

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Enter Elementskit, the ultimate Elementor Addon designed to simplify your life and revolutionize the process of building WordPress websites. With a collection of highly customizable widgets seamlessly integrated into your Elementor Panel, this indispensable plugin offers an array of unique advantages.

Unlock the power of Elementskit's intricate modules, allowing you to effortlessly construct captivating layouts that bring your vision to life. Discover the wonders of this extraordinary Elementor Addon as it enriches your WordPress website with an impressive selection of additional blocks and widgets. Immerse yourself in the art of designing stunning headers, footers, landing pages, mega menus, and much more. Through the sheer ease of drag-and-drop functionality, we harnessed the potential of this remarkable addon plugin to create an entire e-commerce site from scratch in a matter of hours!

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One of the standout features of this plugin is its user-friendly design. Even for novices, navigating the Interface is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward nature. With the aid of this exceptional page builder, anyone with a basic understanding of WordPress can effortlessly create a professional website. Moreover, the bundle plans offered by Elements Kit are exceptionally accessible, making the possibilities within your reach.

Now, let us delve deeper into the world of Elementskit to gain a comprehensive understanding of its remarkable offerings and how they can elevate your website creation process.

Elements Kit Overview

Introducing ElementsKit, an advanced add-on plugin crafted exclusively for Elementor Page Builder. Unlock the power of this plugin and gain access to a plethora of captivating components, essential for creating awe-inspiring websites.

Discover an array of highly useful and robust custom controls, including Ajax Select2, Advanced Widgets, Picture Picker, and more. But that's not all! ElementsKit offers an extensive range of features and components, ranging from header and footer builders, layout kits, giant menus, and custom widgets, to mega menu builders, and beyond. These remarkable features elevate your creative possibilities with Elementor, allowing you to achieve your vision effortlessly.

With its intuitive user interface, ElementsKit ensures a seamless user experience, and its adaptability is second to none. With over 20 pre-built components such as buttons, sliders, tabs, accordions, and more, you can effortlessly enhance your website. Moreover, the plugin offers a sophisticated custom widget builder, enabling you to create personalized widgets tailored to your specific needs.

To expedite your website development process, ElementsKit offers a comprehensive collection of pre-made layouts and templates. From captivating landing pages to engaging blog articles, portfolio pages, and more, this bundle covers it all. Build your dream website with ease using ElementsKit's diverse collection of resources.

Here are some pros and cons of the Elements Kit Elementor addon -

Elements Kit ProsElements Kit Cons
Generate and personalize headers and footersFree plans offer less widget functionality
Craft stylish and sophisticated menusHigher price compared to its competitors
Complete responsiveness and compatibilityGlitches & Editor Issues Reported

Elementskit Features

Similar to other Elementor Addons, ElementsKit offers a wide range of widgets, templates, and features in both its free and pro versions. But what sets ElementsKit apart? Brace yourself for an impressive lineup of 500+ Ready Blocks and 25+ pre-made templates that will elevate your website to new heights. We won't bore you with an exhaustive feature list, but let's uncover the top features that make ElementsKit shine.

  • On scroll Animation - Elevate your website's allure by incorporating captivating animations that trigger as users scroll through your content. This smart and trendy feature not only engages visitors but also reduces bounce rates, keeping them immersed in your site.
  • Conditional Content - Add an abundance of content and dynamically display it based on user interactions. Tailor the experience to each individual, creating a personalized journey on your website.
  • Advanced Table - Tables are an integral part of any website, and ElementsKit takes table functionality to the next level. No need for additional plugins from the WordPress directory. With ElementsKit, you can effortlessly add advanced tables to your WordPress site, enhancing its functionality and presentation.
  • Google Map - Seamlessly integrate Google Maps to showcase your precise location. Whether it's for a physical store or event venue, make it easy for your visitors to find you.
  • Popup Modal - Engage your audience with eye-catching modal pop-ups. ElementsKit provides an option to create modal windows that capture attention and convey important messages or offers.
  • Social Reviews - Build trust and enhance your reputation by showcasing social media reviews directly on your site. Let the positive feedback from satisfied customers speak for itself.
  • Social Feed - Display your latest social media posts within your WordPress website. Connect your social accounts and effortlessly embed your social feed, keeping your audience updated and connected.
  • Header Footer Builder - Craft stunning headers and footers that leave a lasting impression. With ElementsKit, you have the power to create amazing header and footer designs. Additionally, customize them conditionally and assign different headers and footers to different pages, creating a unique browsing experience.
  • Megamenu Builder - Stay ahead of the curve with the trendy mega-menu feature. ElementsKit empowers you with the ability to build captivating mega-menus, providing an intuitive and immersive navigation experience for your visitors.
  • Countdown Timer - Create a sense of urgency and drive sales with countdown timers. Incorporate FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) tactics by displaying timers that instill a sense of urgency in your audience, encouraging them to take action.
  • Form Integration - Seamlessly integrate various forms, including MetForm, Ninja Form, Contact Form 7, Mailchimp, and more. ElementsKit simplifies lead generation by allowing you to collect valuable data through your preferred form without the need for additional plugins.

ElementsKit is a game-changer for Elementor users, providing an extensive toolkit that enhances your website's functionality, aesthetics, and user experience. Unlock the true potential of your website with ElementsKit's extraordinary features.

Elementskit Ready Blocks & Templates

Enhance your creative process with ElementsKit's extensive collection of over 250 pre-designed blocks. This incredible resource empowers you to effortlessly select from a diverse range of captivating layout kits, tailor them to your exact specifications, and unleash your unique design vision. Seamlessly craft a stunning website on the fly, without the hassle of grappling with complex challenges.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Elementskit addon, where starting from scratch becomes a thing of the past. Within a matter of minutes, handpick the elements that resonate with your vision, and witness your website spring to life with utmost ease and efficiency.

Elementskit Layout Library

Discover the extraordinary collection within ElementsKit's expansive layout library. With an impressive selection of over 70 meticulously crafted home page themes and more than 300 pre-designed sections, your creative possibilities know no bounds.

Even if you're a novice in the field, fear not! Embracing this user-friendly platform requires no extra exertion. Its intuitive nature ensures a seamless experience, devoid of any bewildering functionalities. Simply unleash your imagination and effortlessly integrate your preferred elements into your site with a simple click of the layout icon.

Bid farewell to the tedious task of importing JSON files or engaging in unnecessary complexities. The library grants you the freedom to focus solely on selecting your desired settings, ensuring a stress-free journey toward your vision. Experience unparalleled ease of access and revel in the locally tailored design, as you effortlessly bring your ideas to life.

Elementskit Mega Menu

Enhance your website's browsing experience by effortlessly crafting an extensive array of categories or choices with Elementskit. Uncover the profound depths of data housed within your website, empowering your visitors with unparalleled assistance. With a simple click, they can unveil the dropdown menu and explore their desired categories, immersing themselves in a seamless browsing journey.

Allow me to offer you a valuable suggestion: construct a magnanimous menu brimming with abundant customization possibilities, surpassing expectations to captivate your esteemed clientele. Employ the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to swiftly create an all-encompassing menu, enriched with remarkable features. Embrace the convenience of auto-inclusion of pages, curated content categories, integration of social links, and an assortment of other enticing offerings.

Elementskit Header and Footer

Elementskit offers a wide range of attractive options designed to enhance user engagement with the content located in the header and footer of your website. The header section is where you can showcase important information and essential links, while the footer is positioned at the bottom and may contain additional content.

You have access to an impressive selection of header and footer designs to choose from. Customize their functionality to your liking, enabling or disabling specific features according to your preferences. Ultimately, you have complete control over every aspect.

Elements Kit Widgets

Free Widgets

Elements Kit has a Free version, granting you access to an impressive collection of 40+ indispensable widgets. Each meticulously crafted widget within the Elements kit widget pack excels in both control and design, offering unparalleled features. Prepare to be amazed as we explore some of its extraordinary widgets:

Button Widget - Harness the power of the button widget to effortlessly create stunning Elementor buttons. Customize them with vibrant colors, captivating text, mesmerizing hover effects, and a plethora of other fascinating embellishments. Elevate your user experience by crafting compelling call-to-action buttons, boasting advanced layouts and design capabilities beyond the ordinary default buttons.

Heading Title - Embellish your headlines with the enchanting heading title Elementor widget. Unleash your creativity with a diverse range of custom and sophisticated styles, adorned with heading subtitles, captivating titles, and immersive descriptions, elegantly separated for enhanced visual appeal.

Accordion Widget - Unleash the potential of the Accordion widget, presenting your textual content in a concise and collapsible manner. This remarkable widget empowers you to condense page length, offering customizable options for style, color, icons, and motion effects.

Tap Widget - Immerse your readers in an interactive experience with the tap widget, effortlessly dividing your texts into vertical and horizontal tabs, complemented by captivating titles.

FAQs Widget - Seamlessly showcase your questions and answers on your Elementor webpage with the versatile FAQ widget, providing a comprehensive platform for informative content.

Nav Menu Widget - Seamlessly navigate through various pages and craft captivating drop-down Elementor nav menus with the versatile Nav Menu widget. Enjoy complete control over spacing, elements, colors, width, separators, backgrounds, and more, indulging in an unrivaled user experience.

Premium Widgets

Here are the premium widgets -

Gallery and Portfolio: Display various elements such as your company's recent environment, photos, and events on your website using Elementor's gallery widget.

Timeline: Take advantage of the timeline widget to create a visually appealing timeline chart and present your roadmap either vertically or horizontally. The timeline widget offers advanced customization options for content, timeline design, borders, and more.

Motion Text: Utilize the motion text widget to showcase your text with captivating animated motion effects.

Facebook Feed: Incorporate the Facebook feed widget to automatically showcase profiles, images, and tweets on your website.

Hotspot: The hotspot Elementor widget enables you to highlight a specific area of an image by using a tooltip, which reveals associated text when clicked.

Advanced Accordion: Simplify the presentation of your features, including content, images, blogs, FAQs, social feeds, progress bars, countdown timers, or MailChimp subscription forms, within a nested format using the advanced accordion widget.

Why You Should Try Elements Kit

The Elementskit add-on plugin, when combined with the Elementor page builder, streamlines your work and delivers exceptional performance.

By leveraging the plugin's extensive collection of modules and over 55 custom widgets, you can effortlessly craft stunning websites. Moreover, the add-on plugin incorporates exclusive features that further enhance your workflow.

Web developers have greatly benefited from Elementskit's proprietary modules, as they eliminate the need to start coding from scratch. This has resulted in significant time savings and increased efficiency when designing remarkable website layouts.

When dealing with content-heavy websites, Elements kit proves to be incredibly valuable. It simplifies the management of all elements within a single location, eliminating any complications.

Elementskit empowers you to cater to user preferences across the entire page. The wealth of features grants you the freedom to transform your ideas into reality, yielding superior outcomes for your website. You retain complete control over creating a tailored experience that aligns with your search queries.

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