Elementor Launches AI-Based Image Generation

Rifat Elementor Aug 21, 2023

Elementor 3.14 unveils the latest development in Elementor AI, incorporating image generation capabilities. The addition of Elementor AI enables users to generate images by providing descriptions, enhancing and modifying existing images, as well as customize and resizing them according to their preferences.

Elementor AI For Creating Image

Elementor 3.14 introduces an expansion of Elementor AI, which now includes the first phase of an AI image generator. This new feature allows users to enhance their creativity and streamline their workflow by instantly generating various types of images for their websites directly within the Editor. Gone are the days of scouring through countless stock images, downloading them, and then uploading them into Elementor. With Elementor AI, users can simply describe the desired image, choose one, and seamlessly incorporate it into their website. This enhancement significantly simplifies the process of finding and incorporating images, saving valuable time and effort for website creators.

Unique and Creative Images with a Prompt

Elementor AI introduces a convenient and efficient way to create images for websites. By utilizing the text-to-image feature, users can instantly generate images that enhance visitor engagement. The AI image generator is now accessible in various areas of the editor, such as the image widget, CTA widget, and background images in different elements like Containers and Sections.

To create an image using Elementor AI, users can simply click the AI icon in the image content area, describe the desired image, and select the image type, style, and aspect ratio that best suits their website. For improved results, Elementor has implemented an 'Enhance prompt' feature within the description field. This feature optimizes the prompt and adds necessary details to enhance the generated image. Users are presented with four variations of the described image, allowing them to choose the most suitable option.

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Moreover, users have the flexibility to adjust the resolution and aspect ratio of the chosen image to ensure a perfect fit within their website layout. For example, if a vertical image is generated, it can be easily transformed into a landscape or square aspect ratio to seamlessly integrate it anywhere on the website. With Elementor AI, creating and customizing images for websites becomes a streamlined and versatile process.

Generative Fill

Elementor introduces the Generative Fill feature, which enables users to add or modify specific elements in their images. In cases where an image lacks certain details or requires editing, this feature allows users to precisely describe the elements they want to incorporate. By using the brush tool to mark the desired areas and providing descriptions in the designated field, users can seamlessly enhance specific elements while maintaining the overall integrity of the image. This level of customization ensures that images are tailored to meet exact requirements, enabling precise integration within websites.

Diversify Images On Website

Elementor AI offers image variations as a means to enhance the visual diversity and appeal of your website. By utilizing the reference images generated by Elementor AI or existing images on your website, you can easily introduce variety to your image collection. This can be achieved by modifying the generated image with a new prompt, resulting in a series of similar yet distinct images. To optimize the variations, you have the flexibility to determine the influence of the reference image in comparison to the new prompt, allowing for customized and visually engaging results.

Elementor & AI Image Generation

Elementor AI seamlessly integrates image generation into the Editor, providing numerous benefits for users. By utilizing Elementor AI, users can enhance their workflow and decrease expenses associated with licensing fees or pay-per-use for individual images. Simply describe the desired image, take advantage of the prompt enhancer to refine the prompt and improve the resulting images, and easily edit and optimize the dimensions of the images to ensure a perfect fit for your website. Elementor AI empowers users to create customized and cost-effective images that elevate their website-building experience.

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